Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Starbuck's Howard Schultz, is a Viper, Hiding under a Rock.

Howard Schultz, the Manchurian candidate of the Ultra-Rich, hiding under DemoSheepskin, if he runs as Indie.

He is worth 3.1 billion dollars. If you live to 100 years old, and got a dollar per each second you are alive, at age 100, you would have 3.1 billion dollars.

How the Ultra-Rich, Get Even Richer.

Income Taxes are a Smokescreen, to Distract from much better sources.

Look at the laws concerning 1031 tax free exchanges. Sell commercial real estate, and invest the cash into even more commercial real estate, and BINGO, you get to start depreciation and improvements all over again. Meanwhile you are getting rent money, nice and steady.
Fixing your stuff up is all deductable. Fred Trump even set up a business that sold stuff to fix up apartment buildings. They charged full list price. Trump's building managers were their only customers. Ka-Ching for that business.
The fact that stocks are bought and sold with no sales taxes. If the average citizen buys something, they pay sales tax up front. Regardless of whether the value goes up or down. The rich who do "trades" (sales) only pay taxes if the value increases, under capital gains laws. If the investment goes sour, they even get to DEDUCT the losses.
Income taxes are inconsequential, compared to these laws that benefit only the ultra-rich.