Saturday, June 30, 2012

Maintaining Size and Quality in FB Posted Images

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Jay Branscomb publishes wonderful selections of political cartoons on FB.  He also makes sure they show up full screen when clicked on.  Here is the way I do the same thing:

To see the images full sized. Most folks just reduce the dimensions in Photoshop until it goes below the FB limits of 450 -500 K in file size. Jay seems to have mastered the trick of reducing the quality slightly, while achieving a good file size, as he selects how to save the jpg. Looks great, and you can easily show image to everyone in the room, and really, on a computer screen, lower the quality does next to nothing, except to complex photographs. Graphic artwork survives nicely.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Underwater Mortgages and Eminent Domain as a Possible Solution

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This interests me:

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Bunker-Cading and the Tea Party Irregulars

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Have you figured out yet how the job creators are going to change their stripes and start creating jobs in the USA? Give zero taxes and zero regulations, will they come back here, or will they continue to milk the workers of the world outside the USA for all they can get and sell. Romney's not going to be able to do a damn thing, and bunker-cading isn't going to work to save the quality of life in the USA, not even for the .01% ter's.

Romney's job creation plan is to spend it all on PR getting re-elected, creating many jobs for the printers in Hong Kong, and even more patriotically, in Taiwan. 

Monday, June 04, 2012

Is Zimmerman Guilty, at Least of Being Stupid?

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"district attorney released evidence supporting Zimmerman against the hooligan who was pounding his head into the concrete.  ~George Rebane~

What evidence? A man let go to go home and fix himself whatever which way he choose, or capable of self inflicting wounds even before the police arrived, could have done any of the damage by himself or even with help from others. He who is capable of denying having any money with $200,000 grand in the bank is capable of lying about the whole thing.

It could have been that Zimmerman already had the gun out, Trayvon turned around to face him, took a desperate swing, connected, they both went down, Trayvon yelling "help help help" and Zimmerman then got his shot off. Why would you believe anything this lying {PROVEN} stalking {PROVEN} gun tooting {PROVEN} woose would say? Why is there just a cell phone image of the back of the head, none of the face, none of Trayvon's body, why just ONE shot?  And that shot shows two sideways scratches, not consistent with head banging on concrete.  Might be consistent with fingernails, would there be DNA in Trayvon's grave?

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Response to Chronicle Article about NSJ and Paul August

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Well folks, a well is your starting point, and you want at least 8 gallons per minute or better for a small 1/2 acre garden. Next comes good growing soil. Got those two covered, and the rest is easy. Bought 60 acres and 1bdrm house in 1997 in NSJ. We are 25 minutes from Sierra Memorial Hospital in Grass Valley, and 1 hour and 40 minutes from UC Davis Medical Center, and we are ClaStar members (helicopter anywhere, for $45/year.). We looked at buying in the Sunset at the time, near Lowell where I taught, but went on renting and bought this place instead. GVMama got entertainment and food covered, way more than enough to do, and name acts too. Local radio is KVMR, better than anything down there, and we get all that stuff too, via DSL internet*, and the Verizon cell tower is 3.8 miles across the canyon, line of sight. Look at images at and search my flickr account at for nevada county or city or fair to get a better idea. San Francisco has 49 square miles, and Nevada County has 974 sq miles (2,523 km²) That will take quite a while to fill. NSJ and the greater Ridge on which it sits not only has pot and some meth ehads, it also has many thriving legit businesses. You don't chop wood, you use a chain saw. For fire you may invest in pump and tanks and a swimming pool, and spend a lot of time keeping the vegetation at bay. but dogs run free, currently just two German shepherds, and 3 cats, and all the wild stuff, plus neighbors dogs. Crank the music, or have your neighbors do the same, no problems, they're at least 500 feet away. Enough parking for all your friends and all their friends too. 10 minutes either way to south or the middle fork of the Yuba River. 1.5 hours to Donner Summit, 1.25 hours to Gold Lake for windsurfing, or 30 minutes to Scotts Flat Lake. Damn I do miss Crissy, and Clement Street food, but that's about it. I do not miss the earthquake danger, and if the Big One hits, all our Bay Area friends know where to go.

Read more:

The principal at the local school came out of the tech industry and knew the law well enough to force SBC to get the connections in for the schools, and that pretty much meant they might as well do a lot of the rest of the Ridge as well, total population is about 3,000. There are a lot of the best and brightest up here (Grass Valley/Nevada City/ and even out in the sticks, and competition for professional jobs is fierce, and has gotten worse.

Saturday, June 02, 2012

On Making the Terminator a Future Reality

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Skynet's hardware is almost in place. I think putting a failsafe nuke in the middle of that complex, operated and protected by strictly mechanical connections to the trigger point, again a strictly mechanically hardened site, would be a damn good idea. And make sure it is all earthquake safe.
A new exposé in Wired Magazine reveals details about how the National Security Agency is quietly building the largest spy center in the country in Bluffdale, Utah, as part of a secret NSA surveillance program codenamed "Stellar Wind." We speak with investigative reporter James Bamford, who says the ...

Let's Upgrade Our Homeless !

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We have no problems building jails, and feeding prisoners. One in every one hundred Americans lives in one today. How about a bank of secure, 1 on 1, sleeping bathing facilities, with a human watching to make sure just one willing person goes into each such locker? Enough space for a single bunk, and a shower commode combination area, and a few healthy snacks. This does not have to be large, most yachts 28 feet and larger do this four four people, inside a curved hull with pointy ends, motors, etc.

 Spend the full night, putting your clothes in a bag in a chute before you go to sleep, clean clothes in the morning, and a free breakfast coupon awaits you when you exit. Mass produced these shelters would be far cheaper and more effective than most of what we've got going now. A person regularly living in one would be employable. Pay something each night, and get an upgraded one. Put a real bottom safety net in place, instead of, "where would you like to get mugged, raped tonight?"

Design competition needed. Basics: steel, not has heavy as a cargo container, but probably similar exterior dimensions, so they can be easily moved to disaster areas. 8x8 x 20 would hold two people easily. Electrical and plumbing hookups, indestructible easily washable insides.