Friday, February 06, 2009

An excellent Piece on Abortion from The Union Newspaper

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A couple of other things you might want to contemplate. Mother Nature performs a thousand times as many abortions (miscarriages) as humans do. Most of the time the female is completely unaware of this. Is this some kind of murderous genocide going on?

Second, your statement:

�sex is made to have children�

Is rather odd. Ninety-nine percent of sexual acts are entered into for pleasure and intimacy with the hope of NOT getting pregnant. Women past menopause lead active sex lives. A woman can get pregnant easier with timed, impersonal artificial insemination than engaging in sex. Sometimes I wonder if that is the way the Catholic Church would like it. They have for generations been against anything but missionary style intercourse and found sex for pleasure sinful. You are too young to fully understand all this. Remain a virgin until you marry and stop judging everybody else. Open your mind and write back 10 years from now.

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