Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Future Transit Structure, Avoiding Ozone

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High quality, efficient, mass or, staged and grouped transit, is the answer. Linking via cell phones for local jitney pickup, coupled with larger vehicles for longer distances. The key to local delivery of goods is secure and cooled 4x4x4 cubes at each house. The buyer is a pedestrian, comes home to roll interior cart to house entrance. Have another bunny with a pancake, your grandchildren will understand this perfectly, as adults in 2040.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Video Game Proposal

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Vast Wasteland Awaits Bottom 95% of USA Citizens

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The new minimum wage will be a world wide phenomenon, and 95% of Americans who have not amassed enough capital to live off the income, and a fully paid for place to live, can expect their standards of living to plummet. We are returning to the serfs and nobles of the early Middle Ages. One might also expect the value of real estate to drop like a rock too, except for one thing....

Those in the top .1% abroad will buy their summer/seasonal homes here, so high end resort areas will boom, or at least not lose value. Likewise primo cities, like San Francisco.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What to do with Goldman Sachs Contributions?

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All major receivers of Sachs cash should get together, and jointly give every cent to the results of a nationwide poll of the top 100 best charities in an 8 week video shootout, American Idol style. The top five vote getters split the main pot, each vote costing 50 cents, which is also added to the pot. The early rounds voting costs go to the charities voted for. Simple, simple!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Living in a Lumpy Culture

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We escaped Europe because we were "weird." We agreed to "get along" once we got here, which basically meant we didn't hang those who were members of other escapee groups on sight, with a few notable exceptions. Even by the change of the century in 1900 many Protestants thought Catholics were secretly arming and training for a takeover, down in Los Angeles, see Keith Lummis's autobiography.

Today of course we have far more differences as we've dumped in folks from a much wider range of cultures than Northern Europe. Now the Tea Party is trying to become what their ancestors tried to escape, a dominent force that rejects any idea or culture that doesn't fall within their strict limitations of how the world should be. The Tea Party may become the blinders on the horses that pull the USA over the cliff and into cultural oblivion. It's up to the rest of us to stop them. They are not for the ideals embedded in the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. They are using those documents to cover their naked narrow minds.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I Like the Palindrome Collection from Chu

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Speaking about motivations, the Queen of the Baggers, the Killa from Wasila is now knocking down about 12 million a year from here speaking engagements while flying around the country on private jets and demanding that any speaking engagement (and God knows speaking is a term we use loosely when it comes to Caribou Barbie) she agrees to get highly paid to do, has to insure that she'll have no pesky questions coming directly from the people who are expected to pay $500.00 a ticket to hear her mash up Republican-bagger talking points.Look, there's no doubt that the the people who are manipulating that bagger masses will do whatever they can to not only undermine Obama, but destabilize the entire idea of government as well so they can create their idea of heaven, a totally corporate run, privatized state.The poor baggers are dupes and they've yet to learn that fact.

Payless should be in conversation with Carly Fiorina on the future of the USA for at least 2 hours, live and unrehearsed. We'd all learn a lot.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Illegal Aliens, SOLVED!

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"But our handicapped language no longer supports a clear discussion of the illegal alien problem. "

Nope, it is not a language problem. It is a logic problem. Why do the come? They come for money. How do they get money? They often work for it, and an employer gives it to them.

How do you efficiently stop the cycle?

You fine or jail the employers, if they are caught hiring illegals. How will they know? After the first 100 are sitting in jail, having paid out $10,000, no one will hire anyone.

Oh really? A new industry will spring up, that creates biometric ID for workers, having very carefully vetted them. Employers will pay to have the vetting company issue a bond certifying the bear of said ID to be a citizen of the USA.

Of course the Repubbys who hire cheap labor and depend on it for union busting will never let it go through. Americans won't pick crops? Elephant exhaust! For $20/hour they will. Pass the cost on to the consumer. Oh, the consumer will only buy produce from overseas? Overseas doesn't produce enough. California exports food.

Dems want voters? Nowhere near as bad as Repubbys want their illegal workers.