Thursday, October 14, 2010

Getting Everyone to Read, Do Math

This is an updated version of something I've been pushing since the 1980's.

My simple simple system for getting kids to read is as follows:

1 free large flatscreen tv to each at risk kid household.

Free subscription at top level to Sat TV provider.

For each 1/2 hour of viewing, kid must input the answer to 20 math facts problems, e.g., 8 x9 =?

No sound, just subtitles.

1/4 of shows viewed must come from educational channels, National Geographics, NASA, PBS, History, Biography, etc.

Get two 1/2 hour math problem sets in a row correct on first try, earn 1 hour of audio viewing, but subtitles still visible.

These can be varied, but you get the basic idea.

Yes, they can use a calculator, but given the amount of viewing, over time, the whole household will learn those facts.

Main code to make the set operational for three days at a time is sent to, the kid’s principal.

Set will not accept external inputs, other than mated Sat dish receiver.

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