Monday, February 16, 2015

Of Sunspots, Indian Baskets, and Solar Power

Some say that our global climate changes are a result of a decreasing number of sunspots, not carbon pollution.  For a review, try:

Regardless of what is causing it, we will need power to desalinize water, power to air condition and to heat, transportation, etc.

Developing solar sources will soon be way more cost effective that harvesting oil from tar sands and fracking.  Developing solar will be less polluting as well.  And if the CO2 alarmist are right, helps solve the problem.  Ironic that a nuke plant in Boston was shut down last night, unsafe to run in a blizzard?

Had a dream last night that included a perfect modern stroller, with the structural parts still plastic and nylon and aluminum, and the nylon shell replaced with most excellent woven basketry.  Would make an interesting art piece, possibly a source of income to Nisenan descendants, who could make them for yuppie couples who have everything, and can afford a grand a pop?

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Test post, IGNORE, please. "G", I wish I could take bus 99.

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Can We Afford this Bleedout by the Banks?

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We need an amendment to the Constitution, that limits the total "fees" bank institutions can charge to both parties in a transaction, to 1% combined, when the transaction requires only electronics to complete the transfer.

Currently banks are raping this country, picking up 2 to 4%, of every transaction they handle. It is completely insane that we as a nation put up with this. The money saved to consumers would put far more cash back into circulation than anyone can imagine.

The cost to a bank for handling such transactions is miniscule, compared to their current charges, and even 1% would be gifting them huge profits.

Lower those rates, or nationalize those banks.

Vacinations and "Illegal" Workers (draft)

And if the "Illegals" were all demanding vaccinations ( after coming here to take the jobs Americans are effectively on strike for for higher wages, pay $20/hour, and every crop in the country would be picked by true blue Amuricuns), then Bill Orth would be screaming about freeloading the medical system. You want to guarantee every worker is an American, PAY UP!

You want a job, get a national ID card, with biometrics. Roving Verification Vans can be certain every employer can verify, and put yet more Amuricuns to work, paid for by the tax paying public, not the employers.

Problem solved, it isn't rocket science, if indeed the 1% wanted it done. They don't, they keep us in the dark ages, to get cheap laborers to cross the borders, and to keep the rest of us barefoot and pregnant. Thanks a lot, Overlords of 3rd World USA, a work in progress that is progressing faster than any of us, including the Overlords, know.