Friday, March 16, 2018

How Much do You "Need to Know" to Have an Opinion on Gun Control?

A great many folks seem to be arguing that if you do not know how firearms work, what the proper nomenclature is, for types, procedures, and parts, you are not qualified to have an opinion on laws regarding firearms.

Most of you drive cars, and have voted on various aspects regarding them. But how many can identify all the parts and systems your vehicles make use of, probably only the professional mechanics. So only professional mechanics can have opinions regarding vehicle legislation?

All of you are using either a cell phone, a tablet, or a computer to post here. But how many of you can describe in detail how you device works, down at the CPU level? Only nerds can have opinions on laws regarding the placement of cell towers?

In RE laws regarding medical malpractice, do you have to be a doctor, or a lawyer?

AR in AR-15 refers to Armalight, the company in the 1950's that first made a rifle of that designation, and the company that sold the rights to Colt. A magazine holds bullets, not a clip. A .223 round is only a tiny bit bigger in bore requirement than a .22LR round. But the shell casings are hugely different, resulting in much longer distances and a much larger punch.

How much more do I have to know to be reasonable certain that a weapon, in the hands of a seasoned user, not Miculek or similar pro,,can deliver 18 rounds in under 4 seconds should have some restrictions or impediments placed on its sale of new ones?

It has proven itself capable of mass slaughter in very short time frames, even if it does not meet the dictionary definition of an "assault" rifle. Parkland and Las Vegas were not "assaulty" enough for you, just because the weapons used were "only semi-auto?"

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Are Guns as Important as Vehicles and Cell Phones?

Make all guns in the country magically disappear, and not too much would change. Cops would still have Tasers and net throwers. Take away all cell phones, or all vehicles, or both, and all hell would break lose, instantly. There is a huge difference, and gun-a-holics need to recognize that they have a disease, and that there are sensible cures.

Rogue Govmint? Either the military obeys the commands of said government, and you are dead. (USA military lives here, and they know where you live, and all your habits, Rogue Govmint would grab all the commercially owned databases that have been tracking your every purchase and move for many years.They will hunt you down like cornered rats,

OR: they won't fire on USA citizens defending the 2nd?

Oh really?

In that case you can sure as heck they will take care of any "Rogue Govmint: instantly. 

Your guns are not needed in that case, whatsoever. You are useless and lavishness · leavings · leftover · luxuriance · nimiety · overdose · overflow · overkill · overload · overmuch · overrun · oversupply · overweight · plenty · plethora · profusion · recrement · redundance · redundancy · refuse · remainder · residue · rest · spare, weapon-wise.

For home defense, 12 gauge shotgun, and .357 Magnum 9 shot revolver will do the job just fine, and they are cheaper. Invest in dog(s) and pop-on lights and driveway sensors and videocams, so you have plenty of time to get your weapons out of a safe. Also an outdoor loudspeaker and microphones so you can query your quarry before you blow away a stranger in need. He might be Jesus, you know.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Cold Weather Shelter Solution (partial)

If they can pack 200 Mexicans in a semi trailer, surely the county could invest in a small fleet of used ones, to be brought to parking lots scattered around the county when the temps drop, and include wind chill and dampness in making that determination. The more people in such a trailer, the warmer it gets, I'd say 24 max.. Porta-potty just outside, and an airlock system for entrance.Trucks segregated by sex, and also intact family trailers.

Thursday, March 08, 2018

One Sensible Piece of the Guns and Schools Issue

Are any of the guns you're contemplating capable of 18 rounds in under 4 seconds (average seasoned user, not Miculek, the pro hired gun, endorsed by Smith & Wesson)? 

if so, then purchaser should have to also purchase "good behavior" bond of $2,500, at time of purchase. Refundable after one year, with interest. This prevents the buildup of arsenals, and greatly reduces straw man black market supplies of such weapons. 

If you can't show that you've sold it legally, or you've reported it stolen, bye bye $2,500. 

If the gun is found anywhere, thereafter, it will be destroyed, thus making ownership via black market weapon a really stupid thing to do. 

Existing guns, not in the database, are assumed to be in the hands of the correct owner.  The owner's detailed  profile will then be added and and noted in the database, which is of course accessible by LE, nationwide.  If you don't want this to happen, don't do stupid things with your weapons in front of law enforcement.

Functionality counts, not name brand, or rifle /pistol designation.

An 18 year old single male with $3,000 is likely to find better things to do with that kind of money.

A gun that has a $2,500 bond attached to it is way more likely to be well locked up, and dog(s) and sensor lights installed, the sane way to deal with home invaders.