Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sunlight Via Mirrors for Westboro Church, Give Them a Taste of the Hell They Deserve

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Westboro Church is sinking to a new low, as they plan to go to Christina Green's funeral with their usual signage, probably updated to blame Christina for the gay population.

Normally I would never recommend anything that might cause bodily harm, and in this case, as long as the Westboro folks LEAVE, they will probably not suffer any harm. They will get warm, and they will have to seek protection for their eyes.

If everyone will bring mirrors, and shine them at the greatly outnumbered Westboro folks, maybe, just maybe, the Westboro folks will get the message, that their message can go to Hell, where it and they belong. The mirrors will give them a taste of what lies ahead for them, in the afterlife.

1 comment:

Don Pelton said...

These people are vile. Notice they alway show up where the funeral is high profile. They are publicity-seeking. Vile, vile, vile ...