Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Homeless and Emergency Shelter Systems, Updated

Picture a giant honeycomb cell, made of composite materials, and stacks of them to make a community.

 Dimensions inside 12 foot long, 8 feet high, 8 feet wide. Heat and noise insulated. Nylon rails on exterior, which fit into matching steel rails of the main honeycomb structure.  This allows for for easy removal and insertion from a stack, if a unit gets trashed or contaminated in any way.  Unit is set up to make it easy to move around with a forklift.

On one end, a door system, sliding to left, right, and up, so as to not obstruct or hit anyone standing outside,  This end contains all the connections for power, communications, heat and air conditioning, and small plumbing stuff, for vanity sink.

On the other end, a window, with appropriate shade systems. Small washbasin inside. Bed(s), table, and large screen computer/tv.

Restrooms, showers, kitchens are common to clusters of these units, clusters segregated by sexual preference (as many as are called for for a given locality), and by single/married.  A variation can be made for larger family units

The modular design allows for stacking, and for the removal of individual units without disturbing the rest, for cleaning and repair.

Wifi throughout area, and kitchen/laundry/bath could each have a semi trailer of their own.  Set up in a "U" shaped corral, and protected by water proof roof, forming a commons with tables and play areas.


Transporting these would be 3 to a semi trailer, and vertically on a flat car, about 8 of them on a standard 89 foot flatcar. 

A shorter version of these could be made for emergency use on rail cars, which are limited to loads no wider than 10.5. They could be interlocked stacked two high, and these would be used for emergency shelter in disaster areas, like Hurricane Katrina. In this configuration, you could get 15 to a flatcar, and a mile long train could quickly carry over 5,000 housing units anywhere above high water. Multiple trains could be used to evacuate large numbers of people, to points well away. People animals and stuff, into compartments, lock doors, and away you go.

These would need to be mass produced and standardized at a national level, to keep costs down, and allow for inter-change-ability.  My design is just a suggestion, trained architechs can improve on it, or do altogether different and better.

This is a real shelter solution, all we need is the political will to implement it.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

The Propaganda Cabinet, Informal but Real, I am Sure.

Trump keeps telling his secret Propaganda Cabinet Staffers, "drill down deeper, what else can you find to outrage the liberals? Their outrage is our key to my re-election, and the takeover of the USA, under MY dictatorship." "Hello Putin and Un, I'm a Big Boy now."

A Set of Gun Laws That Would Work. Never tried before.

National gun and gun owner database, so simple a cop in a squad car can use it. Or a gun shop owner. Provisions for citizens and school officials to add non binding flags. Appeals process, of course.
Insurance required, prior to delivery, for all new to you weapons. Limitations on number of guns/magazines to be purchased within a time frame, which decreases with years of Safe Gun Ownership. This can stop "Straw Man ghetto special" buys. Real California ID or better, required.
All weapons used for for home defense, already owned, and not taken off property being defended, do not require insurance. Feel the need to go to gun range? Then you need insurance, as they will be required to check. Privacy? It's been gone since the first time you bought ammo with a credit/debit card.
2nd Amendment infringements have been around since the Gatling gun. "No hand grenaades for you, Mr Gunrighter!" So the US Congress (the original gun NAZI) has declared. If not infringed, please tell me where one can buy an armed, surface to air, missile?

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Gun Control via Private Enterprise

Spoiler Warning ~ Incoming Screed.

If you want to own a new gun, you should have to carry liability insurance. If you are caught with a weapon in public, and no insurance card, officers can confiscate the weapon, subject it to ballistics tests, and only have to return it when you have obtained insurance. Insurance companies can set rates according to their assessments of risk..If you choose not to insure the weapons you already have, no penalties,but if you go out of your property, and get caught with them at a local shooting range, then you must buy the insurance.

Therefore, you can keep all the weapons you have in your home for self defense. You want more? Then get them with coverage.

"But the insurance companies won't cover that."

Insurance companies do not want to cover earthquakes either, but in California, they have to offer it, IF they wish to sell any home owners insurance at all. Just add in gun ownership liability as a similar requirement.

This will clear the streets in a hurry of illegal weapons. Or are you in favor of gangs in the hood having infinite firepower?

Enough is enough.

Neither our citizens or our law enforcement should have to worry, and especially not our school children.

Alternatively. A moratorium on all gun manufacturing and sales, "until we figure out what the hell is going on!" A famous man said that a year or two ago.


PS You think you're going to stop a rogue govmint? I think they tried that at an Oregon wildlife refuge. Didn't work. BTW, your toy guns are no match for a govmint equipped with A-10's and napalm. Did I mention armed mini-drones? Armed with pistols or C4? With super night vision? Homing in on you with wave after wave of them? Heat seeking monsters, and multiples reporting back, enables them to triangulate your position with every shot you fire?

What color flowers do you want on your graves?

How can you be so stupid?

If the current state of affairs continues, there will be enough public support to greatly modify the 2nd. There are 320 million Americans. Only $600 separates the inevitable nutcases from a highly concealable, clip-magazine-reloadable, machine gun, near rate of fire, like pistol. Good luck! Random death lottery coming to a school yard near you soon.

Freedom includes Freedom from Worry about such incidents. Pigheaded 2nd'ers are destroying that freedom.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Starbuck's Howard Schultz, is a Viper, Hiding under a Rock.

Howard Schultz, the Manchurian candidate of the Ultra-Rich, hiding under DemoSheepskin, if he runs as Indie.

He is worth 3.1 billion dollars. If you live to 100 years old, and got a dollar per each second you are alive, at age 100, you would have 3.1 billion dollars.

How the Ultra-Rich, Get Even Richer.

Income Taxes are a Smokescreen, to Distract from much better sources.

Look at the laws concerning 1031 tax free exchanges. Sell commercial real estate, and invest the cash into even more commercial real estate, and BINGO, you get to start depreciation and improvements all over again. Meanwhile you are getting rent money, nice and steady.
Fixing your stuff up is all deductable. Fred Trump even set up a business that sold stuff to fix up apartment buildings. They charged full list price. Trump's building managers were their only customers. Ka-Ching for that business.
The fact that stocks are bought and sold with no sales taxes. If the average citizen buys something, they pay sales tax up front. Regardless of whether the value goes up or down. The rich who do "trades" (sales) only pay taxes if the value increases, under capital gains laws. If the investment goes sour, they even get to DEDUCT the losses.
Income taxes are inconsequential, compared to these laws that benefit only the ultra-rich.