Sunday, March 24, 2013

Summary of 2nd Amendment Arguments

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So far I have shown that a rogue government would collapse the economy, and put itself out of business. You have also shown that such a government would be toothless, as no American military of LE would fire on fellow Americans. 

But if said rogue government did function, this is not Vietnam of WWII Europe. There have been serious innovations, and those innovations live right next door to the targets, not on the other side of the planet. Much simpler logistics.

 I have shown that hordes from the city would quickly get creative and use Molotov cocktails delivered mortar style, where even 50 calibre machine guns can't reach them (just over a small rise), or would resort to 18 wheelers crashing into fortress stick frame house, to get at your can goods. 

 There are 37,000,000 Californians, which would swarm like the critters in the matrix, all over Mendocino and Gardnerville, etc. I've shown that the 500,000 deer in California are to be shot by stealth, not semi-auto fire, and will be very quickly consumed by 37,000,000 Californians. 

Also, you going to fire such a weapon when 37,000,000 Californians are looking for food? That's a "come and get it signal" to anyone within a half mile. Arrows would be much stealthier and saner. After al this you're still suggesting "you gotta have a gun that can kill 10 kids in 5 seconds? You are out of your cotten picken minds!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Your AR-15 will NOT Stop the Government Takeover that will NEVER Happen.

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Your AR-15 ain't never gonna stop no takeover that's never going to happen. The USA is not 1/2 a planet away like Vietnam. Our troops and all there supplies are right here, the logistics are vastly simpler. Jerkoffs with AR-15's in Memphis? Send in fighter bombers from Knoxville, less than a 1/2 hour flight away, and load them with napalm, or simple chlorine gas, or even more nastier stuff, or maybe LSD, and a smart bomb guiding device.  After all, if the rule of law goes out the window, so do the rules of warfare.

Oh guess what, do you think the Vietcong would have held out against today's technology, as compared to pre-computer cell phone technology? How many GI could have been saved with drones? Give that same kind of technology to Hitler, and see how well the invaded country, with all the rifles and pistols in the world, would have done?  Hmmm, yet another failed rt wing argument bites the dust.

 Ah, but it ain't never goona happen in the first place. Obama sends the order, "round up all the rightys!" Guess what, USA economy immediately tanks, bigtime, and Obama cannot meet payroll or provide food, shortest damn takeover ever, as no country would help him one damn bit, as they need the USA economy, dysfunctional as it currently is. 

Prove me wrong, wannabe Paul Revere's spreading access to dangerous toys, because of unresolved issues involving fear of eventual death, that is inevitable for all, old age it's called. 

 If air canons can blast 30 pounds of pot several hundred yards up over and across border fences, then maybe a similar device is what you need for home defense.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Chase Bank and Facebook have both been having Connect Issues.

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Last two days or so FB has been keeping me from posting, or keeping me from commenting, intermittently, never done that before.  I went into Chase the afternoon (Monday, March18,2013) and their system was down too.  We really do need an alternative to FB.

Here is a site you can use to find out what's up/down with Facebook:

Saturday, March 16, 2013

New USGS Earthquake Reports View Sucks.

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The USGS, normally one of my favorite places, is upgrading their earthquake reporting system, or at least they think they are.  For me, to see what I want to see, now takes a whole pile of clicks, where one click did it all before.

The old site I sure is fully automated, and could be left up to run indefinitiely, but no, they're gonna kill it off, so they say.   You can even send them a convenient note about the switch, so I made use of their "report a quake our sensors didn't catch" to send them the following:

Since you have a, "here's the new way to report earthquakes  for us, forget the old one we're gonna kill it sometime soon" and there is no place to make public comments about this one sided process, I just wanted you to know that I loved the old map, one click shows all of California in a VERTICAL format.  Did you notice that California is taller than it is wide?  Your new format messes with the natural shape and requires resizing of window.  Also, your default 2.5 quake magnitude setting is a pain too, yet another click required to get into that I want.  Why are you trying to make me work so hard?  I have you on my toolbar, one click, and I see 99% of what I want to know.  Now you've turned the site into and underwater maze, filled with jello.   Let that old one be. It's fine, it costs nothing to run, it's automated, let the consumer decide.



PS, if you kill the old site, I will be visiting far less often.  Or maybe that is what you had in mind.  "See, look at all the clicks and page visits we are getting, since we upgrade, please give us more money, Washington, we be popular.,"  BTW, posting this to my blog,

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Why Pay for Advertising When You Can Make Something Viral?

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Rather amazing story here:

Sunday, March 10, 2013

How the Rich Wreck Education

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Thursday, March 07, 2013

Guns and Cars Have a Lot in Common, but Which Is Really Safer?

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Gun and cars do have a lot in common, they both have firing chambers, a space in which a propellant is ignited and the resulting increase in gas pressure causes work to be done. I rather suspect then, that a fair comparison between the safety of cars and guns, needs to be done by examining the number of firings before a fatality occurs. Since cars have engines that typically fire many many times a second, I suspect that despite the higher number of actual deaths, cars are tremendously safer based on the number of times the cylinders are activated safely every year in this country. This is indeed an original thought, and you saw it here first, aren't you lucky!. ©Douglas Keachie, 2013.

For those who need to brush up on the laws affecting gases, try this:

The Stock Market and How It Grew, Like a Balloon in a Blackberry Patch

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Is there anyone other than me who wonders if the recent runup in stock prices really just represents the next level of micro instant stock buys and sells? We already know that folks have gotten filthy rich designing programs that watch for tiny shifts to make decisions to buy and sell, often within seconds from new ownership to sold.  These buys and sells have probably absolutely NOTHING to with the real value of the company, and yet respresent as much as 70% of the trading, according to some sources.

Does this new level include some grand manipulations affecting the entire market? We know for a fact that large brokerage houses know collectively what their customers as a whole and individually are going to do and under what conditions. That how you set up your buys and sells, you have to tell them the conditions under which you wish to do either, so they have a huge advantage in guessing what's going on. Have they now learned how to massage the customers to produce this record rise? If so, when does the weasel go POP?!?!?

Monday, March 04, 2013

How Tihart Emasculated the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, for the NRA

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Too important not to post:  One of Jon Stewart's best reveals.