Sunday, December 21, 2008

Of All the Nerve!

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Of late, GE, Chevron, and Exxon/Mobile have been running ads which suggest that they have been in the forefront all along of the eco-energy coalition, and, "wouldn't the rest of us please get in line and join them?"

The chutzpah of it all.

Let them post a website with a summary of their anuual reports and the percentage of cash flowing to real eco-energy sound inversments and research. That would be worthwhile reading matter.

In the meantime, fie on double-speak!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Who Pays for Signature on Marriage Certificate ?

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A Reply to Keith Miller's Letter to The Union newspaper:

Miller is ancient an honorable name, designating those who grind the good grain from the fields. What if we decided that the moment you dropped that occupation, you could no longer use that last name? That makes as much sense as claiming gays are unable to use the word marriage, and receive a state printed copy of a marriage licence.

My taxes and gays taxes go to pay for the salary of the civil servant who signs those documents. To have a state only agree to one religion's version of the definition of marriage, and to only pay that civil servant to sign for that religion, is a violation of the separation of church and state.

Pass it on. An attorney can make a name for him/her/itself with this. Another Keachie Koncept original.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dog Eat Dog Worlds

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Reading, a "The Union" newspaper Commenter, wrote:

"Keachie~The "system" or human nature?

There can be rich people without poor people, unless you depend on taxes for your wealth! If you live off of recycled tax in the form of a paycheck, then you do need the poor to keep you employed.

I don't believe in taking from someone to "help" someone else. That is a spirit breaker. People need to have character within themselves to give and help without force for it to be meaningful both to the giver and receiver. "

Keachie wrote:

In a dog eat dog world, only the stupid dogs would stop to help others, as every dog would supposedly need all their resources to survive against stronger dogs who are out to control it all.

Reading, is it "the system" or just "human nature" that causes some individuals to be born in a ghetto and unwanted, vs being born to a family on Banner Mountain?

Yes, some do manage to claw their way up to a PhD, but out of how many originally born there, vs. how many of those born in Banner Mt. type homes? We both already know the answer, you just want an excuse to turn your back on the problem. The problem is, what do we need to do to achieve a society in which there is a respectable and self sustaining job (shelter and medical) for anyone willing to work a 40 hour week?

One Suggestion:

For the slugs, thugs, and dregs, fly them, separated by sexual preferences, to separate valleys in Nevada, such that it is a 10 - 20 day walk out, with basic food an shelter every 8 miles

Access to the food and shelter is via airlock style entryways, activated via thumbprint or retinal scan. As soon as the next bunch is flown in, the quality of food and shelter available to an unwilling to walk person goes down a notch. Put in several layers, and in the end, it is bread and water and a vermin free concrete slab with a blanket.

In time, you will identify all your true mental cases.

The workers coming out of the ends of the valleys will be 10 - 20 days drug free and in fairly good physical shape. There they receive free transportation to a job of their choice for which they are qualified, and shelter housing until their first paycheck.

Great background for a sci fi novel, any takers?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Limbaugh = Goebbels, Done Fatter

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Let's see.

I choose for my dad a man in prison, I choose for my mom a lady strung out on drugs, I choose for my group home leader some loser who couldn't make a lot of money in the private sector, I choose for my school a place surrounded by shootouts and drugs and sex on the corners, populated by 20% kids desperately trying to leave, like me, and 20% by kids who view at as their prime mission in life, to wreck any semblance of a learning situation. I choose ZERO in inheritance. Yup, those are all my choices, and I am responsible for every one, so says Reading.

Her kids, of course, "choose" somewhat differently.

Reading, a commenter in The Union Newspaper, wrote the following, which inspired my post above:

"reading wrote:
Who really in America is "low socio-economic"?

IF there really are "low socio-economic" in America MOST cases are a result of bad choices/lack of motivation. (I am NOT talking about people with any physical conditions [MS is an example] that limit their choices)"

Sunday, November 02, 2008

All I Want for Christmas.....

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I am rather hoping that Obama will see fit to set up tele-learning for prisons that links an instructor and a student through a phone line and a shared screen, such that the instructor can work one on one with a student across the country, thus minimizing risk to the instructor, and increasing one on one interaction. The instructor could opt in for the prisoner seeing him or her, depending on rapport established. If we are going to keep recidivism down, we need to get the educational level of "graduates" up.

Verizon Time SCREWUP! Check your Clock

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Both of our phones were reset to TWO (2) hours back instead of one hour back. If you depend on your phone for time or alarms, you should double check it before going to sleep.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

So Who Does Make Money in a Market Downturn?

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When stocks are sold, the money doesn't disappear. It is then in the hands of the seller. If the seller bought it some time ago, or arranged for a short sale yesterday, even if the stock as gone down from its high, (only if it has gone down from its high in a short sale) the seller makes money.

The people who lose money are those that buy at or near the high of the market, as true buys, not short sales, and hang onto the stock as it slides below where they bought it, until finally they do sell it, "at a loss" to themselves. Their loss provides a gain to the seller who sold it to them, from the paragraph above.

My guess is that getting the timing right for personal gain, is probably 25% blind luck, and 75% economic smarts. I would also guess that 95% of the time the wins go to folks AT THE HIGHER ENDS of the economic scale, where they can have access and time to learn the ins and outs of the marketplace, or pay someone who does.

Of course, if the market tanks so badly that nobody thinks anybody can make any money, then we all wind up having the government (us, our social security, grandchildrens; taxes) bail out the rich banks to get the markets happy again, so that we all stayed employed and our businesses can remain open.

Congress could have chosen to prime the pump from the bottom, giving all the consumers tons of money and limiting the interest rates on mortgages and credit cards to say 14% max, but no new purchases via credit cards till the balance is $0, and no fees above $10/month, all inclusive, but they didn't.

The rich keep on getting richer, with this kind of bailout, and eventually the country will fall apart.

Somehow I just don't think the current band-aid is going to do much for the cut to the carotid artery. Somewhere along the line an evil Bugs Bunny is going to jump up and say, "What's Up, Doc?"

We really need to retrain and retool this country in earnest, and go solar nuclear ASAP. We have 306,000,000 Americans with 50,000,000 civilian guns. We can take care of any terrorists who might get in easily. We've been playing fraidycat. Time to stop the war and fix America.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Interest Rate Caps, Foresight

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Over a year ago, in com, I posted:

"This is fairly self explanatory. The people of this country need to pass a consititutional amendment which sets the maximum chargable interest rate at 18%, and any fees/service charges could not be used to push that figure effectively higher. Yes, South Dakota will lose its luster for credit card companies, as their 29.99 % allowable rates would be prohibited.

If you must gamble, you should not be allowed to do it with your credit cards and mortgages in such a direct fashion.

The Congress and President will of course fight this tooth and nail, supported as they are by bank and credit card lobbies. This will have to be a grass roots effort. Drive the money lenders from the temples of Washington ! "

Nowadays I am advocating an even lower rate of 14%. I wonder what they will finally adopt?

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Cap Interest Rates at 14% for Consumers

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All of the efforts to save the economy are bandaids for the top. We need to help the bottom by establishing a maximum interest rate of 14%, effective immediately, for all existing and future consumer loans. Also cap all bank "fees" to $10/ month, regardless of how many ways the banks figure out to get them. ATM fees to a max of $10 per withdrawal.

By putting money back in the hand of the "little people," the economy will unfreeze. If we don't do this, there will be a depression.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

An Equitable Way to Pay CEO's

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For those who think understanding a home loan should have been a no-brainer for an inner city person, you will have no trouble following this potential cap on CEO earnings. The notion is, the bigger a company is, the more stable it is at earning income. Yes GM may be the exception.

The CEO may not earn per year more than 10 million time more than the minimum wage worker who works 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, all year long, divided by the total number of employees earning twice that amount, or less. If a company has just one such employee, the CEO can make 137 billion at current rates. Of course, if a company has 100,000 such employees, he will make considerably less. This will incentivize paying more to existing employees, and raising the minimum wage. It will also discourage MegaCorps.

Sarah Palin's Secret New Age'er Connection

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At the site, there is a discussion of teaching techiques and the use of phrases of praise. Here's the part most closely associated with Palin, the perfect elementary school teacher.

"Not all situations require this kind of descriptive recognition. If we are just having a conversation, and wish to encourage the speaker to tell his story, we can use minimal encourages, which are short phrases letting the speaker know you are listening (Bolton, 1979, pg 43-44):

Minimal Encourages

Tell me more. You betcha!
Oh? Yes.
For instance... Really?
I see. Gosh.
Right. And?
Then? Go on.
So? Sure.
I hear you. Darn!

Just repeating what a person says can be encouraging."

Birds of a Feather and Politics

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Sentient beings with intelligent, rational minds recognize one another regardless of what feathers, etc., they happen to be stuck with.

Flocks of all one stock, make for a boring soup.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Todd Palin for President!

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"How could you vote in such a way as to put a woman in the White House? Do you realize that in following all of the Bible baggage she comes with, Todd Palin would become the Decider?"

From one of my Comments in The Union newspaper.

Nothing like a non-elected King with a direct pipeline to God in the White House. A direct pipeline that is filled with oil....

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Graphic Icon of Titanic, McCain, Palin, Flag

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This was inspired by a Patti Ann M. image of Obama against the old Soviet Union flag in a Leninesque pose. Please download and use, wherever you like.

The flag upside down is a universal symbol of distress.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Capitalism and Labor, Boring Essential Stuff

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What never comes out in the stories about capitalism, is the source of, and the quality of, the labor pool it is helplessly dependent on. Take away workers and the whole thing falls apart. What makes rich people rich is organizing work for workers, and paying them as little as is possible to keep them from running elsewhere. Done to excess, paying little as possible screws everybody.

Capitalists pay very little attention to the fact that society and government have an awful lot to do with providing them with workers of intelligence, honesty, training, and general moral character. If they did pay attention to such things, then Kaiser Hospitals or better would be the norm, not the exceptional story. The current concentration of wealth, 20% of USA owned by less than 1% of the people, up from 8% in 1980, is a recipe for disaster. Call it trickle down, but when it only trickles UP, the country is washed away.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Free Showers at the Workplace

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I have felt, for the longest time, that shower and locker facilities at a place of work would encourage lunch time exercise activities, on the way to work activities ( like bicycling) etc. How about no permitting fees, no increase in property taxes, for such facilities, when they are made available to ALL employees (not just the Boss Man & cronies)?

OK, businesses are strapped for cash. Have the government pay 90% of all the costs for the first 1 percent of businesses that get their Rec. Showers up and running and in regular use (30 days continuous operation, 1 shower for each 10 employees), 80% for the next 4%, 70% for the next 5%, 60% for the next 5%, and so on down.Any businessman would know that it would give him an edge in hiring, and there'd be an Oklahoma style loan rush at the banks to get loans to install them.

Gains in productive via fewer days lost, and perkier employees would make up the rest of the costs. Allow for cooperative showers, serving multiple businesses in one 150 yard area (2 minute walk max) so as to take advantage of empty real estate.This would be especially good where space on site is maxxed out.

Another Keachie Koncept.

PS You could even have the government PAY the businesses if they allowed non profits to supervise the bathing of the homeless during non business hours.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Who Gets to Own America ???

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Where does McCain/Palin and Obama/Biden stand on the top one percent owning 20% of the nations wealth, when in 1980 it used to be 8%, according to Robert Reich, former Secretary of Labor? How long can this country stand as a nation with this nonsense? At those rates, a 3 fold increase in 28 years, the top one percent will own the entire country by 2100, and none of the rest of us will own anything. When is enough, enough? Why do we have so many Dick Cheney's and so few Paul Newman's? What do we do to reverse this trend? this is what I call, "The New Feudalism." Get to work, serfs, if you can find a job...

What's the difference between a Union Boss and your Employer? At least we can see where the Union Boss has a personal interest in you getting a bigger share of the pie (more dues, higher Union Boss salaries possible). The Employer (private OR public) has no interest in that, whatsoever, in paying you any more than what he can get away with, as what you get is what he loses.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Stopping Identity Theft

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On fighting Identity Theft:

You want an easy to remember unbreakable password? Here's Keachie's tip of the century. Take a favorite song or poem or phrase. Type in the first letter of each word as it occurs in sequence. OSCYSBTDEL is the opening lines of the Star Spangled Banner. Add on some 5 digits number sequence like your address, or seven like your phone number, and you've got a killer, easy-to-remember password. Easy to change to another phrase too. Write down your phrases in a notebook, just in case. you yourself will never remember the password either, but you will remember the phrase, song, or poem, and your fingers can type those first letters really nice and fast!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Never Buy a McClintock Burger

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Why not?

Because he won't cut the mustard, he steals all the lettuce, he has less beef than a quarter pounder, and he leaves the tax payers in a pickle. What's more, he'll send all your drinks to Southern California, fry all the non-believers, and then show you his buns.

Vote for Charlie Brown and make toast of McClintock in the 4th Congressional District of California!

I'm Douglas Keachie and I approve this message.

Almost Free Invention to Stop Burgleries and Robberies

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Almost Free Invention* from the brain of Douglas Keachie.

Aftre hours sticky paint mats across all aisles, such that incoming would be slowed down and feet and clothing would get marked. Use a disposable release liner to roll them up in the morning and store in airtight containers. At a minimum, you would get shoe size and approximate weight of intruder. As a deterrent, one large broken window would pay for them, in addition to the insurance hikes saved.

Of course, using junk paint diluted with lots of water and pieces of plywood, you could create a couple of patches each night. Add in a bunch of ball bearings, and you might get a side benefit of winning America's Funniest Home Videos!

PS A simple button or a switch and a big bell would not be a bad idea either

This was inspired by a recent after hours robbery at a local pharmacy.

*Almost free, I get 1% of the gross.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Stock Market Nursery Rhyme

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Ding, Dong, Bell,

Stock market's in the well.

Who put her in?

Insurers, bankers, and Gramm,

Who'll get her out?

Obama, no doubt!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Are There Terrorists in the USA ???

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If you think they are so well trained that not ONE OF THEM HAS LOST HIS COOL and blown his cover, you are pushing the limits of psychological credibility.

Picture this. you are Muslim Terrorist. You hate Americans, yet you are forced to be Mr. nice Guy and live with them, day after day, waiting for the order to kill a few. Days pass, weeks pass, years pass, and yet still no orders. You hate Americans, they cut you off in traffic, they say nasty things about your cause, they insult your women, they torture your comrades in Gitmo, on and on and on it goes. There are hundreds of you, thousands of you, and yet NOT ONE SNAPS EVER? I just don't think that is statistically possible. They are not here. More WMD's for FUD in little minds.

A Few teachers I Need to Thank.

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Elementary: Mrs. Gufstafson, Miss Quino, Mrs. Nemechek, Mrs. Trimble, Herr Mann, Marleoff,

Middle/High: Mr. Lewis. Mr. Winterholler, Mrs. McCurdy, Mr. Pearl, Mr. Gomez, Mr. Sustaric, Mrs. Small, Mr. Tudesco, Mrs. von Kaschnitz, Mr. FitzGibbon

Sierra College: Dr Berutti (Best teacher ever) Dr Underhill, Coach Chesney, Harold Chastain, Floyd Wilmoth? (geology), English prof I can visualize as plain as day, can't get the name to show up,

UC Berkeley Alan Dundes, Sherwood Washburn, Laura Nader (yes AR, his sister, Law and Anthropology, took course with Michael Savage, nee Weiner), Penny D'Haemer'a (tie for 2nd best with John Coliier, Jr., SF State, grad work), many others, these are the best.

Thrill Michael Savage ???

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Watch this show, or read the transcript at the website above. It not that we need to stop them from broadcasting. What we need is to have a population that finds them laughable, and so they are dropped for commercial reasons. The Operation Chaos mindset will be evolved out of the system by 2042, when this stupid business of white supremacy is breed out of the country.

I sincerely hope that these types are fewer and farther between, before we get there, I will be 98 by then.

God Loves Ryghty Technology Only ????

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From my comments in The Union:

You know, Darwood, I did research into the Bakkan Formation a couple of months back. I too got taken in by it, until I hit the report in USGS that gave the high number only a ONE chance in TWENTY of hitting the numbers you discuss, and then ONLY if we keep gas at $5/gallon or even higher, depending on your beliefs in God backing new discoveries.

It is so INTERESTING to me to see how God will provide if it right wing technology (better oil drilling) BUT how GOD WILL NOT PROVIDE, if it is left wing (solar) technology, when it comes to innovations. Look at your electric bills and figure out what you pay each year for air conditioning. That is absolute solar power you could be HARVESTING, instead of paying PG&E to make it go away. And that's despite your insulation efforts!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Let's Think Before We Vote.

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Let's think about when life ends....especially if you are a fertilized egg. Please note that McCain and Palin are absolutely sure these things are alive, and therefore cannot be used as a source of stem cells for medical research. Please also note that they are in a frozen state.

Now, my question is, if you thaw these out, throw them in the garbage disposal, incinerate them, etc., are you not murdering them? If McCain Palin were to be elected, would they not be compelled to use precious energy resources on a warming planet (Yes, even Palin came on board, bye bye deniers) to keep these eggies frozen? If, on the other hand they have some way of converting them from living beings to eternal souls in Heaven, without the death process, the rest of us would sure like to hear about it. Why the big secret?

Could it just be that this is one HUGE fatal FLAW in their arguments?

You might call it the Thaw Flaw, very appropriate for an Alaskan, who runs while McCain is pulled along like a Tonka toy?

And BTW, I have no doubt that a moose has a soul, and neither do a great many other peoples. It seems amazing that Palin can strain at a microscopic embryo, while swallowing by shooting, a 1,500 pound moose with a telescopic sight. Hardly gives either a chance. I personally would prefer, were I an embryo about to be murdered by Palin, I would indeed prefer to give my life up for medical research instead.

Actually, maybe a dog sled team, with the lead chihuahua (if you pronounce that the way it is spelled, it sounds Hawaaian) wearing the infamous lipstick, and McCain in the sled, would be a better image than the Tonka toy. I really should learn to draw.

My other would-be political cartoon image is of the Statue of Liberty, her lips smeared with poorly applied lipstick, and the caption reading, "The things I have to endure to have free elections in a democracy.” Crabb or Toles, are you reading this?

And finally, how come we hear nothing from Nancy Reagan, wife of Great Republican God Ronald Reagan, and now kept as far from view as possible by the RNC? I'll bet they are doing anything and everything to keep her from coming out and making a statement in favor of Obama, based on her opinion of the needs for embryonic stem cell research. In a way, she is the most powerful woman on earth such an action by her could sway the election.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Do We Need Global Warming to Justify Wanting Clean Air?

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From the charts above, I note the following major California weather events; train stuck in Sierras, 1950. Winter Olympics at Squaw, 1960, major flooding Marin, 1982, hyper rain Jan 1997

Of late I've been delving into the sun induced global warming theorists, who claim the sun is getting either hotter or cooler, which is making the Earth hotter or cooler, but it is not even clear to me yet if they mean a hotter sun gets you a cooler earth, or vs. versa. One thing is for sure, the Japanese, have no less than 5 satellites watching the sun (they don't even have to wait for the sun to rise) and a body of data is being built up. Instead of relying on indirect measurements on Earth, we should have data from space to get closer to an answer on this issue.

But, for me this is all beside the point. I want clean air. Gas cars make dirty air, and so whatever comes along the gives us clean air, I am in favor of pursuing. I'd even consider a church that said God wants clean air and water as a top priority. I like clean water too, and plenty of it. Civilization, as the Greek culture has understood for many centuries, begins with a cool glass of fresh, clean water.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Ridgestock 2008 Pictures are Up, Check

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I posted my better and my promised pictures up at a site which you can locate by going to

Also, you may start seeing little note cards posted every here and there about:

Western Nevada County's Pick of the Web


complete with a brief description of each of the sites. I'll publish a picture of one of the cards soon.

Friday, August 15, 2008

The Light at the End of the Tunnel is an on-rushing Solar Powered Train

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PGE buys 800 Megawatts, 233,000 homes, off of 9.5 sq miles of CA's 163,707.

"So what has changed too make constructing gargantuan PV power plants profitable?

“Lots of things have changed,” says SunPower’s Blunden. “Power prices are going up and public policy is requiring utilities to have a portfolio of renewables.” And after building some 40 megawatts of power plants in Spain, SunPower has been able to improve its manufacturing processes and cut costs, according to Blunden. “We could see where the cost reductions were coming down and the benefits of scale,” she says. “We saw there was a way for us to be competitive with other renewables.”

Goldstein says OptiSolar’s business model of owning the supply chain - from building its own machines to make solar cells to constructing, owning and operating power plants - will allow it to reduce costs.

Laizze-Fairing Down the River

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The Invisible Hand is what causes entrepreneurs to use ALL resources at their disposal to gain advantage in the market place. Thus, greasing the palms of legislators to get laws passed in their favor is part and parcel of the Invisible Hand and shall be forevermore. What part of Monopoly didn't you understand? When a complete history of Microsoft becomes available in 50 years, it will illustrate the process of buying up whatever's bugging you perfectly. In the meantime, read the classic, "Tammany Hall, Honest Graft vs Dishonest Graft," by Plunkett, written over 100 years ago, and ever so true today.

(dishonest graft is when you take the money, and then don't vote the way you were supposed to)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sierra Debates, It's All About You, and Having It Your Way

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I am now beginning to put some flesh on these bones, and you can add in to the stew. If you have a particular neighborhood, cultural galaxy, media institution, governmental institution, blog, etc., that you'd like to post about, just write me @ Keachie101 I have deliberately moved the at sign. You'll have to stick it back in the right place to mail me correctly.

When you write me, be sure to indicate what new sub board you'd like to have, and a brief description of it, and under which board you think it should go.


Douglas Keachie

Chief Cook and Bottle Washer, AKA, Webmaster for and for

PS please include a working phone number, at least a message phone, so that I can eliminate flakes easily, and avoid ID imposters.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

How Long Can You Tread Molten Rock?

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The stuff released by burning coal and oil is stuff that has been locked away, underground, and not part of the surface biosphere, that thin fragile shell at most 10 miles thick, that we can live on in comfort.

By releasing all that stored CO2, all at once, after its been locked away for at least 65 million years, we are affecting the thin surface biosphere like crazy. Yes, the massive planet, 7,000 miles of for the most part molten rock, right through the center, is not affected at all.

How long can you tread molten rock?

Monday, August 11, 2008

VerizonWireless, Worthless for Uploading Anything Bigger than 500K

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Based on five months of using a tethered cell phone, and one month of using a Sierra 595 card, I have found that despite Verizon's ability to download updates to anti-virus programs at 800 - 1,000 kBits, they have effectively throttled any uploads at speeds that will NOT maintain a connection long enough to finish the work at hand.

What this means is that any upload will start right off at whatever the last speed was that you were using to surf the net, and then it will fall down to speeds in the effective rate of less than dialup (32 kBit), which causes many servers to time you out, and you have to start all over again. Every now and then you might get lucky, but I've never been lucky beyond the first five megabytes. I have wasted an enormous amount of time on this.

In addition I've wasted an enormous amount of time trying to trouble shoot this.

"How are you today?"
"I'm having the usual connection problems."
"Let's start by trouble shooting your card and computer combination. Are you sure you haven't picked up any viruses?"

"I am running ZoneAlarm, CA Assoicates, and Spyware Doctor at a combined cost of over $200/year, and you never have any trouble giving me those updates at your maximum speed. Does that have anything to do with keeping your network virus free?"

"oh NO!, That's just random chance. Remember, we just promise up to speeds, and every now and then you get lucky and get even faster! Lucky you!"

"Pretty darned amazing it always happens when updating antivirus, spyware, and firewall attack programs!"

Then they will reset the connection by erasing it, they may do a *228 or a *9228 to reset the card, and the BS will continue.

Finally they will declare that "I should take it to the nearest authorized tech center" which is Roseville, 70 minutes away. I have since learned that simply moving to a different tower fixes the problem. Apparently they throttle your home tower, but let you get a faster connection when away from home. There is never anything wrong with my card or computer.

They may also do a speed test, using or any of a bunch of others. This is really cute, because it blasts short files up and down, and gives you a nice high speed reading. It is worthless when it comes to real world activities. Even there they try to fake you out by doing what I call "bursting." You will get one or two seconds of very high speed transfer followed by seconds, and sometimes even minutes, of extremely slow transfer, giving a net speed way lower than what some averaging speed detection devices would indicate.

I cannot recommend strongly enough the software NetMeter, which is free. This program has agreed consistently with the numbers given by Verizon's speedtest of the day, and it shows you in detail, from your machine's point of view, exactly what is happening, and when, and how. It also gives daily, weekly, monthly, yearly totals for up and downloads. Very good program, used it for phone lines and Sat dishes too.

It installs on your machine, and thus it's information is not dependent on any external site, or your connection to it.;dl=item14

It has enabled me to see the "stutter" pattern when you get a short high speed burst, and then nothing, and more bursts and nothing in succession, leading to effectively way lower speeds that the peaks of the bursts.

The tethered cell phone cannot go as fast, but given all the monkeyshines around the pc card, and the fact that you can switch the phone OFF on a monthly basis, leads me to switch back to the phone. Effectively, the card is maybe 20% faster. Eventually ATT will get DSL out here, and I don't want to be stuck in a year's contract when it happens.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Obama 10, McCain 90, the Ratio on Blogs

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If you do a search using Technorati, on the phrase "Barack Obama," you will find about 90% of the blog sites, where there are posts about Obama, are sites where they are rooting for McCain. I guess there are still planty of Ryghty bloggers out there after all. Or maybe it's just that they are the one's with the stuck pig, and thus make the most noises.

Obama vs Newspaper Spell Checkers, $100 Reward

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If you'd like to help Barack Obama get $100 out of my pocketbook, please read on, and send that email.

In Microsoft Word, since the beginning of time, you've been able to add new words in less than 30 seconds to the spelling dictionary. Newspaper Spell Checkers are racist. You can complain about this by writing to You can check this out by copying the stuff below into your spell checker at your local paper:

Coolidge Eisenhower Nixon Truman Taft all work fine, no red underlines.

Barack Obama, is red-lined, might as well be Osama. A complete lack of respect.

I will donate $100 to the Obama campaign once this is fixed in The Union, Grass Valley, CA, and the San Francisco Chronicle.

Douglas Keachie

Please add your name and pass this on, if you think this is an issue.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Response for George Rebane

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(The following was written in response to a hacked story posted as a comment on George Rebane's blog.)

What isn't in The Union newspaper is that Lucas himself had no beef with amateur stills. Within 3 weeks a search for Sith on, show 70,000 different pictures from the movie posted. Obviously no other patrons of theaters were arrested, once the bounty was claimed.

What else isn't in the Union and Getz isn't mentioning is that the MPAA had set up a bounty for the first "filmer" caught. So well oiled was the machine that it was not The Union that scooped the story, but rather an AP reporter out of San Francisco.

There is no doubt in my mind that Getz called MPAA immediately and they called the reporter, and he had it on the wire across 300 outlets before The Union could even get a reporter to give me a call. What did Getz do with his bounty, and how come he goes around begging the public for money to repaint the mural? Seems to me it would be a good use of the cash.

BTW, case diverted, 30 hours community service at a non profit I volunteer for anyway. Big Deal, no mugshot, camera and photos returned intact, guess they could see where they might have been sued, I've got better things to do.

Like enjoy the investment in our home theater, since we no longer go to any Getz theaters. Should I ever get an apology, we'll reconsider. We are neighbors on the North San Juan Ridge (3 air miles, but there's only 3,000 people up here).

Lemme Guess, AR or AlwaysRyghty of The Union posted this story. BTW, check the GVPD logs, I surrendered myself to them, after the movie was over, 3 blocks away. No use of video was ever found.

My wife adds that the new laws (1996, I think) for teachers allow for "fair use," and I am still active in my profession, as is she.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Racism Alive and Well in Modern Germany

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Germany's Prime Minister and the head of another "Christian" party there have come out against letting Barack Obama make a speech at the Brandenburg Gate, Fortunately many other groups are welcoming him, including the City Fathers of Berlin.

When I was 11 years old, in the winter of 1955, I attended German schools as the son of a Fullbright (sp?) Exchange professor. When Christmas rolled around, it was time for the Christmas play. My teacher, a kindly man, (amazing, I haven't thought about him in 40 years, but I can see his face now, can't quite get the name yet) asked me, somewhat gingerly, if I would play the part of the "Schwartziger Koenig" (sp?) or the black king or wise man. I agreed, saw nothing unusual in the request, but did note that many of the other children were quite relieved and laughing about the situation. Came the night of the play, we were all dressed up and I was made up in blackface for the part. Again much tittering, and "Er ist die Schwarziger Koenig" (He is the black king)

In thinking back later on, I realized that this was my introduction to the world of racism. I'm proud to have been the Black King, and I've always chosen black when playing chess. As a partially deaf person, I've experienced plenty of discrimination first hand, even though I am white, except on the days when I am AmerIndian. (Keachie, K'itsai tribe in Lousiana, related to Pawnee)

In this case I have no doubt that racism is present, and I wonder if the new Germany will beat out the old Germany I knew... Would they have complained about McCain? I doubt it. Thin excuse about him not bringing down the wall, he was hardly old enough to be involved. If they want to make it off limits to one of freedom's most precious process, electioneering, on the grounds that it is vulgar, they might as well go back to a dictatorship. You know who was a class "A" racist, but died in his bunker not far from the Gate (Tor). I know. I went to both places as a child (special permission to cross to East Berlin for the bunker, then a non-descript pile of rubble and cobbles).

Friday, July 11, 2008

Unscrambling the Latest Microsoft "Upgrade" and ZoneAlarm

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I use ZoneAlarm as a firewall. I pay for it, It's supposed to be better than the native Windows Firewall. On July 8th Microsoft upgrades my computer. When I go to use it again, via tethered cell phone to USB cable, it slows to a crawl, useless. I call Verizon, they don't have a clue. I shut down the Zonealarm, and speed picks up, and I implement Microsoft native firewall. Next time I start the machine, ZoneAlarm kicks in again, and I'm back to square one. This is not all as obvious as it seems. I've been having issues with PCTools Spyware doctor that will involve messing around in the registry. That's where I'm thinking the problem may lie.

Eventually I do the right thing. I go to the Zone Alarm website and discover that, low and behold, they know of the issue, and have a cure. Did ZoneAlarm bother to tell me via email??? Nooooo! Did Microsoft say anything??? Noooo! Bad service from both of them. How much productivity did the country lose over their inattention to customer service? Probably a million man hours, easily.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

"Unattended Mailbox" Let the Revolution Begin with Me!

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Got another email from some stupid survey group, that wound up with, "don't try to reply, the mailbox is unattended.."

Sort of the ultimate in your face note. Guess what? I just created a filter in Eudora, my mail client, that looks at the body of the text of every incoming email. If it detects the word "unattended" it transfers the email to a folder called "zzz_unattended" because 99.9% of the time such emails put me to sleep, and are a waste of time. Now a quick glance and they are trashed as a group, without wasting my time. I won't even see them unless I open that folder.

You give me an unattended mailbox, I give you an unattended folder to sleep in. What's fair is fair.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Winston Churchill Says It Best

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"We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give."

Sir Winston Churchill

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Weasal Lawyering on Copyrights at The Union?

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The Union newspaper recently removed a photo of mine which I had copyrighted, both very lightly in the image area, and in the file area reserved for such purposes. I had noted with joy in their section on the "new Website" that while huckstering their own staff images via prints available, they had made it clear that the submitted readers photos were, "available for the readers' viewing pleasure," which I assumed meant that the copyrights of the submitters were being respected.

When the photo was removed, Zuri Berry sent me a link to the website where the legalese "weaselese" is stored. There I read the following:

" 5. Proprietary Rights in Content
By displaying or posting any messages, text, files, images, photos, video, sounds, profiles, works of authorship, or any other materials (collectively, "Content") on or through the Services, you hereby grant us, a non-exclusive, fully-paid and royalty-free, worldwide license (with the right to sublicense through unlimited levels of sublicenses) to use, copy, modify, adapt, translate, publicly perform, publicly display, store, reproduce, transmit, and distribute such Content on and through the Services. This license will terminate when you remove such Content from the Services. Notwithstanding the foregoing, a back-up or residual copy of the Content posted by you may remain on back-up servers after you have removed the Content from the Services, and we retain the rights to those copies. You represent and warrant that: (i) you own the Content posted by you or otherwise have the right to grant the license set forth in this section, and (ii) the posting of your Content does not violate the privacy rights, publicity rights, copyrights, contract rights or any other rights of any person. You agree to pay for all royalties, fees, and any other monies owed to any person by reason of any Content posted by you."

Note very carefully the following weasel mode:

"This license will terminate when you remove such Content from the Services. Notwithstanding the foregoing, a back-up or residual copy of the Content posted by you may remain on back-up servers after you have removed the Content from the Services, and we retain the rights to those copies. "

The first part of the state sounds like you get to retain your copyrights, as long as you remove it from the services. While the right hand giveth, the left immediately takes it away, in the final clause. For all practical purposes, they retain the copyrights under all circumstances. They make it sound like it is "just a backup" but the way it reads, they retain the rights.

This sucks.

BTW, all my other submitted photos had the visual copyrights posted on them, and never caused a problem. Could their be a problem with the content, a tiedyed hippydude flashing the "V" signs against a backdrop of the American flag?

Here is The Union copyright link:

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mortgage Blowup? The Dems Fault?

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I do most of my writing these days at The Union, our local paper. (

One of our pesky Ryghtys declared that the mortgage crisis was caused by the Dems in Congress since 2006, so I responded as follows:

Mortgage blowup? The seeds were sown and fertilized and tended with great enthusiasm by large and small businesses, and a Republican government that wanted a county to think that it could pay for a greedy war and that Peak Oil would never come.

Bush and Ryghtys estimates of possible barrels of oil at prices below $4/ gallon are as accurate as Bush's assessment of WMD. It ain't there folks, not even at $9.11/gallon, which will be Bush's and the Republicans real legacy from the years of 2001 - 2006, when the foundations were laid, and so was America. History will call it rape.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Civil War Revisited: Elections, 2008

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I think that phrase sums it all up. And, like last time, there will be blood. I will probably put more into this election than I put into all other elections and protests combined, even though California should handily go to Barack Obama.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

End Iraq How? Brown, Barack Now!

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This is a slogan for those of us in the 4th Congressional District of the Great State of Californeya. Charlie Brown is running against Tom McClintock, a Ryght WingTipper Dipper if there ever was one. He maintained a residence in Southern California where his District was, while moving his home and family permanently to easy driving distance to Sacramento, the state capitol. He has since collected $300,000 for living "so far away," ($170/day) while cutting veterans benefits, and he lies with every campaign mailer he produces. Guided by God? I think not.

Charlie Brown is giving 5% of his campaign money to veterans groups, has a son in Iraq, and is retired from the Air Force himself, and has been a school teacher.

"You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown!"

You all know Barack, and I'm glad to see my Barack Effect come alive so quickly in the Black Community. If you recall one of my arguments for him was that it would lift test scores in inner city schools without spending a dime. I saw evidence of uplifted spirits in kids and adults alike throughout all communities on TV last night. Now we will have a country we can all be proud of, regardless of who wins in November, but I have no doubt that Obama will sweep, and racists will weep, the few that are still around.

Friday, May 23, 2008

The Union Newspaper vs the Commenting Readers

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The Union newspaper in Grass Valley California has had an active core of commentors over the last couple of months. The software they were using was clunky, but it did offer the abiltiy to see what the most recent comments were. This element was key in getting live wore discussions and debates going. They have now introduced a "new and improve coke" which lacks this feature.

Many of us have asked to have the feature restored, but to no avail. I've finally made a post that make s it clear we are not happy campers. Here it is:

"Powered by Pluck

A bit of research reveals that this is no fly by night company, and that The Union can certainly ask for "most recent comments" and get it, IF The Union wants it. Pluck has even designed a an online debating software for the Economist, as well as full fledged forums, with all the kinds of interactivity I'm sure Union posters would enjoy.

Bottom line here may be "page views." Advertising revenue is determined by the number of page views, and the more we have to search, the more page views we rack up. It's like the mouse click farms in India, which used to drive up revenues for Google and Yahoo. Sometimes competitors would hire them to cost the other side for "page views." Amount of page views from me will soon drop to ZERO if this isn't fixed.

Also, I'd look into setting up forum software that references The Union articles without violating laws, and then allows for full featured discussions. Web 2.0 is Here. Your users ARE interactive and not oblivious to the technologies and marketing strategies involved.

Monday, May 19, 2008

My Lost Weekend with Adobe Creative Suite 3 Master Collection

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That's the name of the product on the box. The sales lady on the phone vehemently denies it is a collection on the phone when challenged about the actual product with just one serial number, instead of a full "collection of individual disks, each with their own numbers. Suffice it to say, another software company has taken a few more days of my life, NEEDLESSLY!

Wrtten Monday Morning:

My wife was using a trial edition of Photoshop CS3 Extended to take a course. The software was to expire on Saturday evening, and so on Thursday I called up to get a serial number to place in the appropriate spot, as the trial software had been prompting me. As my wife has plans for taking additional courses, we wanted to get the whole Master Creative Suite. It wasn't until I contacted Adobe to finalize the purchase that evening, that we learned that it was not going to be a case of giving a credit card, getting a serial number, and typing it in, a 5 minute transaction.

In my wife's instructor's intro to class I must admit she did warn people to have it installed and running. My wife and I took this to mean not to spend the money elsewhere. I've been installing software since 1980, as a tech and a teacher myself. The only events, that the problems involved with this, are comparable to, are Win95 and SoftImage 4. The first because, as we all know, it was broken form the start.

Suffice to say they did make it clear to stop applications, but they also seem to suggest that you needed to be connected to the internet for the install to succeed. Accordingly I prepared the machine by completely cleaning out every former Adobe program, and making 44 gigs of space on a 2 gig of RAM, duo processor, Sony VAIO laptop. This is double the requiements listed on the box, and usually handles the manufacturers' screwups. I wanted a clean and solid install.

That was Saturday afternoon. I had driven to UC Davis to pick up the collection, as it turned out that not only couldn't they give serial numbers over the phone, they couldn't download the software either. Davis is a five hour round trip from here, but it was the closest copy.

By Saturday night I had screwed up the machine so badly the the Internet connection was behaving erratically. It still is and Verizon will be back to me this afternoon. This email will be going out over land line phone. Sunday afternoon the Verizon EVO line started working again, and I continued to read and ponder the enormous amount of information Adobe has for failed installs, including the notion of copying the DVD's to the Hard drive, and messing with the registry, stuff I would still assume the average consumer is not going to be familiar with.

Tech support was closed till Monday, and appeared to cost $39 per incident. The website does not mention free installation support. I would consider these two things one and the same, so it never occurred to me to ask. I only learned about this by threatening to take the product back and forget about Adobe forevermore.

This morning I was finally able to get through to install support, where a young Chinese dude and I slowly worked our way through a ton of steps to clear away the mess, and begin a fresh install with absolutely no Internet, and no applications of any kind running, including tiny calendars and timers and Netmeter.

It took 30 minutes on hold with just music (no reassuring, "somebody will answer"), and 1 1/2 hours of working with the tech to get the process to start again from the beginning. With EVERYTHING shut down, the install went off as you would expect, taking about 35 minutes.

As of 10 minutes ago, at 11:18 Am Monday, May 19th, 2008, my wife again has use of Adobe Photoshop, but she is of course at school, teaching, in Yuba City an hour and 1/2 from here.


Adobe Suite Looks Like a Bargain, but is not all of the individual softwares, but rather a giant one serial number software. Installing it takes forever. Installing it wrong takes forever and a day to fix. It is very easy to install it wrong. They call it a "Suite" and not a "Collection" I was informed, even though it says "collection" right on the box..

Even when installed at first it looks just like Photoshop CS3, with no extended. The "extended" part only shows up after activation.

The product is only shipped from Atlanta, or available in your college bookstores, sometimes. Students need photo ID and course schedule current or tuition bill current. Faculty need photo ID, paystub, bsuiness cards, the more stuff the better. I wound up taking in our marriage license to prove the connection, as well as birth certificates and driver's licenses.

The phone number for free Installation support is:


They are open only M - F , 6 Am to 5PM, PST and PDT
No weekends.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Believe in the Devil? Every bit as much as I believe in God

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Patti Ann, a Commenter on The Union Online, challenged me on my religious like beliefs, and I came up with this:

As a Optimistic Hopeful Agnostic, all thing beyond the flesh and blood biosphere will be revealed as you make the transition, if there is anything to be revealed at all. From age 13 there have been 3 possibilities:

the same
or worse

and two out of three is not bad

Given the ridiculous numbers of different people all yammering about their one and only possibilities, I take this as a sign from the Prime Cause of Existence, if Such a Person/Thing exists, to be patient, and behave in a manner that would be pleasing to such a construct, or at least behave in a way that keeps most fellow humans and myself reasonably happy. Golden Rule rediscovered, for the umpteenth time. So there you have it. Martha Stewart Style Exoduses with folded clothing and all non believers being microwaved seems like one of the odder manifestations of human creativeness in explaining the currently unknown/unknowable.

I mean really, let's say God and Jesus show up tomorrow at the Miner's Foundery and start performing all kinds of miracles, and then turned out to be aliens from Mars in disguise? How could you tell the difference? Aliens with Photoshopping morphing capabilities are not outside the realm of possibility.

Can I celebrate the possibility that some such uberGott crtter with benevolent thoughts for all of us exists? Of course, and in fact I really hope one does, and that we all have souls, or whatever, that allow us to continue existence after we hit the decayed hamburger state. Most of the time, I enjoy existing.

OK, so much for Religion 101, version 6.3 billion (one version for each person on the planet). I only answer such questions when directly asked.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Let's Make a Deal --> Visiting Workers for Idiots on Both Sides of the Borders

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I'm still hot for my ship off of Acapulco which serves as the place where working visitors to the USA can receive the rest of their cash.

This is all, of course, tied into major fines for those who hire illegals without the appropriate USB chip and good verification procedures.

A working visitor shows up at our border and is biometrically ID'd right down to the eyeballs and DNA, as well as the usual photos and fingerprints. The person is then given a USB storage chip that contains that info, plus a few security routines to make sure that when he or she shows up at an employer, the employer can plug it in and do a few more verifications as needed, on line.

Employee works, employer pays employee 1/2 to 2/3rd of the expected salary, less taxes, and a good health coverage plan, etc. The remainder is placed in an account that the employee can view anytime, online, at terminals at libraries and other public places. This gives the employee a place to check up and make sure that the employer is being honest and covering those bases. You'd need an ombudsman here to cover the screw-ups.

To get the rest of the money the employee has to go to Mexico, and take a trip out to the USA ship, out beyond Mexican territorial waters. The reason for this location is to keep the Mexican government out of the equation. If Mexico wants to provide a dock, and no hassles, fine, we'll use it, but we won't be over a barrel for it.

During the first year the money draws interest for the employee. During the second year it draws no interest. At the end of two years, the money goes into the general USA Social Security funds, as a hedge against the employee eventually being amnestied into citizenship. The employee then loses the money.


If the visiting worker takes steps that would improve his chances of becoming a citizen, or his value as a worker, then it is possible to:

Get an extension on the two year forfeiture clause.
Use those funds for tuition/books/computers/software in legitimate training programs.
Other items which serve the USA as much as the visiting worker, which I haven't thought of.

So, where's the problem with this scheme?

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Is Obama "American-enough?"

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This is a portion of a response I made at The Union newspaper, to a guy questioning Obama's loyalty and 'Americaness."

When I see what I perceive as racist, and I do see your posts as racist, I react, as every "good" American should. It seems to me that if it was a shot of a drunken young Bush or McCain, failing to follow protocol, you would consider it a gaffe or faux pas. Because he's black and you are scared, you see it as an insidious plot to overthrow the entire country. I think your attitude is both silly and rude.

As I pointed out before, it would seem as though he is now "doing the body motions and words," otherwise U-Tube would have run out of space on their servers from hyper-videotaping Republicans eager to prove their ridiculous case.

In case you missed it, Obama is much more of an American than a person who goes around questioning if he is an "American," or perhaps to use his phrasing from a comment about Hillary, he is, "American-enough."

Go to his website and find some substantive issue to disagree with, and stop the ES about whether or not he is an American. By questioning whether or not an American Senator is an American or not, you drown yourself in obvious stupidity. He's been carded already, he's an American, trust in your government to have done the background checks, after all this is still a Republican administration...

If Elected, without Spending a Single Dime,

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Obama as a role model will improve the test scores in inner city schools by at least 20%. His election would finally give the No Race Left Behind score for the USA a "pass."

Happy smarter kids become happy smarter workers. What works for cows will work for people.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Why Doesn't the USA Publish the Total Possible USA Reserves

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as both a Conservative Estimate and a Wild Man Estimate, and as a "drill within our current eco laws," vs "drill everywhere possible?"

It seems to me that the powers that be have no interest in you and me.

These are numbers that should be known as well as Brittany Spears, yet they are hidden in swamps of propaganda, causing FUD like crazy. (Fear, Uncertainity, and Doubt.) It must be serving the leaderships of both parties to keep us all in FUD on these issues. That's why I really don't trust any of them to tell the Truth. They've all got enough staff to analyze this stuff and publish it on the Web, and they don't.

On the topic of legislating the economy, did you know the Sugar Lobby (sounds like some hiphop group, doesn't it?) blocked bringing in sugar-based ethanol from Brazil? I love our "free malarky economy," with protectionism only for the rich.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Iraq, the Economy, Health Care, and Education, No Racist Crap

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Welcome to the Democratic talking points!

Has it occurred to any Republicans that they are dependent on having an energized workforce?

Do Republicans have any idea how disheartened and discouraged their workforce will be if they are allowed to retain the Presidency? Are they planning on going over to a robotic and overseas workforce, and a bunch of reeks and wrecks for an underclass, a la Kurt Vonnegut's "Player Piano?"

If the workers feel that they have no part of the American Dream, and no way of getting it, the USA will have Marvin, the Paranoid Android for workers. Ryss and Savage and the like do their best to propagandized that the Repubs have the workingmans' interests at heart, but reality is filling their tanks just barely half way these days.

I spotted a kid with a shiny new black Ford 150, stalled out on the side of the road, walking away from it with a 5 gallon can. He'd obviously run out of gas, and he'd obviously done it before, because he had a nice shiny new 5 gallon can. He, and the rest of the American workers, are getting tired of, "Walking from New Orleans." I wonder how soon that truck will be repo'd? Who wants to pay for a truck that drives from the carport with just enough gas to get to the next destination?

If Republicans want this country back on track in the global rat race, it's time for a Democrat to breath the air around the White House.

And no racist crap about Wright, thank-you.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Modest Transit Proposal

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My system for transit utilizes a personally owned passenger compartment, and state owned (or private companies meeting standards) engines, steering, powertrain, wheels, and guidance system. The passenger compartment mates with the other half the same way a camper mates with a pickup, except with more connections.

For long distance travel, the compartment is popped off the powertrain assembly and plunked on a flatcar like railcar with enough room for a passageway to restrooms, bar/dining/workspace cars,etc. Each flatcar holds many passenger compartments. Roadways and track gauge would be widened.

The powertrains would rent for different rates, depending on power and comfort desired.

You want to drive for fun in a gas powered vehicle you drive? Great, we have courses for that, but they are not cheap. It's a game like golf, high maintainence.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Differences Between Republicans and Democrats

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A Republican and a Democrat are on a high hill, overlooking a vast plain, and they both see what appears to be a wall of bushes growing across the valley below, broken hither and yon by clumps of trees.

Beyond the giant hedge appears to be a land of Democracy, wealth and happiness. A road appears to go down to the wall, and on beyond it to the land of milk and honey.

They both start riding down the slope, and as they draw closer they notice the wall seems higher than they thought. They ride onwards.

Getting closer they still see bushes, but now the bushes are beginning to look more like gnarly vines, covered with ivy, and stretch even ominously higher.

At this point the Democrat will say, "let's stop and check this out carefully. The Republican will say, "no let's ride onwards, we've already determined that the wall is just a bunch of bushes, and we'll pass through easily."

The ride onwards. Soon it is apparent to the Democrat that the giant hedgerow actually conceals an underlying wall of titanium stones, and that it is sheer folly to continue to gallop towards it at full speed. The Republican, however, continues to do just that. Once he had decided on anything, he is incapable of changing his mind, as that would prove he wasn't made by God and therefore infallible.

The Democrat continues to process new information constantly, and changes his position as new data becomes available. Republicans seem incapable of doing so. They rather be Right, even if it means being DEAD. Or run over as road kill by the Global Economy and Global Warming.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Why Obama Calls Himself a "Black Man"

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Our local paper had a whiney comment about this topic, so I answered it as follows:

The Racist Society, which doesn't include many white folks, identifies anyone who "looks black" as being black, whatever that is supposed to mean. The joke is that there are many, many individuals with one black parent and one white parent, that look "so white," that the Racist Society members accept them as "white." This is known as "passing." Sort of a NCLB for skin melanin content and body features.

Obama has failed this NCLB test.

No wonder Bush lovers hate him.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

If You're Worried About Obama, Maybe You Should

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watch Current TV, on DirecTV at channel 366.

They just had a show produced by a guy who traveled to Russia to interview a NeoNazi who prides himself on yet another form of underground TV. Snuff films, against anyone they don't like, and that's just about everybody who isn't one of them, done for REAL!

I kid you not. Russia is supposedly home to 50,000 to 70,000 neoNAZI's, complete with Swastika's, who go out as gangs, and kill people at random, and make videos as they do it. Then they make duplicates and send them to their friends, who watch the DVD's on their laptops.

The guy who "starred" in this video was busted a couple of weeks later. In this case I would forgive the journalist for becoming part of the story, which I suspect he might have. I know I would have turned in these creeps.

If Obama has a hate agenda, he will be impeached. We are electing just one man here, not 535 Obama's and a Supreme Court full of Obama's. Is he going to help out the Black and minority communities? Yes. Is that morally bad or illegal?

Not as long as the help is color blind, and whites in the same socio-economic straits can get the same help. How will he do it? Not with testing a'la No Child Left Behind, but rather with educational programs that work and give students and workers a new foothold in the global economy.

Current TV is on Directv at 366. It consists of short, 2 to 16 minute long productions, made by amateurs with talent, from all over the world. The range of material is breathtaking, and a lot of it is very positive. Fresh, young, and a window on the world you don't get anywhere else. It's sort of YouTube with a quality control. ( for more information)

The point of this post? If neoNAZI's are that blatant in Russia, you can bet we probably have the full spectrum from Russia's worst to the person who secretly hopes that none of the black people getting on the plane will sit next to them. This is a problem that won't be solved in one Presidency, as Obama has said, but trying to hide it under the covers is silly.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Terrorists, Home Grown, Attack BarBeQues

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I just fired up my barbeque for the first time this season, after buying a 20 lb bag of Kingsford brickettes at K-Mart on sale. I built my little pile, squirted on the lighter, and waited until I had a nice glowing pile.

Then I went to spread them around, and a good one third of them fell through the grate to the catch pan below! ARRRgh!

I looked at the bag. Kingsford, each brickette with a "K" on it. I've used the stuff for fifty years with no problems. I looked closer at my 20 lb's now an 18 pound bag. No wonder it was on sale at a price just slightly below last season's 20 pounders.

I looked at the brickettes. They seemed, skinnier????? Could that be?????

I still had an older bag back in the shed. I took it out. It was a 20 lb bag. I looked at the brickettes. They seemed...thicker. Quickly I lined up a bunch from each bag, and indeed the new brickettes are thinner on average than the older ones. This means that they will burn up faster, fall through the grates more easily, greatly add to the air pollution and CO2 levels, and force me to go locate a crossway grate to catch the falling brickettes, and hold them at the right height.

I've been told that K Mart and the other big box stores get specially packaged inferior products of brand names. Is this evidence of that? My dogs seem to need to eat more Pedigree dog food than they used to. Is it less nutritional now that gas has gone up?

Nathan Hotdogs on special, but that's a 12 oz package, not a 16 oz package. Seven skinny dogs, also subject to "fall through," not 8 dogs as before. "We have met the enemy, and they is us," Walt Kelly of Pogo fame.

It's time to see if with take up the story.

it's obvious that both companies want to sell more product at less cost. And Kingsford doesn't care how much they pollute the environment. I think I will go to natural wood style charcoal for the duration.

Polically Correct Concepts, The Republican Versions

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Try Going Against the "Politically Correct for Republicans" issues Below:
The USA is always right.
Any Flag is .........
Private Property is ..........
The police are perfect .........
Republicans are perfect .........
Anyone or any idea not promulgated by a Republican must be bad, wrongheaded, or worse.
The environment will take care of itself.
The homeless deserve it.
The bottom end of the pay scale deserves it.
Those in medical need without coverage deserve none.
Roads will never be gridlocked.
We will always have enough food, and water doesn't have to be that clean.
Nor does food.
Mass transit must pay for itself.
Anyone not a RightThinkingRepublican is delusional.
There are no innocent victims when it comes to firearms discharged by government agents.
The military industrial complex will never bankrupt this country.
China will never reach Mars with a human first. If they do, they will never get them back.
Should Japan or China or Germany patent super cheap solar panels first, our economy will be just as prosperous as if we had.
It's OK to give banks free money, but not the mortgagees.
The schools cost too much and never give us genius employees who will work for nothing and be grateful for the chance.
I "deserve" an SUV, a golf club, and everything else you can think of.
My God is Better than Your God.

In fact, your God is dead or a liar.

And so are you.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Charter Schools are Cheaper, You Betcha!

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Cali spends $6200 per pupil per year. NY upwards oof $14000....It is amazing what gets done w/ the these lackluster funding.

report this | replyby bucalum on Thu, 13 Mar 2008 13:16:09 PDT
So Open a School with a class size of 20
You are the teacher, of all subjects, at all levels. you have that kinds of smarts.

$124,000 less rent of a classroom. We'll dispense with a playground, and use the public parks (done often, BTW).

You need at least 1,000 sq feet, plus a restroom. At $1/sq ft, that leaves you with $112,000. Oh, the building has to conform to all fire codes (sprinklers in ceiling, earthquake proof), be handicapped accessible, etc. to be usable as a school. You also need drop off and pickup spaces. Maybe $2/sq ft, including a bit of storage.

Did you plan to offer science or shop? Gas lines and more space needed, add another 500 sq feet at least, but fancier, so $2.50 sq/ft. $100,000 left.

How about 21 laptops at $600 each, every three years. or about $12,000/3 or $96,000 left.

How about a few books, typically $50 each per subject, times four major subjects, times 21, $91,600 left.

Art and music supplies and instruments, make the parents buy those, ooops, can't do that with the poor kids, so at least $100/kid, $89,600 left.

Now there is a little thing called liability insurance, another thing called theft and vandalism, and a whole bunch more things I don't even know the names of from the same kind of company. Do you think you could get by with less than $4,600/ I doubt it. $85,000 left.

Did you ever buy health insurance on your own, good health insurance? -$12,000 for the year. $73,000.

Did you plan on getting rich doing this, and retiring? -12,000 again, for the old nest egg. $61,000.

Were you going to take the kids on field trips, at least one with a bus? -$500 $60,500.

Ooops, light, heat, water, power for computers, phones -$6,000 $54,500.

How did you plan on getting parents to sign up?

Advertising, mailings, and your time going to every kid related event you can think of. -$4,000 $50,500 left.

What happens if you don't get 20 kids to stay the entire year, or even sign up in the first place? Can you order a lot of those items one off without incurring horrendous shipping charges? You need a reverse fund. -$5,500 won't even cover the loss of one kid.

Are you getting rich yet? Go Charter School founder, more power to you!

And how many people do you know who would be smart enough to teach all those subjects for that little money, at that high a risk? Right, NONE!

Buckle Up, Bucalum, Your Kia is the Public School down the street. The Mercedes is for sale, at $40,000/year, at Exeter Academy, where daddy Bush sent GeorgiePorgie.

I Suspect that as the Oil Runs Out, We will Find that

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I Suspect that as the Oil Runs Out, We will Find that
the MegaCorps in the energy and motor vehicle production areas have been preparing for this for much longer than we might have guessed.

Have you noticed the really charming ads on tv from GE? They know who to hire and how much extra cash it takes to really effect a cultural change. In their case they want to be seen as the "heros" who save the day as oil nee gas becomes the uneconomical environmentally damaging fuel that it's been all along.

From the standpoint of the interlocking directorships of the major corporations (think Hillary/Walmart) they merely want two things:

To get as much money as possible out of the old technologies in which they have so much invested. This is why no new oil refineries have been built. They already knew that technology was dead years ago.

To remain in control of whatever it is that replaces those old technologies, and continues to produce cash. Like planned obsolescence, they merely want to take the slightest step upwards in energy efficiency and independence. Taking a big leap would mean they would not have the cash or the control of the technolgies involved. Many minor leaps, with the customers stuck for each upgrade, keeps them in control.

Initially, what we can expect is cars and trucks running off of solar, at a cost of about the equivalent of $6/gallon. This will seem a bargain in comparison to gasoline, which will hover around $9.11/gallon, and be used for antique vehicles by afictionados who can afford the luxury. And, of course, by the military and the New Feudal Lords, who get whatever they want, with the taxpayer footing the bill.

These people have been playing these games for 150 years now. They are getting very good at screwing the consumer and John Q. Public, and they are not going to stop out of the goodness of their hearts.

To counter act this behavior:

Let people know they are being screwed and by whom and in what ways.

Let young people know this is happening, in no uncertain terms. Then, encourage them to get educated as much as possible, so as to not only understand the mechanisms of culture, but also to have the skill sets that earn the kind of money needed to change culture, and to create the inventions we need to stabilize planet Earth.

Population stabilization is a key player here, but generally only occurs when women become educated, and, to a certain extent, "Westernized." Making underground videos available in Russia had a lot to do with the fall of the Soviet dictatorship. Making western culture available via satellite tv will probably be viewed, in the ancient future, as the number one item, just after Internet access, that brought about population stabilization.

BTW, even just one nuke going off, anywhere on the planet, will be catastrophic, so that fear is still right there, at least for us older folks. because if one goes off, you cannot prove who set it off, or where it came from. Most importantly, since you can't prove A and B, you have NO IDEA WHEN AND WHERE the NEXT ONE might blow.

Consider, for example, some part of the Iranian desert goes up. Was it their lab, or a plant by the USA? The evidence one way or the other would be destroyed, in the explosion itself. How could you prove there wasn't a lab located underneath Tehran, to make this even twichier? That's where I'd put it, if I were Iranian. very hard to detect, with all the background noises. Just tunnel in from an industrial suburb, and dump the tailings into a river underwater, and keep on dredging the river.

Good Luck Everybody!

Friday, March 07, 2008

The Biggest Problem is the Oldest Problem......

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the government and the businesses that either obfusticate or outright lie about their aims and objectives. It set a very bad moral tone for the whole country. It's called, "Trickle Down Ethics."

Even if the kids can't pin all the right tales (deliberate not use of "tail") on the appropriate donkeys, elephants and jackals, they have enough intuition to sense that they are getting screwed while others are getting free passes.

Are some of them angry and stupid? You betcha! Of the parties involved, who has the most responsibility and also the capabilities to change things? A sixteen year old kid? I think not.

One of the best things a teacher can do is to acknowledge this leadership gap at the top, and then give a young person suggestions on "work-arounds with awareness," to fly past these sticky nets of society, oftentimes by using them to their own improvement.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Immigrants and Self Interest

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Immigrants are here because of:

Their own self interest. Even at what Americans consider crappy wages and conditions, the immigrants have it better here than where they came from. If they didn't, they'd never come here.

The self interest of those who employ them. The immigrants are willing to work for lower wages and under worse conditions than Americans will. Wink, wink, no, nod, from all the business owners, primarily Republicans, gets them through and allows them to stay here. Without that self interest, we could plug the borders in one day.

The average American Joe has no easily identifiable self interest in having the immigrants here, other than diversifying the gene pool while simultaneously allowing there to be a rung on the ladder below them, in most cases. Otherwise, immigration is just one more part of overpopulation, expensive housing, crowded schools and emergency rooms, more accidents on the highways, etc.

Please correct me if I am wrong.

As far as I am concerned, if the immigrant can pass the GED as presented in English, then he or she may stay. If they can get an A.A. degree, then they may bring in one additional person, who can in turn get an A.A. degree (any subject except a "foreign" language), and so on. It would raise the average educational level of the country substantially.

PS Somebody also pointed out the desire on the part of the Democrats for more voters likely to vote Democratic.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Picture Perfect Cultural Diversity Self Test

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I've discovered a new game. If you go to the Reuters site below, and you click on the slide show option, you will get a description of a news event somewhere in the world. If you cover up the part of the screen where the picture appears before clicking on the next picture, you can then make up a scene in your mind based on the description.

For example, there was described a man in England looking over his damaged bedroom aftre the earthquake. in my mind I conjured up an image reminiscent of Sherlock Holmes in garb and demeanor, looking into a bedroom straight out of the Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. The picture turned out to be of a young man, and could have been taken in any San Jose apartment, complete with stereo and laptop and unmade bed.

Another scene in Peru was also just as USA, just as modern, at a hairdresser's parlour, and just as much a surprise to good old narrow minded me. The world is racing towards the mall in most places.

Reuters Location for Catch of the Day Pictures.

(be sure to click on "slide show" to get the desired effect)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

KVMR and other Radio Pledge Drives

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It would seem to me that once you have paid your yearly dues, you could be given a code which you could input on the web radio page to get "best of" shows in chronological order during the pledge week. You wouldn't have to keep listening to the pitches for money, which become very annoying after you've paid. Each person gets one code for one computer. It would be a real incentive to sign up and go back to more normal listening. Plus, you could have a bonus prize for one of those who do sign on using the web radio, or either way.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

18 Thinkers Think These are the Challenges for Technology

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Make solar energy affordable
Provide energy from fusion
Develop carbon sequestration
Manage the nitrogen cycle
Provide access to clean water
Reverse engineer the brain
Prevent nuclear terror
Secure cyberspace
Enhance virtual reality
Improve urban infrastructure
Advance health informatics
Engineer better medicines
Advance personalised learning
Explore natural frontiers

Support the Danes in Free Speech & Against Iran

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Time to go to the local markets and buy Danish products, cheese, bacon, hams, cookies, etc.

From the BBC:

"Danish MPs have cancelled a trip to Iran after Tehran demanded they apologise for the republication of cartoons deemed offensive to Islam.

Two days before the scheduled trip, Tehran demanded the MPs condemn the cartoon on their arrival in Iran.

The row follows the arrest on Tuesday of three men for allegedly planning to murder Danish cartoonist Ko Vestigal.

The following day, 11 Danish papers reprinted his drawing depicting the Prophet with a bomb in his turban.

A condemnation and apology would help convince the Iranian people that Denmark's authorities had distanced themselves from the action, Iran's parliament said in a letter to Danish MPs.

If anyone needs to apologise... it is the Iranians
Villy Soevndal,
Danish MP

Nine members of Denmark's foreign affairs committee were due to arrive in Iran on Monday for a three-day trip focusing on human rights and the Islamic Republic's nuclear programme.

"We are not the ones to apologise," said Villy Soevndal, the leader of Denmark's Socialist People's Party.

"If anyone needs to apologise for freedom of speech, human rights, imprisonments, executions and lack of democracy, it is the Iranians."

Denmark's foreign minister has backed the parliamentarians' decision not to travel."


The Iranian LEADERS, have no sense of humor. The Iranian people, that's another story. After all, they have to live with the Iranian leaders....

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Huckabee Comes Out in Favor of Solar Energy!

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"Tell the Saudis to keep their oil and their sand!"

Mike Huckabee in Madison Wisconson, about 2 minutes ago on CNN.

Well D U H !

Welcome Aboard!

I've been screaming about this for years. Thank God God's finally getting his act together. It's about time, as time is running out.

So You Want Your Child to Succeed in School ???

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The most important thing you can teach them, regardless of what "school" they are in, is the need for them to take responsibility for learning, and for them to be persistent. No teacher can pour knowledge into the top of students' heads via funnels and then put on a locking cap. The schoolhouse is not a bottling plant. The very best teachers can facilitate learning and make it happen happily, for some of the students. It is very seldom you will find a teacher who can teach everybody across the board in a classroom setting, unless the students understand and embrace the two cornerstones of education above.

If the parents do not instill those values, and instead take the attitude that, "it is the teacher's job to teach their kids, whether the kids are primed to learn or NOT," then we will need Continuation Schools, Delinquent Schools, Remedial Schools, Summer Makeup Schools, Alternative Schools (some, not all), so-called "Academies" of this that or the other thing (I watched SFUSD add the word "Academy" to a half dozen schools, to no effect on test scores even years later).

If a child, with encouragement from his parents, has made up his mid that he or she is "dumb," or simply that he or she is going to resist learning for spite, for whatever psychological reasons, usually completely beyond the control and often even the background knowledge of the teacher, then learning will not take place.

And, BTW, the military is doing its darndest to avoid taking on kids who fail in school. The military has learned that if a kids has failed there, the kid is also likely to fail in the military. It takes a willingness to learn to succeed in today's military.

For me, I see the biggest problem confronting society is in educating the previous batch of kids who are now having kids of their own, that they are not stupid and can learn. This is good for them, it is good for their kids, it is good for the country. Do any of our present Presidential candidates see this issue? I don't see it being talked about anywhere, other than in the very general "yes we can!" slogan of Obama.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Hal 9000 and Heaven, and Ecology/Global Warming

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Here's Another View of Life After Death, and the Place of the Environment in God's Plan

It therefore comes as a something of a shock that Wright doesn't believe in heaven — at least, not in the way that millions of Christians understand the term. In his new book, Surprised by Hope (HarperOne), Wright quotes a children's book by California first lady Maria Shriver called What's Heaven, which describes it as "a beautiful place where you can sit on soft clouds and talk... If you're good throughout your life, then you get to go [there]... When your life is finished here on earth, God sends angels down to take you heaven to be with him." That, says Wright is a good example of "what not to say." The Biblical truth, he continues, "is very, very different."

Wright, 58, talked by phone with TIME's David Van Biema.

TIME: At one point you call the common view of heaven a "distortion and serious diminution of Christian hope."

Wright: It really is. I've often heard people say, "I'm going to heaven soon, and I won't need this stupid body there, thank goodness.' That's a very damaging distortion, all the more so for being unintentional.

TIME: How so? It seems like a typical sentiment.

Wright: There are several important respects in which it's unsupported by the New Testament. First, the timing. In the Bible we are told that you die, and enter an intermediate state. St. Paul is very clear that Jesus Christ has been raised from the dead already, but that nobody else has yet. Secondly, our physical state. The New Testament says that when Christ does return, the dead will experience a whole new life: not just our soul, but our bodies. And finally, the location. At no point do the resurrection narratives in the four Gospels say, "Jesus has been raised, therefore we are all going to heaven." It says that Christ is coming here, to join together the heavens and the Earth in an act of new creation.

TIME: Is there anything more in the Bible about the period between death and the resurrection of the dead?

Wright: We know that we will be with God and with Christ, resting and being refreshed. Paul writes that it will be conscious, but compared with being bodily alive, it will be like being asleep. The Wisdom of Solomon, a Jewish text from about the same time as Jesus, says "the souls of the righteous are in the hand of God," and that seems like a poetic way to put the Christian understanding, as well.

TIME: But it's not where the real action is, so to speak?

Wright: No. Our culture is very interested in life after death, but the New Testament is much more interested in what I've called the life after life after death — in the ultimate resurrection into the new heavens and the new Earth. Jesus' resurrection marks the beginning of a restoration that he will complete upon his return. Part of this will be the resurrection of all the dead, who will "awake," be embodied and participate in the renewal. John Polkinghorne, a physicist and a priest, has put it this way: "God will download our software onto his hardware until the time he gives us new hardware to run the software again for ourselves." That gets to two things nicely: that the period after death is a period when we are in God's presence but not active in our own bodies, and also that the more important transformation will be when we are again embodied and administering Christ's kingdom.

TIME: That is rather different from the common understanding. Did some Biblical verse contribute to our confusion?

Wright: There is Luke 23, where Jesus says to the good thief on the cross, "Today you will be with me in Paradise." But in Luke, we know first of all that Christ himself will not be resurrected for three days, so "paradise" cannot be a resurrection. It has to be an intermediate state. And chapters 4 and 5 of Revelation, where there is a vision of worship in heaven that people imagine describes our worship at the end of time. In fact it's describing the worship that's going on right now. If you read the book through, you see that at the end we don't have a description of heaven, but, as I said, of the new heavens and the new earth joined together.

TIME: Why, then, have we misread those verses?

Wright: It has, originally, to do with the translation of Jewish ideas into Greek. The New Testament is deeply, deeply Jewish, and the Jews had for some time been intuiting a final, physical resurrection. They believed that the world of space and time and matter is messed up, but remains basically good, and God will eventually sort it out and put it right again. Belief in that goodness is absolutely essential to Christianity, both theologically and morally. But Greek-speaking Christians influenced by Plato saw our cosmos as shabby and misshapen and full of lies, and the idea was not to make it right, but to escape it and leave behind our material bodies. The church at its best has always come back toward the Hebrew view, but there have been times when the Greek view was very influential.

TIME: Can you give some historical examples?

Wright: Two obvious ones are Dante's great poetry, which sets up a Heaven, Purgatory and Hell immediately after death, and Michelangelo's Last Judgment in the Sistine chapel, which portrays heaven and hell as equal and opposite last destinations. Both had enormous influence on Western culture, so much so that many Christians think that is Christianity.

TIME: But it's not.

Wright: Never at any point do the Gospels or Paul say Jesus has been raised, therefore we are we are all going to heaven. They all say, Jesus is raised, therefore the new creation has begun, and we have a job to do.

TIME: That sounds a lot like... work.

Wright: It's more exciting than hanging around listening to nice music. In Revelation and Paul's letters we are told that God's people will actually be running the new world on God's behalf. The idea of our participation in the new creation goes back to Genesis, when humans are supposed to be running the Garden and looking after the animals. If you transpose that all the way through, it's a picture like the one that you get at the end of Revelation.

TIME: And it ties in to what you've written about this all having a moral dimension.

Wright: Both that, and the idea of bodily resurrection that people deny when they talk about their "souls going to Heaven." If people think "my physical body doesn't matter very much," then who cares what I do with it? And if people think that our world, our cosmos, doesn't matter much, who cares what we do with that? Much of "traditional" Christianity gives the impression that God has these rather arbitrary rules about how you have to behave, and if you disobey them you go to hell, rather than to heaven. What the New Testament really says is God wants you to be a renewed human being helping him to renew his creation, and his resurrection was the opening bell. And when he returns to fulfil the plan, you won't be going up there to him, he'll be coming down here.

TIME: That's very different from, say, the vision put out in the Left Behind books.

Wright: Yes. If there's going to be an Armageddon, and we'll all be in heaven already or raptured up just in time, it really doesn't matter if you have acid rain or greenhouse gases prior to that. Or, for that matter, whether you bombed civilians in Iraq. All that really matters is saving souls for that disembodied heaven.

TIME: Has anyone you've talked to expressed disappointment at the loss of the old view?

Wright: Yes, you might get disappointment in the case where somebody has recently gone through the death of somebody they love and they are wanting simply to be with them. And I'd say that's understandable. But the end of Revelation describes a marvelous human participation in God's plan. And in almost all cases, when I've explained this to people, there's a sense of excitement and a sense of, "Why haven't we been told this before?"