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Bicycle Safety, on Highway 49, between the San Juan Ridge and Nevada City

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A Thread Dealing with People Who Drive Highway 49 between The San Juan Ridge and Nevada City, and the apparent total disregard some of them have for bicyclists, who might wish to travel the same route.

If you try to drive the whole thing at 45, it is narrow and windy. If you relax and do 20 to 45, as portions of the road and safety dictate, it is way more than wide enough, with each scenic turn revealing a new vista of joy, unless of course you run into those who believe that 45 is a mandatory requirement instead of an upper maximum limit, and have strayed into your lane because of it.

The freedom to travel safely was an assumption of the Founding Fathers, otherwise it would have been ahead of the 2nd Amendment. They never considered the possibility of bandito automobilius infesting the public right-of-ways.

Many are blaming the bicyclist, exercising his lawful rights, for the unsafe driving of the motorist, at too high a speed to avoid a 3 foot wide 6 foot long colorful object, on a roadway that is 10 to 12 feet wide minimum, per lane.

If blocks of concrete of the same size and colorations were randomly placed each night along the edges of the road, you can bet that after the first five or six crashes, motorists would learn to SLOW DOWN in the riskier spots. In short, if there was a clear and present danger to the motorists themselves, for which they would be held fully accountable, and quite possibly medically endangered, they would learn to drive the road safely and respectfully.

If you do not wish to hit a bicyclist, drive at a speed that allows you to avoid doing so. The "speed limit" is just that. The fastest speed allowable without a ticket on SOME parts of the roadway so marked. All the rest of the roadways are governed by the BASIC speed law, which is, no faster than what is SAFE, for everyone one, it's not just about YOU.

If you truly cared about the well-being of bicyclists, and not just you ability to go slightly faster than is safe for them, you certainly would NOT promote the idea that if a bicyclist got bumped off, "well it's his fault, he shouldn't have been on that road, motorist in a hurry hurry, is excused." Yes, being bumped by a vehicle is as bad as rape, and it is totally avoidable, and spreading attitudes that might make high schoolers or adult jerks think is is OK to open a door, as it will be the bicyclist's fault for being there, is just plain vicious, and brings you down to their level, and makes you an accessory, in my eyes. You don't like how I see things, so be it, I have a right to my own opinions, just as you have a right to yours. Happy Venting!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Trees R Us

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

My Favorite Quotes Shaw

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“This is the true joy in life — being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one… being a force of nature instead of a feverish selfish clod of ailments and grievances complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy.

I am of the opinion that my life belongs to the whole community and as long as I live it is my privilege to do for it whatever I can. I want to be thoroughly used up when I die, for the harder I work, the more I live. I rejoice in life for its own sake.

Life is no ‘brief candle’ to me. It is sort of a splendid torch which I have a hold of for the moment, and I want to make it burn as brightly as possible before handing it over to future generations.” 

~ George Bernard Shaw

Stick It Back to PG&E Using the Smartmeter.

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I log into PGE every third day now, just to sharpen my conservation moves, and saving about $40/month by doing so. If you got to have that meter, use the SOB and and cut PGE out of some of the profit they hope to get from it. Keep in mind, that by knowing what everyone uses and when, they can very carefully buy as little additional energy futures as possible, and maximize their profits, while sticking us with the costs of the meters. Open an account and don't let them get away with this. You'll also run up their hosting tab, and put them on notice that we are ticked off.

Thursday, December 05, 2013

How Do You Think? Bank of America Wants to Know.

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The e-mail was actually titled, BofA wants to know, what do you think.  But they want to frame all the thinking by putting it into a multiple choice or scale 1-10 format.

By doing so, they are not finding out what I think about them, they are merely finding out, how did I react to certain tightly defined events.   Given this issues at stake these days, that is like counting the marbles that have rolled into the gutter as a child, when a runaway truck approaches.

I think that Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, and all the rest are absolutely clueless as to the destruction of the United States of America, that their actions are helping to bring about.  The transfer of wealth via "legal" means (we own the legislature and apparently Obama too) to the .05 % class of capitalistic Genghis Khan style Moguls, will reach a point where so many are locked up due to theft of food, etc., that there will be no one left to kept the day today functioning of the food, stuff, and services chain open.  Before that happens, however, I would predict that there will be national strikes,  and the .05% will get an excellent preview of the future cliff over which they are sending the country.

This destabilization has already led to many deaths related to the economic stress caused by the .05% grabbing it all, and has most likely reduced what could have been much higher productivity and stabilility than what we currently are experiencing.  A portion of the country is now primed and ready to shoot on sight anyone who dares to knock on their door, even if there is an emergency.  Should things really break down, these clowns with guns have some crazy fantasies of fending off the starving hordes.

 What they seem unaware of is that they will be swept away by sheer numbers and intelligence/creativeness of folks willing do do whatever it takes to get food.  

Unless a house is made of stone and concrete, it can and will burn, and it saves the trouble of cooking the canned goods.  If it is stone, etc., the unfortunate member of the hordes who draws the short straw will be in charge of the 18 wheeler or D9 Caterpiller tractor that leads the charge.

Oh, so you've got a well stocked, well hidden shelter?  Probably built with permits.  The hordes will not be the uneducated, and enough will know just where such records are kept.  Besides, when it is very very quiet, no traffic, etc, the sound of air going in and out is detectable, and dogs and horde humans can smell, especially if they are hungry.  Your shelter is no match for a determined backhoe operator.

So .05% 'ters, get a clue.  Bucky Fuller predicted a day when so much labor would be automated that yes, you would have to pay people to loaf.  But it is either figure out an equitable way of doing that (and institute birth control) or run the risk of a destabilized planet susceptible to a nuclear war.  In the meantime, live in a USA not at all unlike North Korea.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Atomic Facts the Media Hides from You.

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There is a pretty good case for non coverage of several scientific facts. 

 Back in the 1960's, the Atomic Energy Commission hired physicist and MD, Dr. John Gofman, to design and carry out experiments to determine safe levels of radiation. His basic setup was a radiation source, contained in a well shielded cylinder, in the center of evenly spaced plants, extending outwards about 50 to 100 feet. The cylinder had a narrow slit that could be opened, to douse any given sector with a fixed amount of radiation over time. The cylinder could also be rotated. The findings were simple and straight forward: The closer to the radioactive source, and the longer the exposure, the more damage occurred. Even on the periphery, any exposure at all resulted in damage. 

After years of research, and an 11 man crew, the AEC shut him down, and sent all his papers to his house. Two months later, on a clear summer's day, the garage where the papers were stored, suddenly and ferociously caught fire. 

 I learned this from him, in his living room, as he was a close friend of my ex father-in-law. He later wrote books on the topic, you may want to read them. This is Fact #1.


Fact #2 A great deal in the press is made of the notion that the emission from a microscopic particle of radioactive matter, is no more than "normal background radiation." This is true, and thus makes detecting radioactive particles in your food difficult, without purchasing very sensitive and directional equipment.


Fact #3 While the detected amounts of radioactive emission may be the same, the medical effects of background radiation vs being irradiated by one tiny radioactive particle lodged in your thyroid or bone marrow, are very, very different. 

That tiny particle consists of millions and millions of radioactive isotopes, each one, in turn, going "sprong," and emitting a radioactive sub-atomic particle (these vary from isotope to isotope), and that sub-particle goes "whang" against the other atoms closest to it, and may cause a variety of effects. If it was just one random "whang" occurring at entirely different locations in you body, no big deal, that's the same as background radiation. 

But it is NOT random. It is happening over and over again at the same micropoint in your body, and, eventually, enough hits to the same cells, and one will go to cancer. This is the knowledge you need to understand, and it is not what corporate and governmental controlled media are willing to admit, for financial, and for panic reasons, AFAIK.  

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Propaganda Piece on CNN, White Washing Nuke Power, a Review of Pandora's Promise

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Tune in on CNN right now,for a propaganda film that will rank with the best of Hitler's as they attempt to show co-opting of liberals and scientists in favor of nuclear power plants. Watch for the "background radiation" red herring. They will claim that the radioactive particles released are barely measurable against the background radiation we receive from space and out environment. This is the BIG LIE.

On a Geiger counter, yes, barely different. BUT, how the radiation is applied to your body, aye, there's the rub. Background radiation hits random parts of your body, one zinger through the nose, the next through your big toe. Overall, lots of hits but they are hitting a different set of molecules (you have three trillion in your body) with every passing cosmic ray. The odds of the same cell being hit over and over, just about nil.

Now consider a particle that lodges in your bone marrow or thyroid. It sits in one place, often for the rest of your life, what there is of it. The radioactive particle itself consists of millions of radioactive atoms. It will continue emitting damaging energy, which affects the nearby cells over and over, until one or more of them goes cancerous.

Same reading on the Geiger counter, very different outcomes, but I will bet that this docu-propaganda piece will never mention these facts. I learned this from John Gofman, the MD and physicist. that the original Atomic Energy Commission hired to research the effects of radiation on living matter, and to determine safe levels for exposure. When he found out there were no level that were safe, not even background radiation, they terminated his research, and burned his papers in a fire that mysterious broke out in his garage in San Francisco above Bret Hart Park. My then father-in-law was good friends with him, I was all of 30. Read his writings, and inform yourself.

It's totally ironic that they lined up Cancer Centers of America as a sponsor. Plowing ahead with this dangerous course will provide them with many more patients.

I further submit that the powers that be have very strong interests in not causing world wide panic over the real consequences of Fukishima, and are terrified about how to handle those fuel rods. Not only would a collapse totally spread radiation, it will also solidify the push for decentralized consumer owned power generation, which greatly reduces profits and gives the common man much more control over their own destinies. Or, in the really worse case scenario, there is so much stuff in that pool of fuel rods, that when it collapses, enough radiation is running so hot and close together that a chain reaction of epic proportions occurs, most commonly know as the detonation of a very dirty nuclear bomb, and a gigantic one at that. 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Sample of the Racist Spewing at Rebane's Blog

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Bill, well done! That was Fred Reed like in its magnificence!
And on that note:
Respecting All Cultures
ByAllowing Them to Remain Separate

August 12, 2013
Note: WHile I try to read all email and answer what I can, and find almost all of it interesting and thoughtful, I get swamped. Nobody likes being ignored, and I don't like doing it, but sometimes it isn't avoidable. Apologies.
Americans have prided themselves on America´s being a melting for so long that few notice that it isn´t. Cultures that could melt did, and those that couldn´t haven´t.
We tend to regard categories such as African-American, European-American, and Mexican-American as political, when in fact they designate unassimilated and perhaps unassimilable cultural entities. The differences are stark. The United States indeed is multicultural.
Go to a purely European-American community in, say, Idaho or Iowa. You will find clearly defined attitudes toward obedience to the law, the raising of children, toward schooling and acceptable behavior in school, toward democracy, self-reliance, constitutionality, civility, toward law and its enforcement. These qualities are not associated by accident. They closely resemble those found in Denmark and Finland. This is hardly surprising, since European-Americans came from Europe.
Now go to a purely African-American cultural enclave—say, Detroit. Here you will find very different attitudes toward study, behavior in schools, law enforcement, and reliance on governmental charity. Again unsurprisingly, society in Detroit resembles more closely that of Nigeria than of Holland since its people came from Africa and have had no contact with Europe or its values.
Now go to a Latino-American enclave, maybe El Paso, or Berwyn in Chicago. While Latino-American culture has much more in common with European-American than does African-American culture, because of heavy European influence during colonial times, attitudes toward schooling, government, marriage, and so on are distinctly not European-American.
Now, it is natural for cultures to be proud of their achievements and fond of their customs. As a European-American, I note that we have a continuous history from Agamemnon through Pericles, Archimedes, Xenophon through the magnificent achievements of Rome in government, architecture, and law--Ulpian, Papinian—through the Renaissance and its intellectual and artistic preeminence, through the invention of mathematics, chemistry, physics, electronics and so on. I grant that I am prejudiced—one always is regarding one´s own cultural home—but I think ours is a pretty fair record.
The successes of my people have sprung from studiousness, a talent for organization, obedience to law, and a certain adventurousness, both economic and otherwise. (“Hell, let´s drop out of Harvard and start Microsoft.”)
These qualities I think are the core of European-American identity, but they are not remotely unique to it. The Japanese, Chinese, Koreans, and Jews for example share these values, with which account for their obvious successes. This underlying similarity of the deeper values explains why there is comparatively little friction among these groups.
Now, while I feel proud, justly so I believe, of the nature and accomplishments of my own people, I do not believe I have a right to instruct other cultures as to how they should live and behave—provided that their manner of living and behaving does not affect me. If a Mexican-American community chooses to play loud ranchera late at night, and put chili in milkshakes, I have neither the right nor a desire to complain. Different cultures have differing tolerances for noise and eat different things. So what? It is their business.
Similarly, I do not believe that I have a right to tell African-Americans how to live—provided that their culture does not affect me. Being a European-American, my suspicion is that people in Detroit would prosper by studying more and shooting each other less, but this is a cultural prejudice on my part. They can do as seems best to them. Nor do I pretend to impose my European-American notions of proper schooling on Detroit. The African-American community can teach its children anything it wants, or nothing at all. I don´t care. It isn´t my business—provided that it doesn´t affect me.
I don´t say this from hard-heartedness. If the schools of Detroit said, “Fred, we got these lousy, worn-out stupid textbooks and not enough of them. We need books with bigger words and smaller pictures. Can you help us?” I would respond, “Sure, which books you want? They will be on a truck by noon tomorrow. No charge.”
But multiculturalism is, or should be, a street of two directions. If I don´t want to impose my values on other cultures, neither do I want them to impose their values on me and mine. And that is exactly what the federal government is trying to do. It istrying to destroy my culture by melding it with others. This Is not multiculturalism.
For example, I believe in the correct use of language. My culture after all produced Milton, Shakespeare, Dodgson, Galsworthy, and Tolkien. But when African-Americans are put into a European-American school, they do not learn English, but rather impose Ebonics, and every third word is “Fuck.” This latter is said to be acceptable because it is part of their culture, as it certainly is. It is not part of mine.
As a European-American, I believe in advanced courses and strict grading. African-Americans do not, and so standards have to be lowered for my children. As a European-American, I believe that boys should wear their pants somewhat higher than the level of their ankles, and that any student who curses of pushes a teacher should be permanently expelled. African-Americans do not share my European-American views.
How other cultures view these matters is not my concern. Provided that they do it in their own schools.
Having said these things, I will of course be said to be a white supremacist and a racist and all the other markers of very dim minds. Hardly. For one thing, culture is not synonymous with race. I am perfectly content to have people of other cultures and races in the schools of my children, provided that they accept my European-American core values. For another, I am not aware that Koreans, Japanese, Chinese, and Vietnamese, whom I very much admire, are white, though perhaps with global warming a hotter sun has bleached them. I know many Mexicans who share the core values of European-American culture, and do not regard myself as supreme over them.
Further, like almost all who are called white supremacists, I am in fact a cultural left-aloneist. I do not want supremacy over any group, as that would mean having them in custody, a responsibility of which I weary.
At the end of the day, I have to wonder what purpose is served by forcing cultures to mix. Nobody seems to want it. In Washington, DC, a city I know well, neither cultures nor races mix. When blacks move into a neighborhood, whites move out, and when whites move into DC, threatening to become a voting majority, blacks become unhappy. When whites leave the city, they go to white enclaves, notably Arlington, Fairfax, and Bethesda. Blacks go to Prince George´s County, mostly black.
Why not let them? Why not let people live with whom they choose, as they choose, and raise their children as they choose?

Rebane's Gone Back to J**karse Mode Again

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After accepting a few post, George Rebane's site is totally balking at any ID I use to log in.  Since Michael invited me back, I gave it a whirl, but obviously my wit is too much for Rebane to stand.  Here is the last post I would have made.


"Greg, if a man has $100 and loses $ .10, he still has $99.90 left. If a man has $1,000,000,000 and loses $100,000,000, he still has $900,000,000.  Percentage wise the second man is much worse off. Practical wise, he is 76 virgins ahead of the first guy.  That is I believe Ben's point.  BTW, did you rent your hanger yet?  Great big sign at airport says they are available.   Typepad has its panties in a knot, keeps screaming about, imperium something or other."

If the blocking was unintentional, fix it George, we know you know how.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

GPS and Apps

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Until I thoroughly understand how to turn GPS tracking complete on and completely off, I simply will not use apps from commercial sites, all of which  apparently are thrilled to use it, so that they can announce the nearby location of one of their outlets.  God knows what other things are being done what such info.  The only bright star on this horizon, at least for me, is that the insurance companies are probably able to watch the information come in, and decide whether or not you are a homebound couch potato, or you spend way more time on the road than you tell them about.  In my case, I'm sure they notice that I spend a lot of time near my house, apparently walking or jogging, at speeds between 3 and 11 miles per hour.  As long as they don't connect it to the ownership of a Kubota tractor, I probably look pretty good to them.

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Becoming a Programmer in Just 15 Minutes a Day.

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First understand the four levels. Bottommost of which is, you flip each switch to cause electricity to flow in a given direction for one instant. Nobody does this anymore. Next level is assembly language, where typing in certain commands, causes whole sequences of switches to be thrown in sequence for you. After that comes the traditional programming languages, which aggregate and expand on clusters of assembly language commands, the would be BASIC, PASCAL, and C++, C# etc. Above this are scripting languages, like HTML , JAVA, which are relatively easier to understand, and are useful for making web pages. Or complete programs dedicated to making web pages, from the complex Dreamweaver to simple ones found on cheap, build it yourself, web hosting pages. The more complex, the finer tuning and more extravagant effects can be achieved. To make something show up on the internet, you need to own a domain name, have a service with a server to host your stuff on their hard drive, and have a program like Filezilla to upload whatever you've written, so that people cruising the internet can find it. Enjoy!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Handling a Berserker in a Grocery Store

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This just might save your or someone else's life some day.  From a discussion about alternatives to CCW.

  • Grabbing an hurtling as many soup cans as fast as possible in the supermarket scenario, ain't being Walter Mitty. You will draw his fire, at 68 I'll risk it all, on the grounds others will see and follow suit, before he gets to me.
  • Take the cap off a vinegar bottle and toss that. BBQ light anyone? Bleach? Hammers in the hardware aisle, motor oil in automotve, and be sure to try the mortar approach from the next aisle. Or go get a knife yourself in the housewares aisle.
  • Broken Champagne bottles? Yogurt? How many potatos can you launch in 5 seconds. Artichoke Hearts jars are perfect.
  •  and of course, banana peels, bulk pepper.
  • Ram him with a shopping cart! Damn the knives, full speed ahead!

Gaming the Aesop Substitute System

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Competition for substitute teaching jobs in this county is fierce.  In times past the school secreatries and the teachers basically had their favorites, and breaking into that circle was nearly impossible.  With the recent transition to the Aesop Substitute system, that all changed, for a little while.

The system consists of online accounts for the teachers calling sick, and oline accounts for the substitute, one account for each individual involved.  I was in the system and getting jobs very nicely back in January and February, but then I took a vacation for March and April, except for the last week.  Much to my amazement, according to Aesop, nobody was sick last week.

Not believing this by Thursday I called up one of the Districts in the county, to see what was up.  I was informed that indeed, on Friday they were using 13 subs.  I have my computer on continuously all of Thurday and through the night on Friday, connected to my home theater , with the volume set to put the cat on the ceiling and leave the neighbors wondering if an earthquake had struck.

Still nothing.

Did the same thing all weekend, and added in SubAssistant, a second program that watches for posted jobs and keeps a record.  It is now 5:18 am, on a Monday morning, and across the three districts I am monitoring, on a Monday morning, not one person has called in sick.

I can only conclude that the old inner circle system is back, and that what is going on is that the teacher on the phone or the secretary in the office is literally letting the desired sub know the very second a job is posted.  By hitting the refresh button a fraction of a second later, that sub is the first to see, and then accepts the job, such that no one else ever even sees the job.  In the event someone else DOES see the job, the requesting teacher or secretary can then cancel the job, wait a minute or two, and relist list the job until the "right" substitute gets it.

Old Boy Network wins again.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Solve Many Social Ills This Way:

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  • I'm in favor of paying youth up to age 22 or so not to get pregnant, both male and female. Males in the program do have to advance submit a DNA sample. 95% in education expense (including minimal food/housing) and 5% cash outright, at least for ages 13 through 19. 
    Also a $100 bonus for actually graduating high school. Think of it as a stimulus/bailout package, as the youth are indeed what our futures are banking on. Monthly payouts.
    You would pay for this program in increased savings from no longer happening classroom disruptions and less bullying, with their attendant social costs.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Robots and Guns

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With all the worries about a rogue government, we've comforted ourselves with the notion that we can be armed and besides, no true American would gun down his fellow citizen. Or if they would, at least you'd have the satisfaction of taking out a few of the bastards before they napalmed you.

Unfortunately, there may not even be that slight hint of upright manly glory, if indeed robots get good enough to be networked together to comb an area, using data from a high flying drone. Given how cheaply extremely complicated machines are made these day, a cheap functional, m14 carrying robot may be patrolling your neighborhood soon. Appealing to its patriotism just won't work.  Are assembly lines already making these?

Monday, April 15, 2013

Making the Status Quo More Transparent.

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Now the real way to clarify the workings of Congress is to lottery off a Congressman's face time with constituents. Only constituents who voted in the last election would be entered in the lottery. Each winner gets to decide to talk to a Congressman for 2 hours, or sell their time slot. The winners who sell that time would do so on a stock market, where it has value until the time slot date passes into history. The final purchaser who actually exercises the right to meet with the Congressperson would be known to all, and nobody would be permitted to "own" more than 1 % of a Congressman's face time, or more than 5% total of all Congress folks face time.

Photography is a Crime Stopper/Solver, not a Crime.

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After the requests have been flowing out from the FBI for imaging from the Boston Marathon Massacre, it's time for all law enforcement, especially those in California, to relax and chill when cameras are pointed at them.  As long as the photographer is not close enough to interfere with an arrest or sidewalk investigation, there is no good reason to attempt to intimidate the camera people with not so veiled threats of arrest, as long as all are in public spaces. Photography in public is legal.  Using resulting photographs for advertising is a civil matter.  Using resulting photographs for editorial or news use is perfectly legal, and yes, Virginia, the photographer may make some money from the deal.

Should a terrorist attack occur, all those cameras are obviously great tools for getting leads on the perps.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

How Much Would a Semi-Cop in Every School Cost?

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$5,480,000,000 One guard at each of the 137,000 schools nationwide, at $40,000 each PER YEAR. Bob you are in favor of paying for this? Would one guard be enough at some schools? Most schools are way too big in area and hiding places. Arrange to have a paintball fight at one and see how many places a gunman can hide in. Now you want to buy fencing and security cams at how much times 137,000?

Friday, April 12, 2013

Bicyclists Should Pay Their Fair Share? HA!

Written in response to some person who thinks bike paths should be paid for by bicyclists alone, and not with HER money.

  • This bicyclist pay taxes, plenty of them, and bicyclist keep the air cleaner and the population healthier, as long as selfish roadhogging inattentive motorists don't bump them off. Trust me, you have plenty of lobbyists hustling for the other side already, and using My money, for purposes I could care less about.

  • You need to study the concept of "public right-of-way." Way back when, the motorcar and oil companies pushed to get the roadways, which belonged to ALL Who Traveled, paved, so that they could go faster and more comfortably, they did NOT pay one bloody cent to buy the land outright. Back then, visionary bicyclists, horseback riders, horse drawn carriage folks, were concerned that cars would steal the commons, and INDEED, it has come to pass. Note that the car folks never paid for the right of ways, they just paid for improving them to their advantage. For motorists to truly own the roads, they would have had to buy up the land, and start from scratch. They never did that. So Share the Roads! And give back what's been stolen to make Ford, GM, Exxon, and the rest richer than stink, and block mass transit, which is proven to be far safer per passenger mile traveled. 40,000 dead plus per year is just insane.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Summary of 2nd Amendment Arguments

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So far I have shown that a rogue government would collapse the economy, and put itself out of business. You have also shown that such a government would be toothless, as no American military of LE would fire on fellow Americans. 

But if said rogue government did function, this is not Vietnam of WWII Europe. There have been serious innovations, and those innovations live right next door to the targets, not on the other side of the planet. Much simpler logistics.

 I have shown that hordes from the city would quickly get creative and use Molotov cocktails delivered mortar style, where even 50 calibre machine guns can't reach them (just over a small rise), or would resort to 18 wheelers crashing into fortress stick frame house, to get at your can goods. 

 There are 37,000,000 Californians, which would swarm like the critters in the matrix, all over Mendocino and Gardnerville, etc. I've shown that the 500,000 deer in California are to be shot by stealth, not semi-auto fire, and will be very quickly consumed by 37,000,000 Californians. 

Also, you going to fire such a weapon when 37,000,000 Californians are looking for food? That's a "come and get it signal" to anyone within a half mile. Arrows would be much stealthier and saner. After al this you're still suggesting "you gotta have a gun that can kill 10 kids in 5 seconds? You are out of your cotten picken minds!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Your AR-15 will NOT Stop the Government Takeover that will NEVER Happen.

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Your AR-15 ain't never gonna stop no takeover that's never going to happen. The USA is not 1/2 a planet away like Vietnam. Our troops and all there supplies are right here, the logistics are vastly simpler. Jerkoffs with AR-15's in Memphis? Send in fighter bombers from Knoxville, less than a 1/2 hour flight away, and load them with napalm, or simple chlorine gas, or even more nastier stuff, or maybe LSD, and a smart bomb guiding device.  After all, if the rule of law goes out the window, so do the rules of warfare.

Oh guess what, do you think the Vietcong would have held out against today's technology, as compared to pre-computer cell phone technology? How many GI could have been saved with drones? Give that same kind of technology to Hitler, and see how well the invaded country, with all the rifles and pistols in the world, would have done?  Hmmm, yet another failed rt wing argument bites the dust.

 Ah, but it ain't never goona happen in the first place. Obama sends the order, "round up all the rightys!" Guess what, USA economy immediately tanks, bigtime, and Obama cannot meet payroll or provide food, shortest damn takeover ever, as no country would help him one damn bit, as they need the USA economy, dysfunctional as it currently is. 

Prove me wrong, wannabe Paul Revere's spreading access to dangerous toys, because of unresolved issues involving fear of eventual death, that is inevitable for all, old age it's called. 

 If air canons can blast 30 pounds of pot several hundred yards up over and across border fences, then maybe a similar device is what you need for home defense.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Chase Bank and Facebook have both been having Connect Issues.

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Last two days or so FB has been keeping me from posting, or keeping me from commenting, intermittently, never done that before.  I went into Chase the afternoon (Monday, March18,2013) and their system was down too.  We really do need an alternative to FB.

Here is a site you can use to find out what's up/down with Facebook:

Saturday, March 16, 2013

New USGS Earthquake Reports View Sucks.

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The USGS, normally one of my favorite places, is upgrading their earthquake reporting system, or at least they think they are.  For me, to see what I want to see, now takes a whole pile of clicks, where one click did it all before.

The old site I sure is fully automated, and could be left up to run indefinitiely, but no, they're gonna kill it off, so they say.   You can even send them a convenient note about the switch, so I made use of their "report a quake our sensors didn't catch" to send them the following:

Since you have a, "here's the new way to report earthquakes  for us, forget the old one we're gonna kill it sometime soon" and there is no place to make public comments about this one sided process, I just wanted you to know that I loved the old map, one click shows all of California in a VERTICAL format.  Did you notice that California is taller than it is wide?  Your new format messes with the natural shape and requires resizing of window.  Also, your default 2.5 quake magnitude setting is a pain too, yet another click required to get into that I want.  Why are you trying to make me work so hard?  I have you on my toolbar, one click, and I see 99% of what I want to know.  Now you've turned the site into and underwater maze, filled with jello.   Let that old one be. It's fine, it costs nothing to run, it's automated, let the consumer decide.



PS, if you kill the old site, I will be visiting far less often.  Or maybe that is what you had in mind.  "See, look at all the clicks and page visits we are getting, since we upgrade, please give us more money, Washington, we be popular.,"  BTW, posting this to my blog,

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Why Pay for Advertising When You Can Make Something Viral?

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Rather amazing story here:

Sunday, March 10, 2013

How the Rich Wreck Education

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