Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Where, at Work, Will I Charge My Electric Car?

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One can charge an electric vehicle while at work from the panels on the roof of your workplace, paying for that electricity with the electricity your home's panels are delivering to your neighbor's air conditioner.

It's the old long spoons and soup bowls story.

The Teeper Creatures are in hell, they can't figure out how to use the long spoons to feed themselves from the bowl right in front of them.

The Liberal Leprechauns however, are busily sharing and feeding one another, having gone green intelligently. Their IS gold in the pot at the end of the Liberal Leprechaun Rainbow!

"What Have They Done, to the Rain?"

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The plant should have been dumped on with nuclear kitty litter instantly, but as I pointed out before, it is possible that they are worried about accidentally jamming so much of this somewhat lower than a nuke bomb material into to one place, that they would get what is known in the trade as a “fizzle.” A nuke explosion that blows the material apart so quickly that it is not a real nuclear explosion as we think of one.

Instead, it would be like the first North Korean explosion, or even a little less.

Sounds harmless?

No, it would be like dumping several container loads of TNT into the middle of tons of radioactive material, sending it skywards like a massive explosion in an open pit mine.

The problem we have now is that the monitoring seems to just be reading geiger counters, instead of attempting to gather the actual particles, which would tell us with much more precision, how much air do we have to breathe before we inhale a particle of what size?

That’s the coldly withheld information, that prevents total panic and pitchforks at every nuke plant producer we have and the White House and Congress.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Tax Them Bicyclists!

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We should certainly tax bicyclists the same way we do motorists. Motorists are taxed on the amount of fuel they use. Bicyclists should be taxed the same way, and at the same rates.

A calorie is the unit of energy is takes to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water, one degree Celsius (1.8 degrees Fahrenheit).

And, there are different kinds of calories. The calories that are in food are actually kilocalories 1,000 calories = 1 kilocalorie. The calories that are in food are actually kilocalories. So, if that sliver of carrot cake you are eyeing is 200 calories, it's actually 200,000 calories.

Stop! Don't touch it! It will take light years to burn it off. Actually, 'burn; is key here, as you will have to jog or move or run or something to capture those units of energy before they morph into a substance that keeps the zipper on your Levi's from reaching the top.

Oh, there are about 31 million calories in a gallon of gasoline.

On Bike Paths

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Motorists are merely pedestrians who have transformerized themselves in massive, blind dinosaurs that run amuck on our common right-a-ways, bullying and terrorizing everyone in sight.

Way to go, Henry Ford!

The trees could stay and the bike/pedestrian path could go around them, with the state paying for and maintaining attractive fences to the private properties involved, and also paying the owners for the eminent domain exercise.

Way back when, when cars first started using the common right-a-ways, and motorists then said they would pay to pave them, some far sighted folks saw what was coming, the complete thievery of the right-a-ways for motorists only. Well, they were right! Motorists should have been forced to pony up for their own roads, and not just for paving the commons. So now, it is time for the motorists to pay to replace those right-a-ways with bike and horse paths everywhere.

Government & Media Misleading About Radiation, More Lies

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More stupidity, from professionals who should know better.

Everyone knows that the amounts of radioactivity released by the stuff in the air is bare minimal above background radiation.

What you are not being told is that when one small clump of radioactive molecules of I-131 lands in your lungs and makes its way to your thyroid, which wants Iodine, radioactive or not, that clump stays there, in one place.

Background radiation shoots particles totally at random, as far as your body is concerned.

That small clump of I-131 will be taking potshots, shotgun blasts, machine gun Kelly style, at the same cells over and over again.

They will experience changes in their DNA and RNA, and will die, cease to function correctly, or turn cancerous. It won't happen to everyone, it won't happen all at once, but if it happens to YOU, what do you care if chances are statistically few?

Half life of 8 days? Yup, but the remaining one half keeps on shooting. 8 days later, same thing, for YEARS.