Monday, October 10, 2016

Trump Takes a Dive for the GOP's Hidden Sponsors

There is only one logical explanation that I can see for the debacle known as the 2016 elections:
Deflection of the attention of the masses of hoi polloi (poor working poor, and what's left of the middle class) voters from who's getting really screwed as the century progresses, and by whom they are getting screwed.
The Republican sponsors have realized that it is really cool to have a Dem in the White House. They have gotten away with blaming the current problems on Obama, and saying, "if only there was a good GOP person there, then everything would be wonderful for all, all boats would rise, etc."
The problem is, of course, that they know damn well that they they have no ability whatsoever, let alone intention, to make that happen, even if they owned the House, Senate, and the Presidency.
The sponsors have learned how nice it is to let automation, communications, and transportation, concentrate their wealth and control ever tighter, while providing the hoi polloi with the total illusion that "something is being done" to fix things, and that by voting, "the hoi polloi can bring about change.'
This election has been scripted to get Hillary into the White House, so we can have another 8 years of the Sponsors of the GOP, compfortably sitting behind the scenes, and tightening their noose on the American and world economies ever so much more.
The trick was to make it appear as though Trump won the nomination, even though he could have been shot to shingles from the get go. The last straw video is revealed at a perfect time to derail the GOP train, due to no fault of their own. "Gee, he said he'd start acting Presidential, so we gave him a chance. Too bad it didn't turn out that way..." "BTW, thanks for stirring up all the hatred about Hillary among poor white male non educated workers, that will deflect from what we really know is happening to the economy."
What is really going on with the economy is obvious. The more expensive it becomes to get into the manufacturing game (you need to be there to have something to sell) the fewer players who will be able to do it.
Communications and transportation getting cheaper and cheaper means that whatever human labor is needed, it can be utilized, wherever it is.
Leaping frogging automation technologies mean that there are really hardly any jobs left, that can be returned from abroad, because if mandated to make it here to sell it here, companies would take advantage of all the technological advances made since the jobs left for elsewhere.
The elephant in the room is that we have hit a point where robots are cheaper than people, and it is only going to get worse, regardless of who's in the three branches of government. Only Bernie Sanders as made even the slightest effort to consider these FACTS OF LIFE of the early 21st century.
Soon, for the jobs that have to be done on site in this country, there will be drone robots, doing them from abroad, the robot here, the brain in a human, way over there. In time those will be replaced by high artificial intelligence robots, who can work even cheaper. Roads, or at least freeways, will become occupied by automated trucks, with a few remaining truckers vying for the tricky load and unload maneuvering once the truck hits its destination
While the technology is there for automated passenger vehicles, those will not be so quickly adopted, because of the need for organ donors for the Uber-Rich.
The sooner the populace says enough is enough, let's have national strikes, until this mess is brought out into the open, the sooner the planet will have equitable and just solutions. More free birth control would help a whole lot, too.
Politics is the Distract by Entertaining Division of the Military Industrial Complex.