Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Stop Planes from Falling Out of the Sky

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Thinking about the plane bomb situation, I realized that one solution would be to have everyone vet their seatmates in the immediate vicinity. You know, yak it up with them, look them up on the internet via cell phones (change rules and availability here) and just get a sense of who they are. If they raise suspicions, have another do the same. If three people say, "search'em Dano," then they are off the plane for a very thorough examination. This is all done before the plane leaves the terminal, and could begin before the plane even gets to the terminal, in a sealed waiting room.

I called it in to John Rothman's show last night on KGO and learned, "that's how they do it in Israel, but it will never catch on here..." I'll bet it will catch on real fast after another couple of planes come down in pieces over metro areas.