Sunday, April 29, 2007

Bill Maher vs Rush Limbaugh, The Debate we all need to see.

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I have no doubt that it would be the most meaningful exchange ever. It would help delineate for everyone the issues viewed as important by both sides, and would show what each side even considers worthy of being an issue.

I would like to see it start as a written exchange between the two of them, with each first listing and defining what they consider to be the 35 most important issue facing the nation. After swapping that set of lists, they then challange the other side, in writing, on the issues involved.

Finally they meet face to face for a televised verbal debate on top of Half Dome in Yosemite National Park. Rush can have his RV airlifted there, Maher can be carried up if need be by bearers, including perhaps Jon Stewart and Cobert, and be sure to include Robin Williams and Mencia and Chris Rock, and one of the Blue Collar dudes. Politics is such fun, now that scientists have complicated global warming with global dimming, and thus made one of the most important issues of our time incomprehensible to 95% of the earth's population.....

Maher would make a great Veep for the distinguished Senator from Hawaii, whose name I haven't yet learned to spell. He's one bright practical thinker !

Friday, April 20, 2007

Possible Solution for Viginia Tech Columbine Situations

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Here's a solution, or at least a few thoughts about elements of a solution.

The problem is how to allow for a group to stop a killer, without proliferating more weapons for the unstable.

Bright orange mini crossbow.

Only legal when bolts (arrows) are tipped with stench gooey sticky tip, and one of two components which cause relatively instant non-lethal sleep.

Cocking and trigger mechanisms only function if bolt contains RFID chip from approved manufacturer. RFID chip includes unique ID which can be traced to original purchaser.

Accurate within 3 feet at 60 feet.

If more than 6 of these were in a given classroom, they would certainly slow down a shooter. If they were all over the place, people would be able to fight back in a non-lethal fashion, and this at least would reduce the carnage.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

GE Goes for the Gold

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Without a doubt the ads are costing a fortune. Without a doubt the marching orders were, "spare no expense," get the radical boomers to think kindly of us, so that when we say, "well, Nuke's are the only answer that works," they'll listen with a somewhat friendly ear.

I much rather see a dry chart that showed GE's spending on solar and wind power, as contrasted with their spending on nuke developments and just plain manufacture. But I rather guess the story they would tell is not something GE wants made public. How much do they spend on nuclear power ? What are their annual sales figures ?

The Donovan 'Try and Catch the Wind" ad is brilliant. I hope Donovsan donates at least half to organizations and businesses that really try to do just that. I worry that they just got a bunch of PI's together to find out what aging rock stars needed the cash the most, scanned the lyrics for tie-ins, and then moved in for the kill. Dylan's donation to Kaiser Permanente was great, and the ads are very human, I like those.

Friday, April 06, 2007

The New Nazis in Islamabad

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Here we go again. Book burnings and now the updated version, DVD burnings.

Has it not occurred to the naive terrorists that China is not going to stand idly by while they destroy China's biggest customer ?

My wife says I write dangerous stuff, so in the interests of family peace, I've wiped out the bulk of the post. The fact that MicheleMalkin with 6,000 links has writen the same sort of stuff doesn't move her.