Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Let Freedom and Capitalism Ring!

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Sell off Yosemite and Yellowstone Parks to private enterprise. Kick the government out of the entertainment and physical fitness industries. No socialism nowhere. Are the German's still renting out their army's like they did to the Brits? Cool! Sign them up for a 20 year lease, no socialist military. So what if they lost to George Washington! Let Fed Ex and UPS bid for the post office, and make every road a toll road, owned by the adjoining parcel owners in proportion to appraised value and acreage.

Let capitalism and freedom ring!

1 comment:

Don Pelton said...

I like the irony!

Wouldn't you think that the whole privatization mania would be discredited by now?

But there are still people out there claiming that our recent economic meltdown was exacerbated -- if not caused -- by too many constraints on the free market, by too much regulation!

God help us!