Saturday, July 20, 2013

GPS and Apps

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Until I thoroughly understand how to turn GPS tracking complete on and completely off, I simply will not use apps from commercial sites, all of which  apparently are thrilled to use it, so that they can announce the nearby location of one of their outlets.  God knows what other things are being done what such info.  The only bright star on this horizon, at least for me, is that the insurance companies are probably able to watch the information come in, and decide whether or not you are a homebound couch potato, or you spend way more time on the road than you tell them about.  In my case, I'm sure they notice that I spend a lot of time near my house, apparently walking or jogging, at speeds between 3 and 11 miles per hour.  As long as they don't connect it to the ownership of a Kubota tractor, I probably look pretty good to them.