Friday, May 29, 2009

Comment Killers Loose at The Union

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Your use of the bully pulpit of the delete comment (at those speeds of deletion, not much doubt about who is doing it) is no different than a Ryghty Radio Queen using the slider to douse the volume of a caller with cogent arguments, making such a caller sound like they have no response, or that they agree with the host.

Dirk Steele and Charly Wigglesworth turn out to be the Wizard and the Man Behind the Curtain, one and the same. As soon as number one computer is up with Photoshop, I'll post the proof. I had a comment that revealed the workings of the report abuse button disappear in less than two minutes. I had other comments, totally harmless, not violating any rules, disappear. I am screen capturing to jpegs images as evidence, but need to receive the parts I've ordered for my main machine, in order to do neat posts.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Rush, Savage, Hannity, Known by Their Advertisers

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As for all the Ryghty Radio Queens, to me they and their listeners are known by their advertisers.

“Having trouble with the IRS?”

“Get out of credit card debt!

“Are you so worn out from working you can’t sleep?”

Yup, this certainly tells of a clientele that drives Lexus and vacations on the Riviera. In reality those folks do cheer on Rush and the like, for keeping the working poor in the place and unaware of the daily built-in the system, ripoffs, engineered by the Lexus class.

Tax Lawyers for Using Court System to pay for Court System

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You can pay for the Superior Court system the same way we pay for highways. A tax on those who get the most benefits from them, i.e., the lawyers.

It works like this.

If, you act as an agent for anyone, and make use of the court system, and gain cash from such usage, you will pay 10% off the gross income from that transaction. It does not matter that the issue was settled in or out of court. The fact that any filing was made will indicate a willingness to use the bully pulpit of the court system for personal gain. For that usage, you shall pay. No if's, and's, but's, or whatever. The money collected goes to the court for their expenses.

Currently lawyers have passed laws that give them the exclusive rights to act as agents and to make use of the court system for personal gain. For this they shall pay. This is completely separate from any "filing fees" etc., and cannot be offset by them.

The current system has the general public footing the bill for the personal gains of the few that go into law. It's as if the taxi drivers got exclusive rights to drive the city streets and highways, and then got total exemption from paying any gasoline taxes.


Will such laws ever come into being? FAT CHANCE! The legis's are loaded with lawyers, who have carefully tailored the process so that only lawyers can afford to take the break in their careers to go into the legis's. Were other occupations offered guaranteed rights of return, you'd see a far more equitable distribution of occupations in the legis's.

This is a country of lawyers, by lawyers, and for lawyers, when it comes to looking at favored professions. Lawyers decided that corporations should be able to bully lobby, regardless of how massive they are. What a symbiotic relationship!

Oh, they'll pass it on to their clients? Well, they already are in a supposedly competitive market, so I think they will eat most of it.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Who's Responsible for Hard-to-Teach Kids?

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"Hold them accountable to the same standards we all have to live by. And when you get cut, complain to within where the waste is, not us who are already giving you billions."

Fine, and if you'll stop giving us kids from overstressed homes and 50% divorce rate homes caused by overstressed underpaid workers, maybe we educators can give you back better educated kids to compete in the global economy for fewer dollars. Every screwed up, time wasting, chewing up the clock kid that shows up on the doorsteps of our schools is the responsibility of the public and the employers who pay too little, and religions that say baby, baby, baby, because the bigger the congregation, the more lavish the lifestyle of the church leaders.

Teachers do not produce hard to teach kids. The American public does. Quit scapegoating, and look in the mirror. Boy am I in a good mood this morning!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Dividing a Cat Between 2 Households

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In Yuba, California, two people are fighting over who gets custody of a cat. My comment in The Union newspaper follows:

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Keachie, Release 4.0 wrote:
In a world where making a good income and raising a family (the middle class lifestyle of the 1950's) has become impossible for many, a dog or cat offers companionship. In the absence of family humans, the bonds with family felines and canines can become very strong. I would recommend that this particular cat be put in foster care for 90 days, and each "parent" be put in charge of a kitten of intelligence, each one from the same litter, and picked out by the human who gets it. During the ninety days, have the cat checkers (these folks who check out homes before adoption) drop in from time to time.

At the end of ninety days, she or he who scores highest, gets the older cat as well. The loser now has a consolation kitten, and the pain of loss is eased.

Solomon couldn't have done it better, if I may say so for myself. (doubt many posts this thread, we shall see)

Douglas Keachie

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Build a Better Ghetto School

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You need to build a school that is equipped like a mini country club, has holding cells with full av links back to the classroom the kid just got thrown out of, a couple of burley guards to hustle the misbehaving to the holding cells, and a teacher with FINAL and unquestionable authority to send the offending kids out. No amount of keveching by the parents accomplishes anything. Teachers are reviewed by peers from other school districts, so no favoritism can be involved.

As a final punishment, for kid, if you get sent out, you get standard school cafeteria food, instead of the dynamite custom prepared yummy lunches.

Full after school supervision and rides home to the doorstep, so that homework can be accomplished free of environmental hassles.

School would be shaped as a three story plus building with a large central protected courtyard with swimming pool/basketball courts. Track on roof of building. Underground protected parking for teachers, full shower facilities for all teachers, par course.

Pullup enclosed docking areas for 18 wheeler based special unit labs in many subject areas, rotated in from other schools. This would accommodate special labs for the sciences, and a full sweep of voc ed.

Many field trips.

The cycle of poverty could be broken. Yes, by all means, build these using local labor and contractors.

Modifying Affirmative Action for 21st Century

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Affirmative Action can be changed two ways, one very,very simple, one rather complicated, to make the process more just.

Simple, simple,

If the first candidate selected turns down the position for any reason, the second candidate becomes the most qualified, regardless of socio/economic/racial background.

More complicated:

All jobs, scholarships, contracts, whatever, that fall under the heading affirmative action, are referred to a state commission which in secret spins a wheel. The results remain secret, until the final five for the slot are selected, in both affirmative action and non affirmative action mode. Then the commission is contacted for the results. If affirmative action, they go with that list. If not, they go with the no bias list. The odds of being one or the other on the wheel are set every gubernatorial election, by the voters. When Hispanics outnumber whites, they are no longer minorities.

Keachie, building new boxes from pieces of old ones.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Am I a Prophet or What?

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I wrote this as a letter to the editor in The Union newspaper back on July 7th, 2006. Somewhere out there poor people are kicking themselves for not accepting low wages as security guards and saving the global economy.

I read another crybaby story about not being able to find help for cheap in "Security Guards in Demand."

When it comes to CEOs and the like, it is a given that we must pay more to get quality. This same logic is never applied to teachers, police officers, farm workers, and well, yes, security guards.

It's almost as if the rich feel the poor are obligated to work for the lowest possible wages, or else the economy will fail, and everyone will suffer. Why is it that the "invisible hand of the market" works just fine for hiring Rush Limbaugh, but is considered "inappropriate" for hiring the common man? Ganders and Gooses, what's happening here?

Friday, May 08, 2009

Learn English, Double Your Lottery Winnings

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We want Mexicans living here to learn English. Many of them love the lotto. Set up bio-identificated on-line English courses and tests. Anyone who passes level 1, wins 1.1 time the face amount, and so on, all the way up to level 100. Tests are open to everybody, and this of course builds up a very complete ID database based on biometrics, a deterrent to crime. If not, good for one way passage on slow tramp steamer to Southern Mexico, little, then no, air-conditioning.

Who's Making a Monkey of Whom?

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Scientific American discusses the not so very scientific Americans, as Don Pelton has noted in his blog. I chimed in with:

Among other things, we do not come from monkeys, but rather, monkeys and us have a far distant common ancestor, neither human nor monkey.

I find it fascinating that a number of daytime talk shows have adopted DNA paternity tests (valid and very reliable) and lie detector tests (nowhere near as valid and reliable) has the key elements of tragic/comic "whose baby is this anyway?" shows.

Which Mr. Monkey and Ms Monkey are so crazy as to go on air to untangle situations that are really odd to begin with? Of course there are no shows featuring the offspring of such unions five years and ten down the pike, and showing those consequences.

Unfortunately, a sizable portion of the population gets themselves in these situations, they never seem to run out of applicants to be on air. This fact alone tells us the quantity of mentalities out there that can go around proudly proclaiming, "they didn't come from no monkey." Their behavior and awareness of science seems to suggest de-evolution is taking place too.

Growing a Financial Genius Crop of School Children

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We need a strong grass roots movement to pass a Constitutional amendment for a national usury rate of 18% max. I've been calling for this for years.

Financial math should be taught hard starting just after the big four of addition/subtraction/multiplication/division.

In 5th grade, every kid should get $50 to invest in any of 50 different areas. They should have the right to move the current value of their holdings to any other area, once a month. With computers, this is very doable. They get to cash out 50% of their holdings at 10th grade. If they graduate HS, the government has a lottery at every high school, and the winner gets a bonus of 1 dollar for each graduating senior in the school + $1 for each dollar invested successfully, with a $500 minimum.

I'd love to see the banks try to scam the resulting population.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

One Million Pennies for Your Thoughts

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Most old timers and youngsters with old timer mindsets live for a day when you can pack your wagon, go someplace new, and have at least a 50-50 chance of doing better and a real possibility of doing a whole lot better.

Corporate America and MegaCorporate World have had enough time to scope the whole planet out, and those odds cited above are fantasy, when you think of physical moves. You can mentally move yourself with education, and think up stuff that hasn't been done before, and still strike it rich. This concept too, is moving very slowly into the General American Consciousness, GAC.

Basic through advanced ed is where the riches of the future are found.

Try this quick test:

Which would you rather have deposited electronically into your bank account?

seven thousand, seven hundred and seventy seven dollars and seventy seven cents?


one million pennies?

If you or your kids can't do this in under ten seconds, invest in books and tutoring.

Too Big, Too Wierd, Too Scary.

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"I want to remove from office judges who approve "sexting" for minors as young as 13."

I responded in The Union newspaper in Grass valley as follows:

Geez, I just learned of sexting from the sheriff's letter this week. Where is there such a judge?

I fear MegaCorps the way you fear centralized government, for much the same reasons,

Too Big, too weird, too scary. And too powerful. But, look abroad, and see the same thing, in China, and it is pointed at us. If we can't figure out how to hold our own on the world stage, we are screwed, and MegaCorps don't care. Re-read Catch 22 by Joesph Heller, paying especial attention to Milo MinderBinder. Shipping all our jobs overseas, shortchanging our education systems, letting the rich rot in gated communities, is not going to work, no matter how much you pray.