Thursday, March 23, 2017

Blood Alley Solution

Blood Alley Solution
This solution consists of: Plate detection and speed calculations, and alerts going out to cell phones in given stretches of roadway, of high speed traffic coming from the rear.
 Information available to citizens (no plate info for citizens, just warning of incoming high speed or safety vehicle) and CHP, on a real time basis.  Again. this information could be coupled with alerts to pull over for emergency vehicles., Can you imagine how many lives and homes might be saved, if everybody pulled over to the side en masse?

All of the technologies currently exist. Only the computer program linking them and the hardware installations would have to be done.  Ideally the hardware would be movable to different highways, to spread the costs for maximum benefits to many.

Plate reading cameras installed at key intersections.  In the case of highway 49, just after each of the major stop lights, both north and south bound.  Northbound first, if it has the higher number of crashes from speeders and erratic drivers.  Example, all cars going up the hill at Combie are plate read as they go up the hill.  The starting point would be back at the last traffic light in Auburn.  All cars going over the rise and down the hill would be read there.

The two readings are compared and alerts are sent out if necessary.  All non speeding info is disposed of within one hour, unless there is a crash and witnesses are needed. (You’d be surprised how many folks don’t want to be bothered testifying)

Obviously the CHP can’t catch them all. However, whoever has the fastest time for each of the midway points, and the grand prize winner for the fastest time to the McKnight Way exit, for each day, is now eligible for double fine and double points for any traffic infraction anywhere in California, for up to one year from winning the award.  And their insurance companies will be notified.  Only plates going 10 mph or faster over the posted limits, with all lights assumed to be green, would be included.  Oh for the day when nobody is eligible!

This issue has bothered me all my life, 40,000 dead every year, and we are supposed to be the greatest country ever, and yet we accept this? SMH!  That’s one Twin Towers every month and then some, ridiculous!

To read about this technology, and the many social implications, please read up on any of the article found with this search on Google.

Saturday, March 04, 2017

Fake Charter Schools

Charter schools with good numbers do so by discretely eliminating the lower end of the spectrum from even enrolling. The only real way to improve grad rates and test scores is to improve the quality of the home life of all the kids. Make sure all parents have the bucks and time to provide a quality upbringing. Kids who arrive at school from dysfunctional underfinanced households, where there is not internet, mom and dad may both be absent, etc., just are not going to learn no matter how good the presentation of the racial background or age of the teacher. I speak from personal experience at Gloria R. Davis Middle School in the Hunters Point District of San Francisco.

Friday, March 03, 2017

Healthcare in a Nutshell, AKA The Old Shell Game

Healthcare is really very simple. It's really very simple. If you play poker at a casino, instead of just among friends, you and your friends will wind up with less. To make matters worse, if the house/casino can play pattie-cake with the pharmaceutical companies, you and your friends will see even more of the pot disappearing before your very eyes.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

On Religion and Today's World, a Few Thoughts......

In a recent Facebook conversation, I was accused of being a Jesus Freak, for calling out against a person, who had declared, "what's to pray for, he's dead." He was referencing the dead toddler in the sand by the seashore, this generation's napalmed naked running Vietnamese girl image. Just a photograph, my sweet bippy!

I am Not a Jesus Freak. I am a Hopeful Agnostic. The actually conditions after body decomposition are unknowable. BUT, there can be 3 possible ways to describe it. Same, Better, or Worse. (two out of three odds ain't bad, besides, wha'cha gonna do about it?) Obviously the non existence provision would fall under the category of worse, but again, you have no way of knowing (and if that turns out to be the case, you won't be there to regret it).

Here's a hypothetical. An alien super culture looks for folks who would be a good fit for them. They possess the technology to make a scan of the brains of folks who they think fit their needs. They are capable of reproducing that brain exactly, but in a much more durable form, and they do so, but not for callous folks.

Now do you get it? You cannot prove that this does not happen, and the very existence of this universe and your existence within it is totally improbable. See Douglas Addams for a refresher course on the Improbability Factor.

I hope this helps you. I have baffled many so called Jesus Freaks and evangelicals of other religions with these concepts. I have also gotten wry smiles out of hardened atheists.

Net Neutrality Soon Under Attack Again???

I notice that net neutrality may well be in the news again, as, let's face it, without the net, attacking the TrumpMonster would be a lot harder. I also notice that Zazzle and Cafe Press, two big sources for bumper stickers, have very few of them on the topic. To make matters worse, some of them are by whacked out libertarians who oppose net neutrality on the grounds that needs would be better served if only market forces were at work. 


The prices for one off stickers are around 4 to 6 dollars, and shipping. Go to a better quality custom printer, and good quality ones are still in the 1 to 2 dollar range at quantity 200. I thought of designing and ordering a batch of 200 or more, but it would cost me a ton of time, and in the end, lose money.


I do think it will be fun to design one, and send it in to Zazzle and Cafe Press, if for no other reason than to drown out the Libertarian bullshit. If enough people do it, it would send yet another statement to TrumpMonster. Plus if you order one of your creations, you can set them up in your rear window when driving. I do not recommend placing such on your car permanently, due to possible vandalism.


Mine will probably say: Net Neutrality vs (and on the second line, images of) TrumpMonster, Godzilla, NAZI Swastika, and something else similar, suggestions welcome. monopo0ly Money Man maybe.

In the event that Trump does do Net Censorship, will Spiral Net or some other organization locally be able to provide server services and host a vBulletin like apps which may slide under the radar, if Facebook becomes unusable?

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Guess T-Rumps Weight and Join the Sweat Off.

It's time for a contest, two of them.
Guess T-rumps weight. I say 250 lbs.
(that would be the whole thing, not just the rump.)
2nd. Who can lose more weight than Trump? Someone should set up a website. Needs to have a cute and catchy name, where folks can post their starting weight, and their progress.
Some say he has 8 years in the Presidency. How soon will Vegas be taking odds on him kicking the bucket sooner? I do not see an
active lifestyle, except for the mouth.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

TrumpExit Countdown Clock is Ticking Wildly.

Mr. Trapezoid will be history, and soon. Health, and as soon as he makes a ton of sweeping changes that the Power Elite of the right-most branches of the RNC Puppetmasters (the true funders, not even necessarily in the RNC hierarchy in any official capacity) want, they will dispose of him one way or the other. He may even quit on his own, once he realizes he''s been had, as a useful tool by them. I think he already suspects this, he is not that stupid.  It would explain the angry behavior walking to the White House, leaving his wife behind, after being driven past all those empty bleachers.

Once he's gone, probably after at least one more Supreme Court replacement ( the replacements will not be chosen for anti-abortion, but rather for pro business (anti labor, environment, and regulations) they will then claim "we didn't do it and it is difficult to undo what Trump did. It's all his fault that the economy and the environment are all f'd up." 

Keep in mind that the uncertainty also causes wild fluctuations in the money markets, great opportunities for Wall Street to make cash on the swings.

Of course it all plays to the Grand Drama & Illusion which leaves the 99% still thinking they still are the prime movers. That illusion must stay in place, or there would be one hellova revolt, general strikes,, etc. Thanks for watching, now go make more popcorn like good little serfs.

Oh, and poor Barron Trump? Should it turn out he does have a "pre-existing condition," then folks would have the perfect illustration of the care being ultra rich can get, and the care being denied to the hoi polloi.

END Morning Rant (these views may or may not have any connection to reality)

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Solving the "Close Race" Puzzle

When there are 100 people in a room, and 49 vote one way, and 51 vote another, it should be a sign that maybe a re-presenting of the pros and cons of the issue (or candidates) would be a sane thing to do, and then a re-vote to get more consensus. The popular vote in this election was so close, 200,000 out of nearly 120,000,000, that it would qualify.

The difference is more than the population of Berkeley, CA, and double the population of Nevada County, California. If the re-vote gets similar results, then a third time, with those results counting, but only if greater than a 1% spread is accomplished.

Otherwise two out of three wins is the final result. Like overtime in football. The cost as we shift to online voting would be minimal. What is the value of a country that knows itself, without doubts, anyways?

Monday, October 10, 2016

Trump Takes a Dive for the GOP's Hidden Sponsors

There is only one logical explanation that I can see for the debacle known as the 2016 elections:
Deflection of the attention of the masses of hoi polloi (poor working poor, and what's left of the middle class) voters from who's getting really screwed as the century progresses, and by whom they are getting screwed.
The Republican sponsors have realized that it is really cool to have a Dem in the White House. They have gotten away with blaming the current problems on Obama, and saying, "if only there was a good GOP person there, then everything would be wonderful for all, all boats would rise, etc."
The problem is, of course, that they know damn well that they they have no ability whatsoever, let alone intention, to make that happen, even if they owned the House, Senate, and the Presidency.
The sponsors have learned how nice it is to let automation, communications, and transportation, concentrate their wealth and control ever tighter, while providing the hoi polloi with the total illusion that "something is being done" to fix things, and that by voting, "the hoi polloi can bring about change.'
This election has been scripted to get Hillary into the White House, so we can have another 8 years of the Sponsors of the GOP, compfortably sitting behind the scenes, and tightening their noose on the American and world economies ever so much more.
The trick was to make it appear as though Trump won the nomination, even though he could have been shot to shingles from the get go. The last straw video is revealed at a perfect time to derail the GOP train, due to no fault of their own. "Gee, he said he'd start acting Presidential, so we gave him a chance. Too bad it didn't turn out that way..." "BTW, thanks for stirring up all the hatred about Hillary among poor white male non educated workers, that will deflect from what we really know is happening to the economy."
What is really going on with the economy is obvious. The more expensive it becomes to get into the manufacturing game (you need to be there to have something to sell) the fewer players who will be able to do it.
Communications and transportation getting cheaper and cheaper means that whatever human labor is needed, it can be utilized, wherever it is.
Leaping frogging automation technologies mean that there are really hardly any jobs left, that can be returned from abroad, because if mandated to make it here to sell it here, companies would take advantage of all the technological advances made since the jobs left for elsewhere.
The elephant in the room is that we have hit a point where robots are cheaper than people, and it is only going to get worse, regardless of who's in the three branches of government. Only Bernie Sanders as made even the slightest effort to consider these FACTS OF LIFE of the early 21st century.
Soon, for the jobs that have to be done on site in this country, there will be drone robots, doing them from abroad, the robot here, the brain in a human, way over there. In time those will be replaced by high artificial intelligence robots, who can work even cheaper. Roads, or at least freeways, will become occupied by automated trucks, with a few remaining truckers vying for the tricky load and unload maneuvering once the truck hits its destination
While the technology is there for automated passenger vehicles, those will not be so quickly adopted, because of the need for organ donors for the Uber-Rich.
The sooner the populace says enough is enough, let's have national strikes, until this mess is brought out into the open, the sooner the planet will have equitable and just solutions. More free birth control would help a whole lot, too.
Politics is the Distract by Entertaining Division of the Military Industrial Complex.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Binoculars for Police, to Avoid tragic Shootings Based on Incomplete Information

The shooting of the autistic person's caretaker, shows a need.  I do not know if our local law enforcement agencies make these a standard issue item, but if they don't, they should be.  In the meantime, I'm sure there are plenty of older outdated binoculars in local birders' closets that could fill in the gap.  Any excess ones could be donated to local science teachers.  I'd be happy to coordinate such an effort.
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Let's Do the Bark Beetle Dunking Experiment

Cut trees down.  Helicopter to local lakes. Drop into water. Remove at various intervals, to see how long it takes to kill all beetles.  Remove from lake at that interval.  Harvest the wood which is said to have artsy bluish tinge, and use as interior paneling.

Stupid Google Blog Spot Just Erased Two Most Recent Posts

The headline says it all.  Posting this to test system.

Thursday, July 07, 2016

Taser in Weak Hand, Gun in strong hand, Gun Pointed DOWN!

If you are part of the thin blue line,

It is now Time, to rethink how you go about facing a citizen,

About whom, you feel, uneasy.

Since accidents happen, make sure they happen, with minimal consequences.

If the taser goes off (like way too many guns have lately) you probably will not murder someone.

If they actually make a move, your good hand with the Glock will most likely counter it, especially if they've been tasered first, with no risk to yourself.

Going for the red line, and causing flatlines, it just not acceptable.

I can't think of anything that will do a better job of recruiting home grown lone wolf ISIL's, than continuing current police procedures which seem to including drawing guns for library fines. Stop it, already.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Presidential Plans 4 When Captian HookUpTheRobots Gets Done Raping Wendy's?

T-Rump: Export all such employees to Mexico.

Hillary: It Hasn't Happened Yet, so we'll ignore the issue.

Bernie:  This is a serious problem, that deserves our full attention, NOW!


Friday, May 27, 2016

Friday, May 27th, Facebook Down?

I have three separate browsers on my machine.  All three can reach all of the rest of the Internet.  None can reach Facebook, 8:44 am.

Monday, May 02, 2016

A Gun Law That Works and Costs next to nothing.

You simply pass a law that says if your gun gets loose, is used to injury someone,  you did not secure it well enough (except in a case of proven armed robbery or a break-in with power tools) and you never get to own another gun for the rest of your life. That is gun control that will work, and it is damn simple.

No muss no fuss, no expense to SAFE gun owners, who will typically be gun SAFE owners. You can get biometric pistol ID lockers for under $100 on Amazon.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Hillary's Attempted Coronation by Any Means, Leads to Trump in 2017

I find it sad that Hillary, by using every dirty but legal in most cases, tricks, has now positioned Trump for the win.  From behaving as though Bernie didn't exist, to scheduling debates into Antarctic time slots, and encouraging last minute voting changes for potential Bernie voters, she has provided the Trump camp with enough ammo (as if the out of the closet racists/winner take all capitalists, didn't have enough already) to prove that she has the ethical standards of a crocodile on the hunt.

Now the Clintonistas are saying, "why don't you just fall in line and support your party's choice?"

By her tactics, and having Little Debbie Waterboarder implementing most of them, she has destroyed what could have been a fair race, and earned the total contempt of most Bernie supporters.  There is talk of massive civil disobedience and a total boycott of DNC in many Pro Bernie groups.  It didn't have to be this way.  And that Phyllis Diller laugh doesn't help either.

I'm in California, and will vote for Bernie in the Primary.  I will most likely vote for NeiI deGrasse Tyson in November for President, as I always do.  I currently view any additional cash to either democratic candidate to be a lost cause, and will now prepare to earn the cash needed to cover the needs for new medical insurance, as Obamacare is slated for destruction.  Greed seems to know no bounds by party, thanks, Hillary.

One final note:  Hillary and Bill, you have one kid, and unless you think she'll become a baby factory like Bristol, there is no need for the Clinton Foundation.  I'd say liquidate it now, and give those monies to all the people who will really need it over the next four to 8 years.  You and Bill are more than sitting on enough cash for your own needs, your only daughter is married to a hedge fund manager and just bought a 10.5 million dollar apartment.  The only thing missing is that it is not in Trump Tower.

Oh, and release the transcripts, all 45 of them.  What does 10 million dollars look like in writings? Aspiring writers want to know.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Rivendell at 2415 Warring Street in Berkeley, During the 1960's

If there are any folks out there interested in a reunion, or just getting in touch, leave a message here in the comment sections.  Polly, Vince, Cleanlinessness and Godlyness Skiffle Band members, Will Scarlet, Dan Paik, Chris Yip, Blue Sky Band, Sawacki, many more, I need to find my diary with all 70 or so folks who came through and stayed a bit.  The original leaseholder was Sarah?  Ray and the artist with the squashed frogs in the mid west, Sharon, who occupied the tool shed, roll call time.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Ami Bera Voted Yes, Ooops! Here's a Few Ideas for Him Sponsoring a Replacement Bill

The only reason I can see for Ami's vote is that the Repubbys will use a "NO" vote to slam the heck out of anyone next election cycle. I do feel it is incumbent on Congressman Bera to sponsor a bill that replaces the one passed with a more reasonable approach. Perhaps some of these novel ideas can be incorporated:

On vetting refugees: Simple psych test for males. Have them interned with a game room, war video games, standard shoot'em-ups. Then, a month or two later, introduce a game with ISIS on one side, Coalition forces on the other. Observe which side they take, over at least twenty go rounds. Observe faces as the play, (split screen, video face and game screen). Now you know which ones to send back.

If commercial aircraft were equipped with a button that instantly turned the control over it to external air force jets until the final approach, the plane could be guided into an isolated airport, and never would planes be used as missiles again. This would not stop a bomb on board, but if either pilot or co pilot could push such a button, and after that the plane stayed up at altitude, until escorts arrived to bring it on down, then the terrorist(s) on board would have no leverage over the direction of the plane, by threatening to kill hostages..

In effect, this renders aircraft less desirable targets, because they can no longer be aimed to cause massive damages on the ground. The technology for external control of the aircraft is in place and well tested, and could even land the plane, if need be..

For the truly paranoid, how about a luxury cabin, lockable from the outside, bulletproof, and an external pop-open door. All passengers get to vote one person and fellow travelers, from among themselves to go to that cabin? Self contained with toilet and First Class food, and vouchers good for 1/2 off on next flight.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

SYRCL Takes Aim at a Dam less than 25 Feet High, on a Creek.

Given the problems that are visited upon us by fossil fuels, I think it very short sighted to view all dams as artifacts of damnation.  I'd rather get the weather in balance first, and then take care of the fishes.  To the extent that hydro power can do that, let it be.  I don't see any mad dash to remove the rest of the new Rome Powerhouse.

Way up at Donner Summit, just south of Old Highway 40, lies a dam, less than 25 feet from spillway to base.   In fact it may be even less than 20 feet high, I'd have to drive up to double check it.  Note the United States survey marker next to the railway tracks, at 6,758 feet.  Note the height of the spillway, 6,769 feet

This dam has been there over 150 years.  They question its "legality."   The also question its safety.  Then they come up with "scientific proof" based on generalizations including data from all kinds of studies of these kinds of dams world wide.  They list scholarly papers, but offer no original charts to show just how similar those dams may be to this particular dam.

In point of fact, despite using the internet to post all of this, they do not offer one single LINK!

Then they go on to list data that they have gathered, above and below the dam since 2006.  They do not list the fluctuations in the lake level.  They do not list the outside air temperatures, and they offer no comparisions from earlier years of this pertinent data.  They appear to be claiming that this dam is the one and only determinent factor of downstream temperatures, and completely ignore the giant thermal mass of the granite over which this creek soon to become river flows.

This dam catches the runoff from Caste Peaks on down to the Mt. Lincoln area.  Immediately below the dam, however, a very substantial addition to the water in the South Yuba (still a creek on Topos) comes from Rattlesnake Creek and Ridge, and Signal Mountain. It is then, about two miles west of Cisco Grove, that the South Yuba shows up at river size on the maps.  See the points circled in red.

How far up do the salmon have to come to spawn?  Were salmon ever caught east of Cisco Grove?  East of Plavada ?  Or at Soda Springs itself?  Did they swim up Castle Creek?  Inquiring minds want to know.

In addition, were any volume measurements taken, of water flow, at Soda Springs, at Plavada, at Cisco Grove?  How about temperature?  How long has it been since Lake Van Norden had water coming over the spillway?  If the dam has been out of water this whole time, then the measurements would be meaningless.  The photo they used in their blog shows no water anywhere near the dam.  Salmon were welcomed up the river in the fall.  How much water has been flowing during the fall?

Another point of concern for SYRCL, is DaGuerre Point Dam.  They talk of the fish, but do not take temperatures above and below.  They also never mention the point of the dam, which is to provide irrigation water via the Stahl Ditch, to much of the croplands to the north and east of Marysville.

A final concern is how to get fish up over the Englebright dam?

I would propose a plexiglass elevator, a counter weight going down the back side of the dam, and a system of transfer for the water containing the fish to the backside.  Seems to me this could be done.

Thursday, October 08, 2015

Two Possible Solutions for Guns and Psychos.

These are long term, not overnight fixes.

Do not compare terrorist bombers to murders:

  • 9/11. Boston, McVeigh and at least one convicted accomplice.

    All of the situations listed involved at least two people or more. Unlikely to stop those. However, there have been over 100,000 murders in the USA since 9/11, most often done by single people, going it alone, and using a handgun.The amount of these can be greatly reduced by drying up the Black Market.

    This can be done two ways:

    Require that if you purchase a handgun, once a year, for five years, within a 3 month window, you go to a well protected drivethrough, put your guns in a sliding drawer, and have them compared to the information on file.

    You will do this, because when you purchase a gun, you also have to purchase a bond, at a sliding scale price from 10 to 50 percent of the cost of the gun. If you don't show up, you forfeit that bond.

    The reason for this is to reduce the number of gun flippers, who keep the Black Markets alive with cheap firepower. If you fail to do this, you will also be forbidden to buy additional guns for 5 years, and only one per year thereafter.

    Way Number Two:

    To purchase a new gun, you need three people to vouch for you, that you will not break any of the laws concerning guns. If they guess wrong, they lose one half of their next years tax refund. This may seem minor, but there is a second penalty: If they guess wrong they cannot recommend another person for 5 years.

    This requirement will show at least a minor modicum of sociability. This avoid everybody going to shrinks, and provides at least a minor check on mental stability.

    Notice that all this applies to guns new to you, and not the ones you've already got. You may be crazy as a bedbug, but you get to keep those.
  • Douglas Keachie
  • Douglas Keachie But only because apparently checking into those will reveal more psychos at once than we can possibly deal with.

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Totally Psychotic, Disclaims Violence, and Moves Ahead with Plans, Anyways.

Check out his videos, he is scary.  Requires Facebook login.  Click on his name.

Posted by Allen Lardieri on Saturday, July 18, 2015

Saturday, October 03, 2015

What is an "Assault Rifle?"

Sure, it's a paranoia compensator for men with little issues. It's also a status symbol for them at gun ranges, and the amount of ammo it goes through very quickly not only proves how rich you to have bought the gun, it also proves your on-going wealth. This is not unlike the potlatches of the Pacific Northwest Indians, from which we get our word, "Potluck"

"Dorothy Johansen describes the dynamic: "In the potlatch, the host in effect challenged a guest chieftain to exceed him in his 'power' to give away or to destroy goods. If the guest did not return 100 percent on the gifts received and destroy even more wealth in a bigger and better bonfire, he and his people lost face and so his 'power' was diminished."[11] Hierarchical relations within and between clans, villages, and nations, were observed and reinforced through the distribution or sometimes destruction of wealth, dance performances, and other ceremonies. The status of any given family is raised not by who has the most resources, but by who distributes the most resources. The hosts demonstrate their wealth and prominence through giving away goods.

For some cultures, such as Kwakwaka'wakw, elaborate and theatrical dances are performed reflecting the hosts' genealogy and cultural wealth. Many of these dances are also sacred ceremonies of secret societies like the hamatsa, or display of family origin from supernatural creatures such as the dzunukwa.
Edward Curtis photo of a Kwakwaka'wakw potlatch with dancers and singers

Chief O'wax̱a̱laga̱lis of the Kwagu'ł describes the potlatch in his famous speech to anthropologist Franz Boas,

We will dance when our laws command us to dance, we will feast when our hearts desire to feast. Do we ask the white man, 'Do as the Indian does'? No, we do not. Why, then, will you ask us, 'Do as the white man does'? It is a strict law that bids us to dance. It is a strict law that bids us to distribute our property among our friends and neighbors. It is a good law. Let the white man observe his law; we shall observe ours. And now, if you are come to forbid us to dance, begone; if not, you will be welcome to us.[12]
". There, I hope this clears up what an assault rifle is, in the sense of its role in society. Now please, do tell, in great technical detail, how you define an "assault rifle." I'm sure many will be interested, Aaron Hedenland, and you, as a Marine, must know the answer the best, right?

Friday, October 02, 2015

Solutions for Mass Shootings

In regards mass shootings:  The answer always is, “nothing can be done.” This is madness. If you guaranteed anyone who came up with an answer, or part of an answer, $1,000,000, there would be answers all over the place. I would agree that nothing can be done overnight, but long term something can be done, and that something does not have to include “taking all our guns.”

For starters, buybacks from home owners in certain Chicago zipcodes, up to five guns each, at prices higher by say 50% than the current black market prices, would go a long ways to reduce, “Chicago syndrome.” 

We had a horrible example of this just the other night in Oakland, where a young muralist, working on a sanctioned project, was up on a scaffold, and somebody started messing with his supplies below. He called down to ask the intruder to stop. The intruder’s response was to shoot him dead.
I have written more about other solutions, sketches if you will, at the following location:

I learned of the Sandy hook shootings from an 8th grade student at Lyman Gilmore, where I was substituting. She showed it to me on her iPad, with tears in her eyes. It has caused me to think long and hard about the topic.

My wife and I own three guns. We live rural. When we are not here, they are locked up in a 600 lbs safe. When we are here, the .38 is in a concealed spot inside the house, where I can get to it as fast as I can get up for a glass of water.

But we do not ever expect to have to use them. We have fenced property, a locked gate, a couple of dogs, sensors, pop-on lights, and good video coverage, which is set to alert us on our phones. Almost 20 years now, and no intruders. Some suspicious behavior up on the road, observed via the cameras, motion activated, but no breaches of the perimeter. I guess we are just lucky, or too far off the beaten path. Or the pop-on lights outside the gate, and the high placed videocam just inside the gate looking outwards, gives rational thieves, good reasons to look elsewhere.

Set aside $100,000,000 for the 100 best ideas. So who decides which ideas are the best ideas? The parents of any child killed or wounded in a mass shooting would be paid to form a Congress and hash the ideas out, and money would also be spent on professional pre-screeners to categorize all the entries, so as to simplify the tasks of the parents.