Friday, September 07, 2007

Calling All Global Warming Nay-Sayers

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One of you should know the answer or location of the answers in the energy cost benefit analysis.

You know, I’d love to see the math for either (political) side of these issues. Everything thrown out there, by both sides, are fragmentary pieces, nothing is a complete and total breakdown of all costs and benefits. For example, given that we know what installed solar panels cost, and we know what dumping a barrel of oil into a currently existing fuel plant costs, there should be a point at which we can say “oil at above $X/barrel is more expensive than installing and using solar panels.” but nowhere on the net is such a figure calculated. I’m talking just the generation of electricty for use in a home here, and I realize the totality of energy issues are complicated, but you’d think by now some thinktank, right or left, would have done the homework and we’d all be able to see it in black and white, in downloadable Excel spreadsheets, with live updated numbers tied to current prices visible on the web, for transit as well as stationary use of power.

Until I see it all laid out, I don’t believe any of it, except that it is getting hotter in here, and GE and BP (biggest producer of solar panels) are spending a lot on ads. Locally a group is working on fusion via cavitation, along with 4 other edu’s with $40,000,000 over five years from the feds. Impulse Devices, Nevada City/Grass Valley, CA.

There are other avenues than standard fission nukes, not everything to be invented, has been invented already. Recognizing that standard nukes may be necessary for the short term, I'd propose putting 1/2 of every dollar spent towards nuke energy into research on alternative power. Or would that make standard nukes more expensive than current solar power ? Who knows ? Show me the analysyis websites, oh purveyors of energy Bibles and Korans of varying types!

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