Monday, January 20, 2020

Hack Proof Elections

On Hack Proof Elections:

Vote at an electronic terminal. When done, the machine spits out three copies of how you voted, in a human and machine readable form. Each one has an identical code, just for you. Look at all three, and make sure they are identical.

On site there are two ballot boxes, one marked "State," the other marked, "County" You place one copy in each, but first use a local scanner, and see if the electronics reads out the same as what you see, for each copy. You will be watched to make sure you put one in each box.

The county and state will independently scan the ballots, and will independently come up with totals. If they differ, an investigation begins.

This does not preclude the use of the electronic totals only, to get early returns. Mostly likely, after implementation of this system, there will be no efforts to break it, so the early electronic results will most likely always match up.

You can go online and check to see your ballot again, using the code on your copy, and to see that both county and state have received your ballot.

There, I fixed it.