Saturday, November 10, 2007

Previewed Aerial Photography for Real Estate

TrabuccoGarfinkelMap, originally uploaded by dkeachie.

To insure that my aerial customers get what they are looking for, I do preview work on Google Earth before the plane ever uses a drop of gas. By creating a series of images like this one, we can discuss the needs in detail, and avoid most needs for reshoots. In fact, some customers are happy with just the Google Earth images, or with images taken from a very tall ladder.

If you have a legal situation, a flight can clarify many things.


The email addy first part above, and second part below, just needs a little human interpretation to reach me. I list it this way to avoid spammer spiders (a form of network scouring robots) from picking up on it.


530 If you can do the email, you can also do the phone number 277 You just have top put the pieces together in order. 3456 .

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