Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Capitalism and Labor, Boring Essential Stuff

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What never comes out in the stories about capitalism, is the source of, and the quality of, the labor pool it is helplessly dependent on. Take away workers and the whole thing falls apart. What makes rich people rich is organizing work for workers, and paying them as little as is possible to keep them from running elsewhere. Done to excess, paying little as possible screws everybody.

Capitalists pay very little attention to the fact that society and government have an awful lot to do with providing them with workers of intelligence, honesty, training, and general moral character. If they did pay attention to such things, then Kaiser Hospitals or better would be the norm, not the exceptional story. The current concentration of wealth, 20% of USA owned by less than 1% of the people, up from 8% in 1980, is a recipe for disaster. Call it trickle down, but when it only trickles UP, the country is washed away.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Free Showers at the Workplace

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I have felt, for the longest time, that shower and locker facilities at a place of work would encourage lunch time exercise activities, on the way to work activities ( like bicycling) etc. How about no permitting fees, no increase in property taxes, for such facilities, when they are made available to ALL employees (not just the Boss Man & cronies)?

OK, businesses are strapped for cash. Have the government pay 90% of all the costs for the first 1 percent of businesses that get their Rec. Showers up and running and in regular use (30 days continuous operation, 1 shower for each 10 employees), 80% for the next 4%, 70% for the next 5%, 60% for the next 5%, and so on down.Any businessman would know that it would give him an edge in hiring, and there'd be an Oklahoma style loan rush at the banks to get loans to install them.

Gains in productive via fewer days lost, and perkier employees would make up the rest of the costs. Allow for cooperative showers, serving multiple businesses in one 150 yard area (2 minute walk max) so as to take advantage of empty real estate.This would be especially good where space on site is maxxed out.

Another Keachie Koncept.

PS You could even have the government PAY the businesses if they allowed non profits to supervise the bathing of the homeless during non business hours.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Who Gets to Own America ???

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Where does McCain/Palin and Obama/Biden stand on the top one percent owning 20% of the nations wealth, when in 1980 it used to be 8%, according to Robert Reich, former Secretary of Labor? How long can this country stand as a nation with this nonsense? At those rates, a 3 fold increase in 28 years, the top one percent will own the entire country by 2100, and none of the rest of us will own anything. When is enough, enough? Why do we have so many Dick Cheney's and so few Paul Newman's? What do we do to reverse this trend? this is what I call, "The New Feudalism." Get to work, serfs, if you can find a job...

What's the difference between a Union Boss and your Employer? At least we can see where the Union Boss has a personal interest in you getting a bigger share of the pie (more dues, higher Union Boss salaries possible). The Employer (private OR public) has no interest in that, whatsoever, in paying you any more than what he can get away with, as what you get is what he loses.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Stopping Identity Theft

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On fighting Identity Theft:

You want an easy to remember unbreakable password? Here's Keachie's tip of the century. Take a favorite song or poem or phrase. Type in the first letter of each word as it occurs in sequence. OSCYSBTDEL is the opening lines of the Star Spangled Banner. Add on some 5 digits number sequence like your address, or seven like your phone number, and you've got a killer, easy-to-remember password. Easy to change to another phrase too. Write down your phrases in a notebook, just in case. you yourself will never remember the password either, but you will remember the phrase, song, or poem, and your fingers can type those first letters really nice and fast!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Never Buy a McClintock Burger

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Why not?

Because he won't cut the mustard, he steals all the lettuce, he has less beef than a quarter pounder, and he leaves the tax payers in a pickle. What's more, he'll send all your drinks to Southern California, fry all the non-believers, and then show you his buns.

Vote for Charlie Brown and make toast of McClintock in the 4th Congressional District of California!

I'm Douglas Keachie and I approve this message.

Almost Free Invention to Stop Burgleries and Robberies

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Almost Free Invention* from the brain of Douglas Keachie.

Aftre hours sticky paint mats across all aisles, such that incoming would be slowed down and feet and clothing would get marked. Use a disposable release liner to roll them up in the morning and store in airtight containers. At a minimum, you would get shoe size and approximate weight of intruder. As a deterrent, one large broken window would pay for them, in addition to the insurance hikes saved.

Of course, using junk paint diluted with lots of water and pieces of plywood, you could create a couple of patches each night. Add in a bunch of ball bearings, and you might get a side benefit of winning America's Funniest Home Videos!

PS A simple button or a switch and a big bell would not be a bad idea either

This was inspired by a recent after hours robbery at a local pharmacy.

*Almost free, I get 1% of the gross.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Stock Market Nursery Rhyme

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Ding, Dong, Bell,

Stock market's in the well.

Who put her in?

Insurers, bankers, and Gramm,

Who'll get her out?

Obama, no doubt!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Are There Terrorists in the USA ???

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If you think they are so well trained that not ONE OF THEM HAS LOST HIS COOL and blown his cover, you are pushing the limits of psychological credibility.

Picture this. you are Muslim Terrorist. You hate Americans, yet you are forced to be Mr. nice Guy and live with them, day after day, waiting for the order to kill a few. Days pass, weeks pass, years pass, and yet still no orders. You hate Americans, they cut you off in traffic, they say nasty things about your cause, they insult your women, they torture your comrades in Gitmo, on and on and on it goes. There are hundreds of you, thousands of you, and yet NOT ONE SNAPS EVER? I just don't think that is statistically possible. They are not here. More WMD's for FUD in little minds.

A Few teachers I Need to Thank.

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Elementary: Mrs. Gufstafson, Miss Quino, Mrs. Nemechek, Mrs. Trimble, Herr Mann, Marleoff,

Middle/High: Mr. Lewis. Mr. Winterholler, Mrs. McCurdy, Mr. Pearl, Mr. Gomez, Mr. Sustaric, Mrs. Small, Mr. Tudesco, Mrs. von Kaschnitz, Mr. FitzGibbon

Sierra College: Dr Berutti (Best teacher ever) Dr Underhill, Coach Chesney, Harold Chastain, Floyd Wilmoth? (geology), English prof I can visualize as plain as day, can't get the name to show up,

UC Berkeley Alan Dundes, Sherwood Washburn, Laura Nader (yes AR, his sister, Law and Anthropology, took course with Michael Savage, nee Weiner), Penny D'Haemer'a (tie for 2nd best with John Coliier, Jr., SF State, grad work), many others, these are the best.

Thrill Michael Savage ???

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Watch this show, or read the transcript at the website above. It not that we need to stop them from broadcasting. What we need is to have a population that finds them laughable, and so they are dropped for commercial reasons. The Operation Chaos mindset will be evolved out of the system by 2042, when this stupid business of white supremacy is breed out of the country.

I sincerely hope that these types are fewer and farther between, before we get there, I will be 98 by then.

God Loves Ryghty Technology Only ????

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From my comments in The Union:

You know, Darwood, I did research into the Bakkan Formation a couple of months back. I too got taken in by it, until I hit the report in USGS that gave the high number only a ONE chance in TWENTY of hitting the numbers you discuss, and then ONLY if we keep gas at $5/gallon or even higher, depending on your beliefs in God backing new discoveries.

It is so INTERESTING to me to see how God will provide if it right wing technology (better oil drilling) BUT how GOD WILL NOT PROVIDE, if it is left wing (solar) technology, when it comes to innovations. Look at your electric bills and figure out what you pay each year for air conditioning. That is absolute solar power you could be HARVESTING, instead of paying PG&E to make it go away. And that's despite your insulation efforts!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Let's Think Before We Vote.

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Let's think about when life ends....especially if you are a fertilized egg. Please note that McCain and Palin are absolutely sure these things are alive, and therefore cannot be used as a source of stem cells for medical research. Please also note that they are in a frozen state.

Now, my question is, if you thaw these out, throw them in the garbage disposal, incinerate them, etc., are you not murdering them? If McCain Palin were to be elected, would they not be compelled to use precious energy resources on a warming planet (Yes, even Palin came on board, bye bye deniers) to keep these eggies frozen? If, on the other hand they have some way of converting them from living beings to eternal souls in Heaven, without the death process, the rest of us would sure like to hear about it. Why the big secret?

Could it just be that this is one HUGE fatal FLAW in their arguments?

You might call it the Thaw Flaw, very appropriate for an Alaskan, who runs while McCain is pulled along like a Tonka toy?

And BTW, I have no doubt that a moose has a soul, and neither do a great many other peoples. It seems amazing that Palin can strain at a microscopic embryo, while swallowing by shooting, a 1,500 pound moose with a telescopic sight. Hardly gives either a chance. I personally would prefer, were I an embryo about to be murdered by Palin, I would indeed prefer to give my life up for medical research instead.

Actually, maybe a dog sled team, with the lead chihuahua (if you pronounce that the way it is spelled, it sounds Hawaaian) wearing the infamous lipstick, and McCain in the sled, would be a better image than the Tonka toy. I really should learn to draw.

My other would-be political cartoon image is of the Statue of Liberty, her lips smeared with poorly applied lipstick, and the caption reading, "The things I have to endure to have free elections in a democracy.” Crabb or Toles, are you reading this?

And finally, how come we hear nothing from Nancy Reagan, wife of Great Republican God Ronald Reagan, and now kept as far from view as possible by the RNC? I'll bet they are doing anything and everything to keep her from coming out and making a statement in favor of Obama, based on her opinion of the needs for embryonic stem cell research. In a way, she is the most powerful woman on earth today....as such an action by her could sway the election.