Saturday, May 04, 2013

Becoming a Programmer in Just 15 Minutes a Day.

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First understand the four levels. Bottommost of which is, you flip each switch to cause electricity to flow in a given direction for one instant. Nobody does this anymore. Next level is assembly language, where typing in certain commands, causes whole sequences of switches to be thrown in sequence for you. After that comes the traditional programming languages, which aggregate and expand on clusters of assembly language commands, the would be BASIC, PASCAL, and C++, C# etc. Above this are scripting languages, like HTML , JAVA, which are relatively easier to understand, and are useful for making web pages. Or complete programs dedicated to making web pages, from the complex Dreamweaver to simple ones found on cheap, build it yourself, web hosting pages. The more complex, the finer tuning and more extravagant effects can be achieved. To make something show up on the internet, you need to own a domain name, have a service with a server to host your stuff on their hard drive, and have a program like Filezilla to upload whatever you've written, so that people cruising the internet can find it. Enjoy!