Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Hillary's Attempted Coronation by Any Means, Leads to Trump in 2017

I find it sad that Hillary, by using every dirty but legal in most cases, tricks, has now positioned Trump for the win.  From behaving as though Bernie didn't exist, to scheduling debates into Antarctic time slots, and encouraging last minute voting changes for potential Bernie voters, she has provided the Trump camp with enough ammo (as if the out of the closet racists/winner take all capitalists, didn't have enough already) to prove that she has the ethical standards of a crocodile on the hunt.

Now the Clintonistas are saying, "why don't you just fall in line and support your party's choice?"

By her tactics, and having Little Debbie Waterboarder implementing most of them, she has destroyed what could have been a fair race, and earned the total contempt of most Bernie supporters.  There is talk of massive civil disobedience and a total boycott of DNC in many Pro Bernie groups.  It didn't have to be this way.  And that Phyllis Diller laugh doesn't help either.

I'm in California, and will vote for Bernie in the Primary.  I will most likely vote for NeiI deGrasse Tyson in November for President, as I always do.  I currently view any additional cash to either democratic candidate to be a lost cause, and will now prepare to earn the cash needed to cover the needs for new medical insurance, as Obamacare is slated for destruction.  Greed seems to know no bounds by party, thanks, Hillary.

One final note:  Hillary and Bill, you have one kid, and unless you think she'll become a baby factory like Bristol, there is no need for the Clinton Foundation.  I'd say liquidate it now, and give those monies to all the people who will really need it over the next four to 8 years.  You and Bill are more than sitting on enough cash for your own needs, your only daughter is married to a hedge fund manager and just bought a 10.5 million dollar apartment.  The only thing missing is that it is not in Trump Tower.

Oh, and release the transcripts, all 45 of them.  What does 10 million dollars look like in writings? Aspiring writers want to know.