Friday, September 08, 2006

Congressperson John T. Doolittle Revealed

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Abit of research led me to a place called Congresspedia, a part of SourceWatch. It's a very handy backgrounder site for all Congresspeole.

John Doolittle can be found at:

It seems Congress is reluctantly setting up a bill to make a database showing who's getting what for whom, in exchange for what. Yes, a little confusing, but certainly an idea whose time has come (it came 200 years ago). I doubt the Congressional version will go deep, it's probably just window-dressing, to make it look like they're doing something.

To really do it right, you'd have to tie in the bills introduced and voted for, and the resultant cash in each Congresspersons' District. This would include the purchase of items from plants and factories and farms, and the spending of money on roads and the like, and placements of government sponsered institutions and the military. HandiDandy charts showing years in Congress, money spent on campaign, sources of money for campaign, would help flesh out an accurate picture of votes bought and sold. The Congresspedia goes in these directions. Good for them !

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kudos, SkiTheStars.

We actually have some really slick mash-ups of campaign contributions and legislation that will be coming online this fall. Stay tuned!

In the mean time, we are a wiki, so if you see something in the news that's pissing you off, by all means come onto the site and add it to someone's profile or another Congresspedia article.

Conor Kenny, Editor,
CKenny AT Congresspedia DOT org