Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Refined Version, Keeping Guns Away from Dangerous Types, Continued

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I keep on refining this: 

You say it can't be done??? HA!

How to do it? Simple, you, or a company you pay a premium to, posts a $1000 bond for each gun you buy, at the time of purchase. If you can present the weapon to your local sheriff one year later, the bond required drops by 20% for each year you can present it. If you "lose" it, if you can't show you've sold it to a legitimate dealer, you now owe the bonding company $1000 + whatever fees you agreed to, in the event you screw up. The $1,000 winds up in the victims fund.

You WILL keep your gun LOCKED UP. You WILL NOT SELL it to some creep on some dark street. If you have to pay, you bet your sweet bippy you will not add to the problem. And if you "lost" it, you are prohibited from buying another one for one full year. 

Oh, you want to by another gun? Cool, bring in and show your last five purchases to the local sheriff, first, and get a certificate of "Responsible Gun Owner and Retainer." Now you can buy another.

Stolen guns should make no difference, you should still be responsible for any criminal acts. That way you'll go to the expense of making very secure safes in your vehicles as well as your residences and businesses. Oh, they got the drop on you, and your CCW weapon became part of their spoils? T.S. You still lose the cash because of your incompetence. Next time hire professional body guards. Maybe you just aren't cut out to be the 007 of CCW-dom.

"But I'm a good person and have never screwed up!  Why should I have to pay ?"  Well, why should you have to buy liability insurance and uninsured motorist insurance to drive a car legally in California? The same principle is in play here, After five years with responsible ownership, you pay nothing. Try that with car insurance. 80% second year, 60% third year, 40% fourth year, 20% fifth year, 0% sixth year.  In the meantime, the state has a resource for helping victims and their families, when bullets cause collateral damage to totally innocent bystanders who were minding their own business.

You should view it as a small sacrifice to make sure that those scamming the system and causing carnage go out of business, because they can no longer play games at gun shows and on street corners.  Responsible gun owners need to take responsibility for the current terrorism our NRA supported gun law system has created.  Who do you love more?  The NRA, or the kids in your neighborhood school yard?

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