Friday, September 28, 2007

This Morning I Awoke from a Dream about Heaven

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Heaven is a place much like a giant park containing a university and music venues and art venues and bordered by a bay with white sands and sparkling clear waters. Heaven is a place where eveyone can let their dogs run free and they never get into fights, and the people never get into fights either, they live and let live. The mood is somewhat like the mood of this song by Bob Dylan:

Bob Dylan - If Dogs Run Free Lyrics

If dogs run free, then why not we

Across the swooping plain?

My ears hear a symphony

Of two mules, trains and rain.

The best is always yet to come,

Thats what they explain to me.

Just do your thing, youll be king,

If dogs run free.

If dogs run free, why not me

Across the swamp of time?

My mind weaves a symphony

And tapestry of rhyme.

Oh, winds which rush my tale to thee

So it may flow and be,

To each his own, its all unknown,

If dogs run free.

If dogs run free, then what must be,

Must be, and that is all.

True love can make a blade of grass

Stand up straight and tall.

In harmony with the cosmic sea,

True love needs no company,

It can cure the soul, it can make it whole,

If dogs run free.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

If You Like to Tweak Noses.....

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........stay tuned to

The Internet hates censorship. A while back Streisland, Barbara, tried to have an aerial photo that included her house in Malibu, removed from the net. It was part of a coastline aerial photography project, covering the entire California coast. She brought so much attention to it with her lawsuit, that it got millions of views, precisely the opposite of her intentions. She lost the lawsuit.

So here's the latest effort at legal censorship. I will now happily add my blog to the game of "cyber-pigpile" in this case.

"An interesting case in England is pitting the combined power of multiple bloggers against an Uzbek billionaire. The bloggers are supporting the former UK ambassador to Uzbekistan, Craig Murray, who has written a book about what happened there after the fall of Communism. The book is apparently unflattering in the extreme to oligarch Alisher Usmanov, who has engaged the law firm Schillings (which seems to specialize in getting unfavorable Web content removed for rich clients). Their threats have led to the removal of Murray's blog site by his hosting company Fasthosts. But a large number of bloggers have taken up Murray's cause, and the content that caused the original complaint, and links to it, have now sprung up in a very large number of places. The Internet still seems to regard censorship as damage and route around it."

Saturday, September 22, 2007

"Projects" and "Retirement"

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One of the cool things about having money show up every month without going into work is that you get to start "projects." This can be anything from backyard garden railroads, to fixing things from tools to structures, (and, on the social side, renewing relationships), to volunteering at the local senior center. The problem with "projects" is that, like people and personalities, you kinda like to try them all, and the next thing you know, you're over-committed, and it feels like you're back at work again. They all have to be balanced in the NOW, and the big ones need to be realistically assessed in terms of do-ability from time to time, and perhaps some of them need to be "retired" themselves, at least temporarily.

I'd love to spend more time studying psych/soc/and anthro, and also time on the Law, to help some people through issues I just don't feel expert enough in. The Internet makes this possible as never before. These were my original interests, back before, well, way, way back when, in the 60's. I went on to be a high school teacher, which used a lot of what I learned, and to which I added a whole technical (computer) line. If I had had normal hearing as a child, I might well have been an engineer like my dad and brother. Now in late life it's funny, my eyes are going but the new digital hearing aides allow me to hear as never before. Anyway, it's fun watching projects evolve, and seeing at least some of them through to completion.

Of course the latest project for all us "Boomers" is wondering if the financial rug is about to get pulled out from under us. According to Allen Greenspan, this is inevitable, as nothing has been done in the last eight years, and the money going to "stop terrorism" in Iraq has been largely wasted, except for some troop to civilian interactions, which could have been done far better with Peace Corp folks, at far less expense. The balance could have bought solar panels which would have dropped the price of oil, but now the drumbeat begins for nuclear power, even in ads on tv. The last thing the MegaCorps want is for the little guy to have his/her own power station. The name of the game for MegaCorps is to keep them frazzled, keep them in debt, and don't let them think about it. Oh, and maintain a MegaCorp Pokerface while doing it. Picture MegaCorps as Bart Simpson mixed with John Giulgood (sp).

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

OJ & Co. Scam Entire World

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What was the value of OJ's memoriabia last week ?

What is the value of it today ?

Have we not just added yet one more suit to the pile ?

I'd guess all parties involved, especially the supposed victims, knew exactly what they were doing, and that all will go free after a great deal of miscelleaneous bru hah hah, which serve no other purpose than to boost OJ sales.

Other possible motive:

Maybe he's a secret Bush supporter, distracting from the problems in Iraq ? He's sure doing a heckova job, the whole Presidential race is off the front pages/TV news, as well.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Calling All Global Warming Nay-Sayers

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One of you should know the answer or location of the answers in the energy cost benefit analysis.

You know, I’d love to see the math for either (political) side of these issues. Everything thrown out there, by both sides, are fragmentary pieces, nothing is a complete and total breakdown of all costs and benefits. For example, given that we know what installed solar panels cost, and we know what dumping a barrel of oil into a currently existing fuel plant costs, there should be a point at which we can say “oil at above $X/barrel is more expensive than installing and using solar panels.” but nowhere on the net is such a figure calculated. I’m talking just the generation of electricty for use in a home here, and I realize the totality of energy issues are complicated, but you’d think by now some thinktank, right or left, would have done the homework and we’d all be able to see it in black and white, in downloadable Excel spreadsheets, with live updated numbers tied to current prices visible on the web, for transit as well as stationary use of power.

Until I see it all laid out, I don’t believe any of it, except that it is getting hotter in here, and GE and BP (biggest producer of solar panels) are spending a lot on ads. Locally a group is working on fusion via cavitation, along with 4 other edu’s with $40,000,000 over five years from the feds. Impulse Devices, Nevada City/Grass Valley, CA.

There are other avenues than standard fission nukes, not everything to be invented, has been invented already. Recognizing that standard nukes may be necessary for the short term, I'd propose putting 1/2 of every dollar spent towards nuke energy into research on alternative power. Or would that make standard nukes more expensive than current solar power ? Who knows ? Show me the analysyis websites, oh purveyors of energy Bibles and Korans of varying types!

Personal Flightplans on Your Cell

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This born of reading/viewing the stories about the missing aviator, Steve Fosset, and the young college student missing in Utah, whose bike was just turned in. (Congrats to the thieves who had a change of heart, despite exposing themselves to the risk of prosecution.)

You can leave messages to yourself on your cell phone by simply dialing your number and sending a message to your own number. On Verizon you can set them up for future delivery, so that you can get them later when it is convenient, like Dec 31, 2007.

The information is as secure as your password for accessing messages is. If you keep on doing this, and you make mention of people who might be possible threats, dangerous locations you're traveling to, or just your daily routine, you will be much easier to be find, should you happen to go missing.

Keachie Koncept

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Ivey Fire in North San Juan in Sweetland Creek Area

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Photos are up for this event and the crash of the van into Peterson's Corner, life is getting exciting out here. Goto

If you have an event/subject you think I'd enjoy covering, please contact me via the information on the flickr page in the right hand column.