Friday, June 22, 2007

Rhonda Marianne Turnbell, databases gone wild.

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Now I've got his crazy woman calling me up and claiming to be the daughter of the now dead Ronald Lewin. Last summer a database reunited me with my very, very, ex-wife of 30 plus years in an attempt ot get me and her to go to her high school reunion. Maybe it is something about the heat that frys the electrons.... I can really see how identity theft happens.

The crazy part ? She wants me to put her in touch with him, and won't tell me how the heck she connected me to him.

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Anna Haynes said...

greetings mr. 'Stars' - since you don't seem to provide an email address on blog or profile, at least not that i can see, I am using this somewhat questionable mode of communication to alert you to the recent birth of the Nevada County Voice(s).
(i hope you don't mind that one of them is yours)
it's at