Friday, July 06, 2018

Hybrid Paper Ballot Insures Honest Tallies.

f you vote electronically, there should be three scanable printouts, each with a unique alpha-numeric identifier, identical on all three.. One you keep. One goes to the county. One goes to the state. County and state each scan their copies separately. You first make sure each of the printouts matches your votes, before putting them in the state and county boxes.
With two different gov bodies working independently, from the same datasets, their tallies should match. You can log in with that unique alpha-numeric identifier and make sure they have your votes right as well. It would be very hard to tamper with such a system in a significant way.
Of course before the papers are scanned, a rough approximation can come from the computerized info. A return to such a hybrid paper ballot is needed, to insure true and correct elections.