Friday, September 28, 2018

Gun Control Via Insurance Policies.

All the states have to do is to insist that any insurance company wishing to sell home owners or renters insurance include coverage to the full maximum for victims of any gun the policy owner has not reported stolen. That is one very simple law.  Currently California requires that to sell insurance in CA, the company has to have an earthquake coverage option.  This would be similar.
You also have to give the insurance companies the right to increase rates for excessive gun ownership, or ineffective security for guns. They should also have the right to not issue policies to anyone who has previously had a gun used in an illegal manner. One law fixes the whole damn mess after a couple of years.

If you are found in possession of a gun, and you do not have an insurance card for it, LE has the right to confiscate it on the spot, and keep and examine it (test fire for ballistics profile), and will only return it once a proper form of insurance is provided and proven.   This will take a lot of guns off the streets in a big hurry.

The whole effect here is to turn the process of making society safe from loose cannons, over to capitalistic insurance companies, and letting the market forces prevail.  It's called privatizing and is American as Apple Pie.