Thursday, January 18, 2007

Forget Global Warming, The Chinese Do Very Dangerous Things

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Starting off, when I say Chinese, I refer to the idiot leaders who thought it would be cute to show that China could blow up a satellite orbiting in space.

There is absolutely no rational reason for doing this. You simply add to the dangerous space debris, and turn a simple object which coulkd have been retrieved into the space equivalent of a wild shotgun blast. Dumb dumb dumb !

So they want to be macho and waive sabers ? The world just does not need it. If China wishes to dominate the world, the world will be destroyed. It is that simple. We have enough submarine born missles to wipe them out, they have enough missles to wipe us out. It's deja vue all over again, CCCP (USSR). Religion and Politics. Can Man and Womankind survive them ????? Tune in next century to se how it turned out, if there's anything left.

One of my best friends, Chinese, informed me that racism lives in China, and that most Chinese view other races as the traditional whites of the late 19th century viewed blacks. This does not bode well for a peaceful future. Anytime one group (racial, religious, cultural, etc., us vs them) views others as "subhuman," there has been hell to pay in history. It happens over and over and over........

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