Saturday, November 25, 2006

One Last Post for Old Time's Sake.....

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When I signed up for this, I established SkiTheStars as a screen name. Now I have used my own real name here in individual posts, but when I discovered the entire set was now search and findable under the new ownership, I was a bit miffed.

Now they insist on a Google Account, which means opening your habits to AmericaMegaCorp, and be sure to spread'em wide so we know how to sell to you but good. No, I don't want no stinkin Yahoo, Google, MSN TOOL F YOU OVER BAR on my machine.

I guess the only was to go is to have a distant friend buy a domain name with privacy in Australia, and then take charge of the website on your own server with your own copy of Typepad or the like.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Support Our Troops, Listen to Them when they Vote!

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If they've got time to blog about it, they've got time to vote about it.

Is there any reason why we could not poll all active military on duty in Iraq on their sense of the situation ?

The ballots could be identified by rank only, and only totals for each rank released. Otherwise it would be a secret ballot. Anecdotal evidenced can be gathered by the armload to support any argument. A good poll is the American Way to the Truth.

Sample questions:

Should we leave immediately ?
Should we stay and if so, for how long ?
How many more troops or fewer troops should we station here ?
How many on the borders, how many in town ?
How much would more expenditures on infrastructure help as compared to other allotments ?
What does the common soldier need most that he doesn't have ? (This would be a type-in to preserve anonymity.)

In short we could gather the database necessary for Wil Wright to issue a new game called, "Sim Iraq," and give Congress a real feel for what is going on, using the knowledge of those in Iraq at all levels.

"We've never done that and we're not going to start now!"

"Not Invented Here" Strikes Again !

When you get right down to it, this would be the most striking demonstration of American Democracy ever !

Or is that not what we're promoting over there ?

Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Common Man vs The Common Oil Company

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Does George Bush and Friends, includes the Bin Laden family, BTW, control oil prices ?

Consider them in light of a symphony orchestra.

Each instrument, taken by itself, cannot recreate the experience of a symphony. Taken as a whole however, they can get the job done.

The common oil company wants to get as much out of the economy as possible, without causing it to collapse from loss of blood. If you think this is good, vote Republican, and it will continue to happen with maximum ease for the oil companies and those who own parts of them. In recent years they have been experimenting, like Dr. Frankenstine, to see just how much blood they can suck, and what the effects are. They are also hoping for the “boiled frog” effect. “Put a frog in hot pot of water, he jumps out, slowly turn up the temp, waver it back and forth, and he’ll die without realizing his danger.”

The death in this case is the death of freedom for the consumer, as more and more of his life becomes devoted to producing profits for the owners of Big Oil. At 18 I washed dishes at a casino. There was one older guy there. They fed and housed him. He'd work for two weeks, get his check, and put it back into the slots inside of two hours. That is the new American, between oil and the credit card companies.

Do you own part of an oil company ? Does it contribute to your family's well-being ?

If not, then maybe you have a need for lots of research to reduce the cost of converting sun power, be it in wind, tidal, passive heating, or solar electric format, into a cheaper process, and throwing the resultant patents into public domain world-wide, to see how Big Oil likes NAFTA done to them. You might also see reasons to improve insulation, and get tax breaks for everything in energy, EXCEPT OIL AND COAL AND NUKES*, which inconveniently happen to be setting us up for environmental catastrophy.

*How much waste will you store in your own backyard ? If not there, then where ? We’ve already spend a ton of money in Nevada for storage, Vegas will have none of it !

So, if big oil does nothing for you except reduce your bottom line, you might consider voting Democratic. You may save a few American service people, assorted journalists, missionaries (are there any left?), etc. at the same time.... Besides, bringing cheap power to the common man everywhere will maybe gain back some of what we've lost in national prestige, world-wide.

Precedents: We are at war with a group who's funding is oil derived. By attacking the price of oil by doing solar research, we are doing EXACTLY THE SAME THING AS WE DID IN WWII WITH THE MANHATTEN PROJECT. We're killing the enemy with advanced science. I don't like terrorists any more than you do, but I've got a much more effective way of stopping them than Georgie Boy of Frat Row does.

My guess is that advanced intelligence has already shown the administration that a nuke is or soon will be in place in the USA, we can't find or stop it, and that the Republicans want it happening on the Democrats' watch. Why do you think I took my family rural, beyond the obvious benefits ?

PS, Vote for Charlie Brown and DO More in District #4

Douglas Keachie