Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Merry Christmas !

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Anonymous said...

so that was you!

come back please.

SkiTheStars said...

Yes, that's me.

The DVD's came from England, and have presented a problem, which I am working on. They are in a different format, and the conversion is a neat trick.

Now this is me, can you tell me the name of the gray cat at 412 Ash ? Or tell me the type of building next door to 412 ? If so, I' know that it is you, and not some stranger being coy for the fun of it.

Anonymous said...

mistaken identity, sorry. I'm such an idiot (not whoever it is that you think)

SkiTheStars said...

Well that is so wierd, because your response, " so it was you," was what one might expect, to my surprise donuts at the the place of business for a Christmas treat, but then the rest didn't quite fit, because at last count, my older daughter, was pretty much still busily being a "discerning Christian," and avoiding all contact with any folks, like myself, who are not her kind of Christian.

This has been very depressing, but with the latest case of Oslo syndrome, it has become much clearer to me just how her situation, which started at two, with her mother's complicity, could be so drastic.

I'm really curious though, just how did you come to this blog, what drew you into the system ? You can reach me at kmozilla06@swland.org for at least a few more weeks, if responding here bothers you.