Tuesday, May 15, 2007

CSPAN and Blogging: A Disconnect ???

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I've started watching more of CSPAN.

I just sorta figured there must be a pile of people who watch and kibitz on line as they go.

"CSPAN Blogging"

Effectively, "0" hits on google and on technorati.

Amazing !

Nobody does this. I'm so disappointed.

Live on now.......

We've got a couple of people arguing that the inheritance tax is going to go to 55%......and, unspoken, for everybody down to the lowliest welfare case. I wonder if there are vbulletin boards on the topic. Watch and kvetch ! in real time. Poke holes in the obviously rigged charts. Insist that all the original data be available on line, over a much greater timeline than the representer has chosen to use to make his point. Congressmen busily herding sheep. Great liars ! Lying by omission, the best way ! The America they believe in....

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Missing..A Practical Use for Flickr.com

Missing, originally uploaded by slimdandy.

I was looking up "contact information" to see how vulnerable my listing would be when I came across this image and caption. Since I'm not sure if the caption carrys through, I'll repeat it here.

"This beautiful Celebration of Light , joy and love is MISSING. Her name is Madeleine and was last seen in Algarve, Portugul. She has been abducted. Please be aware that she could be anywhere by now. Be on the lookout! Blessings to Madeleine and her family.
Contact information:

If there was a way for Flickr to verify via police affadavit the true status of a kid's picture posted to a Missing Children Area, it might be a Godsend to finding such children and reuniting them with their true parents.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Trucks ????

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Great story ! The other day a guy driving an oxygen delivery truck who was sick and tired of his job and sick and tired of big monster pickup trucks tailgating him came up with a solution as he set out for his last run.

He rigged up a release valve trigger for several of the large tanks, so that the resultant cloud of oxygen would go directly backwards into the grille of the offending truck.

When the pure oxygen went into the air intake of the trucks he sucker-baited, the mix was so rich and powerful that the trucks blew up their engines. I heard he managed to blow up at least four or five before he ran out of oxygen. Being a good guy, he still made his deliveries to his patients of their normal requirements.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Labels on Cables, Redundancy Helps dsc03985_std

A a bit of 2 inch shipping tape after UV spray and the tags will last for years. This isn't hard to do, and helps the color-blind.

Mia Crossbow, an Example of Size

Mia Crossbow, originally uploaded by Maria Laino.

The orange immoblizing crossbow would be about this size, and could be assembled or not. "Or not" gives a problem if you are in the first classroom hit. Assembled might seem threatening, so perhaps a beeper to indicate the safety is off would be a good idea. No beeps, not ready to fire.


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Don Imus and the 40 Million Dollars

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So the lawyers get half, but Don is free to work elsewhere, if he still needs money.

Dollars for Dollies !

To say he is truly, truly, really, really, sorry, he sets up the politically incorrect named scholarship fund, building fund, (Don Imus Locker Room????) for the Womens Basketball Team at U Know Where........using the net proceeds from the lawsuit.

Just having fun here, I am not a racist, or sexist, just a humorist......an Existentialist maybe ?

Exit Stage left !!!!!!!

Further notes on Virginia Tech, Columbine Solutions

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I posted the crossbow concept at several likely spots, and got just one comment, which poopooed it as it would be very hard to get the "go to sleep" mix just right.

Heck, this person or persons is/are out to kill everybody !

so the two part semi anesthesia is merely as last ditch effort to save his sorry butt so we can find out what makes him tick. If he dies, he dies. If they die, they die. Better them than us ! hopeful the deterrent effect is potent enough to nearly eliminate the problem.

Having it as a two part (or more) and restricting sales of type A or type B darts to owners of one bow requires that two people have to act in concert to use the weapon in a physically dangerous way. What's more, without doing an experiment, you don't know if you have an A or a B bolt. Since I think it would be unreasonable for any one person to own or need more than six bolts at a time, there would not be much opportunity to experiment. Remember, the bolts will fire in only the crossbow that recognises their unique RFID. It would leave quite a bit of evidence at the crime scene, if used out of proper context.

The bolts and bows would be sold in a manner that would drive the NRA nuts, in terms of registration and acquisition, but remember, these are NOT guns, and so fall outside the Second Amendment. They are design to immobilize, not kill. The only time you could get more ammo would be after an incident or when the chemicals expire, and they would be exchanged, one for one. Any officer of the law would be entitled to challange any person with such a weapon to a search, at any time, but only to determine if the weapon was theirs, and that the bolts matched the weapon. A few very limited rights in exchange for greatly reducing the sense of easy targets that killers now have. I'd carry one.

An armed Israel, reduced gunmen, but the extremists then invented the 20 year plan to indoctrinate their own children to become bombers. It's possible that could happen, but not likely, with a local psycho, Tim Mcveigh notwithstanding. He had the neo-nazis in place of the mideast extremists, for a social group backing his actions in his head.

You will of course be able to go to a range and check out a purple bow for use at the range with non harmful bolts. Range will include classroom and workplace mockups fitting the needs of the local community.

Don't try to poopoo an idea that is only 99% sound.

Why I Blog These Things..

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...when it appears nobody is paying any attention....??????

Because I do believe in my ideas. I do believe they would improve the world. I do believe that some of them will be implemented someday. I believe they will make for a better, saner, safer, more enjoyable world for my grandchildren. It is entirely possible that none of this will come to pass, but if you do not try, then it will absolutely not come to pass, and if your distant offspring look back, you don't want them saying, "he didn't even try...." As Newton said, "I stand on the shoulders of giants." We all owe the past, we all pay forward to the future, if we are to have any sense of self-esteem. What will your legacy be ?

For the most part, nobody told anybody in history how important their ideas and productions would be, at the time they made them. "nice work, DaVinci, the check's in the mail...." is about all anyone can hope for, for now.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Instant feeback Continued

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Actually, the voting results do not have to show up either on CSPAN or in the Congressperson's mailbox. It simply needed to be published on-line where the citizens, including the Congresspeople, can see them. The big problem is limiting the voting to one vote, per qualified US voter, or as close to it as you can get. Add Tom Coburn, MD, Senator to Oklahoma to the list of drug company jerks.

Instant Feedback for the Public & Congress on CSPAN

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I notice that the American public can watch Congress at work on CSPAN.

It would seem to me that it would be very interesting to set up a site that would enable voters to vote pro or con in real time on the issues being discussed live.

Voters should also be able leave comments and send emails from the same website to the Congresspeople. The peoples' vote should be visible as a running tally in the corner of the CSPAN screen, and, on-line, the votes should be visible by state. This would give the people a notion of how many others are concerned, and which way they are voting. Of course, the polls would favor those not working regular jobs, and it might be needed to have a filter or breakdown. Access via cellphone could offset the elder effect. One vote per email, check for human filters in place, as well as multiple sends from same IP addy.

I'd also like to see the breakdown by industry and individuals of a given speaker on screen when they are talking, so we see who's money is talking. Does Allard of Colorado have a particularly large contribution from the PharmCos ?