Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Corporate Goldilockism, an Astronomical Metaphor for Free Market Capitalism

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The other day I wrote this, which needs a bit of rewriting, which I will be doing as time permits.  The spirit is accurate and concise.

"Corporate Goldilockism is the eternal quest for the perfect blend of maximum profit from a population maintained as a balnaced porridge of poverty and ignorance of this state of affairs, and with total contempt for them as fellow human beings."
Further evidence for Corporate Goldilockism:
Or try this one: 
When it comes to companies, "You'll never get rich, unless, you own, the son of a bitch."

Sunday, February 10, 2013

How to Fill the Offerings Basket

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That is the message being heard from some leading evangelicals in the United States. After decades of promoting traditionally conservative causes like opposition to abortion, many evangelical leaders are now wielding their formidable influence to persuade Republican lawmakers to back one of President Barack Obama's top priorities.
With Hispanic attendance at their churches rising, these evangelicals are among the loudest advocates of a U.S. immigration reform. A group of pastors has launched a 40-day campaign to have churchgoers pray, read scripture passages about welcoming the stranger and lobby their members of Congress, many of them in the conservative South.
"We have pastors preach in pulpits to parishioners in Alabama, Georgia, Arkansas, Mississippi, Texas - in all the wonderful red states across America," that aiding immigrants, illegal or not, is a Christian duty, said Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, one of the country's most prominent Hispanic evangelicals.