Monday, January 28, 2013

Dehumanizing Via "Chat" Customer Service

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More and more companies are going to chat as their only means of customer interaction.

This is sick.

And stupid, in several ways.

Oftentimes what is needed is custom service.  If I could have found the switch in the online catalogue, yes, I would have just done click click to order it.  Turns out, there is no exact match in the catalog, so I need to talk with someone whoo knows the product line.

The last thing I need is to be type chatting with someone in a foreign country who doesn't speak English well, who is dealing with three other customers at the same time (interminable waits), who is merely duplicating my search through the same damn catalog I've already gone through!

Also, I miss the flavor of the human on the other side of the country, and interesting side paths for each of our days, that I guess the shareholders and CEO and CFO find as frivolous.

The message being sent by corporate is as plain as the bank bailouts, "we could are less about our customers, just send us the money."

Here's another example of poor service by another writer:

" Hughes Net is having trouble with beam 19, which covers our area. I have spent hours on the phone with them. The first level people have you jump through hoops that are set up merely to make you feel like the problem is your fault and that you are actually being taken care of. I finally had to contact Corporate and threaten to file a complaint with the FCC. They are very aware of the problem and are working on it. I'm paying for 10 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload, and I'm only getting 2 Mbps down, and 0.1 up. I got my bill reduced by $10 for three months, and also a credit for $180. Go to and see what your speeds are. Keep a log of your speeds and your interactions with the company. Demand compensation for your troubles."

And yet another:

"fyi: I've now been on hold for over 41 minutes with Dell Customer Care attempting to get a return tag so I can mail this POS XPS Laptop (with Windows 8) and get a 100% refund. Governor yersefs accordionly."

Why We Can't Fix Guns.

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Apparently the "systems approach to things" involves picking and choosing what you will and won't measure, and thus use as factors in your analysis. 

"Clever people and grocers, they weigh everything," ~Zorba the Greek~

As long as Group A says, "Use this, not that,"  and Group B says, "Use that, not this," you've simply added one more layer of BS to the discussion.  "Piled Higher and Drier," comes to mind, and Walt, my friend, that's the long form of PhD in some circles, in case you didn't know.'

"Should the metric for assessing the efficacy of restrictive gun laws be the gun homicide rate, or violent crime rates in general?  ~Gregory Goodknight at George Rebane's Blog~

It just might be that the efficacy of restrictive guns laws is zero, regardless of which rate is used.  You may be altogether asking for the wrong solution, to a problem of stress and psychosis in our dog eat dog, no holds barred, kick them when they are down, capitalist free market society.  Could it be that holding those values as core to the USA culture, is the real source of gun violence?

System analysis in simple and even somewhat complex engineering situations, where all is determined by physics, works most of the time, but the Japanese loosened their safety standards to get those batteries packs on through, and like the O rings on the shuttle, the desires of humans led to failures in the real world.  The desire known as boundless greed, has short circuited the safety of the social fabric, and until you fix that, you are going to have your 10,000 plus murder rates via gunfire nationwide, forever.  And with it, more Sandy Hooks.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Solar Technology Gets New Twist; It Turns.

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Bad news foe those who say solar will never be cheap enough.

George Rebane's Pet Potty Mouth is Off Leash

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