Friday, March 04, 2005

Damn the Floaters ! Full Speed Ahead !

I need to know the best way to disable Flash/Shockwave on a temporary basis. I am visually handicapped and floaters are making it very difficult for me to concentrate on what I want to see, instead of what the advertizing smucks are trying to jam into my vision. I would hope by now that there would be an upgrade that gave on the right to choose every time such a download starts, I know such a thing can be built, but I guess Macromedia would rather make the cash from the advertisers than the endusers. Failing a temporary disable, I quess I will have to completely remove the programs. If enough consumers opt for this, maybe Macromedia will reconsider. I am posting this to my blog as well, as well as various consumer oriented blogs.

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Ogre said...

Which browser?

Here's one for IE:

For Mozilla: