Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Anyone for cool Singaphorean/Korean dialog ??

From a wandering surf hit:

"There is this staff conference and this particular colleague of mine practically sabo-ed me by shooting his mouth away about me. Saying that I have been doing personal things instead of doing my office work. Saying I am crude and rude to the rest. He ought to be shoot by the tribal cannibals...In return, I shooted him back in front of my superior that that bugger had been making personal calls to his maid from our office phone also. God knows what they are up to and they always speak in Malay. And that somebody also tried borrowing money from me not once but twice. I am rude to only people I dun like and who treated me like transparent.Our superior told us that she is aware of people in my office walking around and making phone calls. And leaving the office to attend to personal things like buying toto & 4D outside during office hours.Guess who is being burnt in the end ? Haha... I shall see who wins in the end... Maybe he might not live that long to fight it out with me !I also felt injustified by that bugger's claims and also told someone in the office, in that bugger's presence, loudly : I would not feel threatened by anyone's sabotage. I have something he dun have and that is youth. I can quit anytime I like and not like someone who cannot quit as and when he wants ! I may be down now but who knows, I may be more successful than someone in the future ! Not like someone who had a good life and now suffering without enuff money, still have to beg young girls for money by the hundreds. Period.Legend : KL = A Hokkein phrase "Kwai Lan" indicating a person who is very haughty and f**k-up
posted by wfy at 7:40 AM on Mar 18 2005

SkiTheStars said...
It's fascinating to see the culturals blending in your blog. I especially liked the phrase, "treated me like transparent." Very poetic English.

a random surfer on the other side of the planet..
2:37 PM

Friday, March 04, 2005

Damn the Floaters ! Full Speed Ahead !

I need to know the best way to disable Flash/Shockwave on a temporary basis. I am visually handicapped and floaters are making it very difficult for me to concentrate on what I want to see, instead of what the advertizing smucks are trying to jam into my vision. I would hope by now that there would be an upgrade that gave on the right to choose every time such a download starts, I know such a thing can be built, but I guess Macromedia would rather make the cash from the advertisers than the endusers. Failing a temporary disable, I quess I will have to completely remove the programs. If enough consumers opt for this, maybe Macromedia will reconsider. I am posting this to my blog as well, as well as various consumer oriented blogs.

Carly's Wayward Ways at HP

According to an engineer in MIT's Technology Review, Carly Fiona gutted the research wing of HP Labs, by reducing the budget and forcing them to concentrate on short term gains. He feels this is and even bigger threat to the US economy than outsourcing, as the typical cycle from weird idea to marketable product is 5 to 10 years. Long term the payoffs are enormous, but the US will face a desert of new products for the near future, as Wall Street marketeers are directing the flow of cash overseas, where distant engineers will have time to think up new stuff outside of the contract we give them, and they will market first.

Zvonko, if that was you, my sympathies !