Sunday, February 17, 2019

Gun Control via Private Enterprise

Spoiler Warning ~ Incoming Screed.

If you want to own a new gun, you should have to carry liability insurance. If you are caught with a weapon in public, and no insurance card, officers can confiscate the weapon, subject it to ballistics tests, and only have to return it when you have obtained insurance. Insurance companies can set rates according to their assessments of risk..If you choose not to insure the weapons you already have, no penalties,but if you go out of your property, and get caught with them at a local shooting range, then you must buy the insurance.

Therefore, you can keep all the weapons you have in your home for self defense. You want more? Then get them with coverage.

"But the insurance companies won't cover that."

Insurance companies do not want to cover earthquakes either, but in California, they have to offer it, IF they wish to sell any home owners insurance at all. Just add in gun ownership liability as a similar requirement.

This will clear the streets in a hurry of illegal weapons. Or are you in favor of gangs in the hood having infinite firepower?

Enough is enough.

Neither our citizens or our law enforcement should have to worry, and especially not our school children.

Alternatively. A moratorium on all gun manufacturing and sales, "until we figure out what the hell is going on!" A famous man said that a year or two ago.


PS You think you're going to stop a rogue govmint? I think they tried that at an Oregon wildlife refuge. Didn't work. BTW, your toy guns are no match for a govmint equipped with A-10's and napalm. Did I mention armed mini-drones? Armed with pistols or C4? With super night vision? Homing in on you with wave after wave of them? Heat seeking monsters, and multiples reporting back, enables them to triangulate your position with every shot you fire?

What color flowers do you want on your graves?

How can you be so stupid?

If the current state of affairs continues, there will be enough public support to greatly modify the 2nd. There are 320 million Americans. Only $600 separates the inevitable nutcases from a highly concealable, clip-magazine-reloadable, machine gun, near rate of fire, like pistol. Good luck! Random death lottery coming to a school yard near you soon.

Freedom includes Freedom from Worry about such incidents. Pigheaded 2nd'ers are destroying that freedom.