Sunday, March 01, 2009

Verizon Wireless Internet Runs Poorly

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I am dependent on one tower. The tower located on Oregon House peak. It is less than 3.8 miles away, and it is a completely unobstructed line of sight. I can literally see the tower on a clear day without binoculars.

About once a week, often for hours at a time, the darn thing goes way, way slow, like between 20 and 30 when the minimum is supposed to be around 160, the average is around 300 to 500, and sometimes it really cranks at 1200. It never runs this slowly when I am in an urban area, same computer, same card, same Verizon. Out here, as DSL is becoming available, I've noticed that the top speeds have been improving, substantially.

But it is really annoying to write something like this post, never knowing if the connection will be fast enough when I'm done writing to actually deliver the post to the blogspot server.

Consistency does not seem to be a value held by Verizon, certainly not on the Oregon House Peak tower in California.

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