Friday, December 17, 2010

Why This Storm is Not the Noah's Ark Sequel

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It rained 40 days and 40 nights. It never even says at what rate per hour. To seriously do it in that time span, if we assume 30,000 feet for simplicity’s sake(amount it takes to drown Everest), that would be 30,000 x 12 or 360,000 inches in 40 24 hour days which equals 9000 inches per 24 hours. or 9000/24 which is roughly 400 inches per hour. You would of course be substantially affecting the mass of the earth and introducing changes in the orbit and rotation speed of the earth and possibly the nearby planets. At seven inches or so per minute, Noah’s Ark would have to be completely sealed or it would have sunk. How much air would have their been inside the ark for the animals and Noah to breath? They would have suffocated in no time at all.

And again, after God pulls the plug at the bottom of the ocean to bring things back to normal, he also hides all the evidence, orbital changes, incredible erosion, cosmic explosions at the sites of live volcanos, etc???

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