Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Rebane Gets Message, or It Was a Very Odd Glitch, Affecting Just Me

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Test one two three. well guess what, George switched it back on again. It suddenly stopped working last night on a machine that had been logged in and not switched off earlier in the day, and which continued to work just fine at Crabb and Pelline's places (both of which use the same Wordpress software, TTBOMK), and Facebook and Google. Same issues this morning and into this afternoon. 

Typepad has never in the past allowed me to type in an entire selection, and then refused to post it, repeatedly, at least three times without changing anything, unless I waited an hour after starting,  at least three times without changing anything.  Then I experimented with logging out and logging in again.  Then I exited the program, after logging out of all social networking programs, and then I did a complete cold boot.  I came back in again and ran into the same problem using my wpress log in.  So then again complete shutdowns for Google and Facebook.  None of them worked, all using Firefox.  Then I tried IE, again same results. 

I don't take lightly making such roundabout pronouncements, but when  the same situation continued into the next morning, with others posting normally.  I looked for an email to contact Mr. Rebane, but was not willing to pay 29.85 to get it.  At that point it seemed reasonable to make the post on Farstars, and on FB, as I knew several folks who do have more direct connections, would probably rattle George's cage.  Suddenly, when I checked 30 minutes after George accused me of lacking the necessary skills to log in, around 4 pm today, the program worked fine again.  

It was a rather long and thoroughly explored glitch, giving George the benefit of the doubt.  I use Zone Alarm for protection, both the software and the hardware box, and the desktop machine is essentially idling when running Firefox, as I use it for video editing. 

Not orthogonal to the topic, pot will be legalized the day after Obama is re-elected, and surveillance of pot gardens will be moot. Let it grow in the ditches, until it's more of a problem than star thistle.