Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Free Science Fair Experiment, 9/11 Themed

Douglas Keachie TWENTY STORIES OF BuILDING ABOVE THE IMPACT ZONE, 208 feet by 208 feet. Even the slightest depression gets the inertia train rolling, and down she comes. Simple physics, a body in motion, and so on.

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 Yeah. No.

Douglas Keachie
Douglas Keachie And your grade in physics was?

Didn't take physics. Took choir, and was editor of the school paper for 4 years. Didn't go to college either.
Douglas Keachie
Douglas Keachie So here is an experiment for you. Get eggs, remove contents, and fill 20 of them about 1/3 up with BB's. Now make a toothpick tower, that can contain all 101 egg shells, the empties on the bottom. Carefully stack them, the first 82 all empty should be easy. #82 gets a pull string attachment, that allows you to yank it out of the stack in a flash. The next 20 I suggest you handle very carefully. Once the whole assembly is set up, snatch out the 82nd egg. 20 1/3 filled eggs start downwards. The equivalent of six eggs, full of BBs, approximately. Do you think floor 81 will survive the inertia of the eggs above coming down, 6 full eggs equivalent falling one egg diameter downwards? I don't think so. You can do this experiment in your head, to save time.

Yeah. Interesting. But, no. No time for experiments to prove or disprove something I've already spend at least 100 hours listening and reading information on, the proof or disproof of which would not make a significant positive impact in my life. I appreciate your commitment to your world view, though. :-)