Thursday, June 04, 2009

Tyranny and Buying Legislation

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Tyranny is being able to buy the laws you want.

Global MegaCorps, many USA based, have been doing just that for a century and a half. "Too Big to Fail" is this generation's version of a vertical monopoly. Corporations are NOT people, and should not have ANY access to members of Congress. Access to members of Congress should be lotto-ed off to random voters, who can then sell their hours to the highest bidder, on an open exchange. That way we would know who paying to get what laws passed, and there would be a real incentive to vote. I would guess that 1 hour of a Congressperson's time would bring in at least $5,000 to $25,000 to some lucky voting citizen.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Promoting Nevada County

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Have a TV crew explore the Empire, IM, and other mines with scuba, looking for gold. Let them foot the cost, and recover same from a Discovery like channel. Make it a series, and explore the lives of panners and dredgers as well. Work in local events.

Suggested title:

"Gold is Where You Find It"

Easy to include the general lifestyle up here and the hi tech companies.

Another Keachie Koncept.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Save Your House From Embers, Shields Up!

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After watching a multi-million dollar palace in Santa Barbara with a Spanish tile roof burn, I realized a weakness in modern structures which does not seem to be addressed anywhere. This home was not grazed by nearby flames. Apparently, based on the video of the burn, sparks/embers/whatever, got inside the attic area, where it is totally dry and probably at 130 degrees to begin with.

I seems to me that metal shutters should be at the ready for every entrance into the roof areas. There are of course big vents, usually 2 feet square or bigger, but there are also all those little vents under the eves. All need to be metal shuttered and secured. The differences in air pressure can be quite strong during a forest fire, even just from one side of a house to the other, and this can literally suck in the tiny burning particles that doom a house.

Sadly, this house had a giant pool, but no auto pumping devices, which would also have helped douse the tiny embers of doom.