Friday, October 30, 2009

Tractors 4 Poppies will Beat the Taliban

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Let's face it, Obama has an awful lot on his plate, but yes, even the Left expects action. As for me, take the dollars spent in Afghanistan, and send them seeds, fertilizers, tractors, PVC solar panels and pumps in exchange for the opium poppies. Suspend trade with any country that buys these tractors etc from the Taliban. Oh, don't forget sat receivers, production equipment, and tv's.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

US Paper Seeks Pot Correspondent

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This is just too funny not to republish, from the BBc, thanks!

US paper seeks pot correspondent

Medical marijuana on sale in California
The medical marijuana business is booming in California and Colorado

A US newspaper says it has received well over 100 applicants for the post of marijuana critic - many of whom have offered to work for free.

The alternative Denver newspaper, Westword, is seeking a writer for its weekly review of Colorado's booming medical marijuana dispensaries.

But there is a catch - candidates must have a medical ailment allowing them to enter a dispensary and use marijuana.

Fourteen US states now allow the sale of some sort of medical cannabis.


Compensation will be meagre - and no, we can't expense your purchases
Westword job posting

"Keep in mind this isn't about assessing the quality of the medicine on site; it's about evaluating the quality of the establishment," says the Westword job posting.

"After all, we can't have our reviewer be stoned all the time."

States like Colorado and California, where medical use is legal, have seen an explosion in the number of pot shops - ranging from upmarket clinics to dingy drugs dens.

The dispensaries sell more than a dozen varieties, from White Widow to the less expensive Afghan Gold Seal. Some cost up to $130 (£78) an ounce.

But the writer of Westword's Mile Highs and Lows column is expected to focus on the dispensaries, not the drugs.

"Compensation will be meagre," says the posting. It says the paper can't pay for marijuana purchases, "although that would be pretty cool."

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Microsoft Trashes Firefox, Moving to Opera, Linux?

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Microsoft moved an addin into Firefox which has left in vulnerable, and in my case, unfixable. History no longer works. Eudora has also just been kicked out of being my primary email, in favor of Outlook, and Eudora can't change the registry back. Thank you, Microsoft!

just like the good old days when Windows first came out, with a deliberate timed cripple against WordPerfect which got progressively worse until it was unusable. Linux is looking better again, and with swappable drives so easy to arrange these days, I may go there. One to boot to Windows for the apps that use it, another to boot to Linux for all communications with the Internet, Email and Web, and possibly two different machines, the laptop for web, the desktop for heavy duty graphics, and a network storage device, accessable from both.

And to think Microsoft want us to pay for System 7?

Serious Problems with Yahoo Flickr Today

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Could not even get to the website for a couple of hours this morning. Finally I got through and logged in under my new paid for Flickr account, the search engine wouldn't function right. Then I logged out and went to log into the other account, also paid for, and that one wouldn't let me in, supposedly because I hadn't been on line for a while. Heck, I've left it alone for weeks in the past and have always gotten back in instantly. They mush have had a major attack on their servers or something. I am in the process of moving my photos to a site that I can completely control, and it looks like I am none too soon in doing so. I knew this kind of thing would happen when Flickr sold out to yahoo. Now when things go south.....blame it on the paying customer! Yahoo Offline, and now limping back online, trying to pretend nothing happened!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Adobe Serial Numbers Hacked, Good Disks on EBAY, BAD DEAL!

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Some ring somewhere appears to have cracked the algorithm that Adobe installs on its CDs to check a serial number at the time of the install.

By purchasing software that has already been installed, good disks and boxing materials, and then providing a counterfeit serial number that passes the algorithm, the software installs and runs fine until you are connected to the internet. Then the product crashes and demands a new serial number purchase.

Adobe could give legitimate sellers of their software on eBay a special seal of approval, or EBay could ban the sale of any of the current CS3 and CS4 products on eBay, but they don't.

They could also replace their Indian tech support workers with real American English speaking Americans, but they don't. Spent three days with them trying to get my legitmate copy of CS3 Master Collection to reinstall, major, major hassle.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Blogging Towards the Presidency

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This is a quick test to see what happens with a straight cut and paste from The Union, and a darned good batch of ideas, if I do say so for myself.

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"This is not equatable but a point to make: Churchill and FDR were downright underhanded in WWII. Sometimes you have to compromise purity to defeat evil."

Clinton understood this very well. Check out the new book by his friend who at Bill's demand, recorded many, many tapes during Clinton's adminstration, of the two of them talking together. Fascinating history, on NPR yesterday. Clinton kept the tapes in his sock drawer.
10/8/2009 7:59:07 AM on
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The top winners also go on the ballot, and are allowed to run as a troika or duo for the office, if they so desire, and can write up a responsibilities contract, who votes on what issues. Such a system allows for more specialization at the top, just as industry uses CEO's and CIO's, etc.

Keachie, who thinks outside the box in parallel universes.
10/8/2009 7:54:18 AM on
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The run for office of President should be anonymous, and based on ideas in blogs, written by the potential candidates.

Only in the last months, do the cream of the crop of the potential winners, voted on by the readers, become known publicly. No references to dwelling location, beyond maybe 12 major zones for the entire USA is allowed. The incumbent would obviously have a public blog, if desired.

Two way, negative as well as positive voting, allowed, for informational purposes. Only the positive votes count. Initially quarterly votes during first two years of re-election cycle, monthly in the third year, and first six of the fourth, then weekly till 3 months to election.

Top three winners go head to head in all national debates with any candidates supported by national parties. The top winners also go on the ballot, and are allowed to run as a troika or duo for the office, if they so desire, and can write up a responsibilities
10/8/2009 7:51:32 AM on

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Making Conservatives' Skins Crawl, Obama's Got them Quirming

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I don't know what upsets conservies more:

The fact that Obama as a person is obviously smarter and richer and more talented than they are,


the fact that his election means that the conservies are very definitely now a MINORITY in this country themselves?

Which is it, conservies?

Our military, roads, postal service, K12 schools, are all socialistic.

The transcontinental railroad was built with funding from the government.

We didn't buy our first nukes from GE.

Most police forces are socialistic.

Even within socialism their is still room for fedEx UPS and others.

There is still room for private schools.

You can still wire up and arm your residence like Fort Knox.

The term "socialism" is just used as short hand for "I hate the fact that Obama is President."

Get used to it. We'll elect him again in 2012.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Civil War Reenactment Pioneer Park Nevada City 2009

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For you Civil War buffs, I posted a whole slew of pictures from the September 2009 Pioneer Park event at: