Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Root Causes of Racism

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When the bottom is so far removed from the top, and far removed from even humane, there comes a need to believe that no matter how far down you are, at least you are better than "X". And this can be based on the amount of melanin in the skin tissue, the sexual orientation, the latitude and longitude of your point of birth, even the location in a Zodiac chart, the religion, or even just the gender.

This explains why, "yes, there are racists of every color and gender." Because if you believe that you are worthless, suicide offers the only other course out. Contemplating suicide brings about anger, and anger brings about racism, at least in the lower economic echelons. For the rich, it is often just a justification for being a selfish unsharing person. See Helmsley and The Little People.

"A judge ruled that Harry Helmsley was not mentally competent to stand trial, but Leona was convicted of evading $1.7 million (£850,000) in taxes and sent to prison in 1992 in Connecticut, where she served 18 months.

While she may have been tough on employees, Helmsley was lovingly dedicated to her husband. "My fairy tale is over," she said when Harry died in 1997 at age 87. "I lived a magical life with Harry."

Harry left her his entire fortune, which was likely worth about $1.7 billion, at the time of his death. Leona sold many of the Helmsley holdings and in 2007 Forbes magazine estimated her fortune had increased to $2.5 billion.

She retired as the face of the hotel chain but continued to run it. In 2002, a former employee, Charles Bell, sued her for being fired for being homosexual and was paid $554,000 in damages.

The Helmsleys had no children but Leona Helmsley had a son from a previous marriage"

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Google's Overly Complicated Nest of Passwords is Absurd.

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Now it wants me to be by my phone to receive a call with a number, or use one of a list of numbers I'm supposed to print out.  If I don't do the Google Two Step, then unspecified Apps on my Android phone will fail.  In addition, those apps now have passwords, that are called app passwords, and are also managed by Google.  These are also subject to fails if I go to uninstall.   Seems to be designed to get me to give Google my cell phone number.  I will instead take this Blog off of Google Blogspot and put it where Google can't touch it.  Bleepheads!  Wasted 4 hours making previously working apps work again.

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

"One Tire Over the Line, Sweet Jesus..."

"One Tire Over the Line, Sweet Jesus..."

One tire over the line, Sweet Jesus,
One tire over the line.
Gett'in towed uphill to Nevada City,
One tire over the line.

This is for those folks who have a hard time remembering the rules for parking at the 49'er South Yuba River Bridge.

I would love to see a chorus of CHP officers, singing this, backed up by Achilles Wheel, videoed on the Old S Yuba Bridge.  Would be happy to write more verses, collaborate too, would probably also need a lawyer negotiator to avoid a copyright infringement lawsuit.  Any money collected could be used for the CHP Christmas Toy Drive.  I'm sure we'd all rather see the CHP ticketing unsafe drivers in motion, than having to waste their time messing with inconsiderate and illegal parkers.

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Cell Phones and Schools

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We need an app that goes like this. Every time a student picks up his phone during class hours, regardless of what for, the start and ending times of activity are noted. The data is transmitted via wifi to the school's admin, and an email or text, of the data is sent to the parents at the end of each day. This avoids having the teacher having to uselessly say, "put it away," as excessive use can result in school security being sent to the classroom STAT, fully automated, no intervention by teacher or staff needed..
This is my best contribution to society to date. I figured this out last night, Cinco de Mayo, Rather hope it goes viral. Our schools are in deep cultural change doodoo right now. BTW, phones without the app that come to the teacher's attention, can also be picked up by school security, and then only given to student's parent.