Friday, December 08, 2017

Active Shooter Locator Lockets & a Gun Safe System for Schools

Guns in schools, a modest proposal:

One of the effects of implementing the following two systems, would be deterrence.  The mindset of the mass shooter may well include notions, to some extent, to have control over his unprepared hapless victims.  Either or both of these systems would reduce his element of surprise, and in the case of the second, the possibility of encountering immediate retaliation would reduce an ego driven notions of dominance.

This is an add-on I thought up last night, after first conceived of the dual gun safe solution. Having a separate system emergency button, again one for each teacher who wants to participate. GPS technology is now so cheap and accurate, that including it in any device is no problem.
Essentially, make an emergency locket with three buttons.

The first button sends out, "I see a stranger adult on campus,"

 The second button says, "I heard a shot." Press the second button multiple times for multiple shots.

The third button says, "I can see a shooter."
This system could be used in any school, armed with pistols in safes or not. The information could be immediately relayed to the principal's cell phone, and others as well, including LE.
It could also be connected to the gun safe release system, if the school has the gun safes, as mentioned and detailed below. In the event that X number of teachers are pressing buttons, the safes could be opened without Principal intervention.
Also in the safes, a special simple vest with distinctive coloration known only to LE, in several sizes. The vests would be put on by the teacher, maybe a hat too, to protect the teacher from being mis-identified by LE as a shooter.
This is not rocket science.
Portable gun safes, and a wall safe in each classroom. Central safe in Main Office. Each teacher who wishes to participate, picks up a gun in a very portable safe in the morning.
They take that safe to their classroom, and place it in the wall safe there. The wall safe has inside of it a key on an alarmed lanyard, that can sense if used to open portable safe, or it is cut..
That key opens the portable gun safe the teacher just brought in. Teacher closes wall safe door, gun in portable safe inside. teacher cannot unlock that wall safe until the Principal or designee remote unlocks it.
The principal or designee can push one button which will unlock all the wall safes. Each wall safe then can be opened by the teacher, using their own biometric, or key or combo.
This prevents a rogue teacher or student from doing anything unless the Principal has declared an emergency. It may seem a bit complex, but really, no different than using codes to operate the Xerox machines in the teacher prep room.

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Thursday, December 07, 2017

Got Potholes? Protest on Social Media.

You can,get some traffic cones, make a sign that says, Local Public Works supports Trump Infrastructure Divot (big red arrow pointing down into divot), compose the shot so the location is obvious, take the picture, and post it in a variety of places. Since nothing is permanent, no foul, nothing to bust you for.. Then keep doing this, but include a count up of days not fixed, in each additional image, posted at regular intervals, until divot is fixed.