Thursday, December 05, 2013

How Do You Think? Bank of America Wants to Know.

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The e-mail was actually titled, BofA wants to know, what do you think.  But they want to frame all the thinking by putting it into a multiple choice or scale 1-10 format.

By doing so, they are not finding out what I think about them, they are merely finding out, how did I react to certain tightly defined events.   Given this issues at stake these days, that is like counting the marbles that have rolled into the gutter as a child, when a runaway truck approaches.

I think that Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, and all the rest are absolutely clueless as to the destruction of the United States of America, that their actions are helping to bring about.  The transfer of wealth via "legal" means (we own the legislature and apparently Obama too) to the .05 % class of capitalistic Genghis Khan style Moguls, will reach a point where so many are locked up due to theft of food, etc., that there will be no one left to kept the day today functioning of the food, stuff, and services chain open.  Before that happens, however, I would predict that there will be national strikes,  and the .05% will get an excellent preview of the future cliff over which they are sending the country.

This destabilization has already led to many deaths related to the economic stress caused by the .05% grabbing it all, and has most likely reduced what could have been much higher productivity and stabilility than what we currently are experiencing.  A portion of the country is now primed and ready to shoot on sight anyone who dares to knock on their door, even if there is an emergency.  Should things really break down, these clowns with guns have some crazy fantasies of fending off the starving hordes.

 What they seem unaware of is that they will be swept away by sheer numbers and intelligence/creativeness of folks willing do do whatever it takes to get food.  

Unless a house is made of stone and concrete, it can and will burn, and it saves the trouble of cooking the canned goods.  If it is stone, etc., the unfortunate member of the hordes who draws the short straw will be in charge of the 18 wheeler or D9 Caterpiller tractor that leads the charge.

Oh, so you've got a well stocked, well hidden shelter?  Probably built with permits.  The hordes will not be the uneducated, and enough will know just where such records are kept.  Besides, when it is very very quiet, no traffic, etc, the sound of air going in and out is detectable, and dogs and horde humans can smell, especially if they are hungry.  Your shelter is no match for a determined backhoe operator.

So .05% 'ters, get a clue.  Bucky Fuller predicted a day when so much labor would be automated that yes, you would have to pay people to loaf.  But it is either figure out an equitable way of doing that (and institute birth control) or run the risk of a destabilized planet susceptible to a nuclear war.  In the meantime, live in a USA not at all unlike North Korea.