Sunday, November 18, 2018

John Denver at the Commonwealth Club in 1991

Do You Like Your Planet?

50 gal/day/person water rationing, or do something about climate change, take your pick. This is coming soon to a water supply near you, including your wells. ZPG is also needed.

Much like a snowball, starting an avalanche, so did Camp Fire's storm
 blown embers grow in intensity and quantity, until they hit the incredible numbers of oaks, in the West Fork of the Feather River canyon, just east of town. Almost like a fission nuke bomb is used to ignite a hydrogen bomb, the brush and manzanita between Pulga 6 miles east, and Paradise, touched off a near nuclear firestorm of death and destruction, with oak at its core. Paradise was blow torched. Steve Willer and active members of fire departments can assess my assessment, but I think when all is said and done, this will be the gist of the conversation...

The root cause is of course Global Climate Change or Global Climate Chaos, call it what you will. The extreme dryness all the way to mid November, caused by higher than average temperatures, the last two year of wetness growing an extreme brush fuel load, and the sustained winds of 40 to 50 mph, are all symptoms.

Remember also the four winters in a row proceeding the double rainfall of two years ago, more symptoms, and a weakening of the overall ecosystem. There are many areas of the Sierra Nevada Foothills where this exact same thing can happen next year. Insurance will go way way up, or become non existent. We live in such an area.

BTW, if the fuel load of oaks in the West Feather River Canyon just east of Paradise had been thinned by 3/4's, I bet they could have saved the town.  The hospital went first, perched right on the edge of the canyon.